GH Update Friday 2/7/20

General Hospital Update Friday 2/7/20


Written by Anthony

Ava finds Nikolas. She thinks that he seems so tense. She wonders how Laura is doing. Nikolas says that Lulu is in with her now. Ava thinks that he should let the world know how much she means to him.
Valentin is shocked that that Ava is not at this bar with Nina. Nina explains that they buried their hatchets. Valentin tried to give her what she wanted most in this world. He doesn’t regret trying to make her happy.

Lulu has only known Dustin a few months and he has already risked his life to save her mother and daughter. Laura asks why she is so tense about all of this.

Brook Lynn works on writing a song at Kelly’s. Dustin walks by. Brook Lynn wonders why he doesn’t have his shield. Brook Lynn thanks him for helping her lately.

Ned asks Michael if he has seen todays Invader. There is an article on Michael discussing his involvement in the mob.

Brad asks Lucas what is wrong. Lucas remembers that Brad was building up to a confession in the car before the accident.

Nina points out that she might not be interested in the kind of love that he has to offer. She needs more than misguided judgement. They need to move on from one another. Martin walks past her as she leaves. Martin wonders why she is so worked up. Valentin thinks that she is pretending she doesn’t love him.

Ava is genuinely concerned about Laura. She has been good to her. She has a great deal of respect for her. She asks him to give Laura a list of the best physical therapists in New York. She explains that just because her heart doesn’t beat for him doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have one. Ava needs Nikolas to give her a public and convincing kiss goodbye. Nikolas tells her to go away and go far and go fast and for good. He kisses her. He says he will see her at home. Ava walks away. She goes over to the elevator.

Brook Lynn lets Dustin see her song lyrics. Dustin thinks that her lyrics are better now than before. Brook Lynn thinks that anything she writes right now is all his producers property. Dustin thinks that music and singing is in her DNA. Dustin stopped writing because he realized it was just a hobby for him. He knows that music was her life.

Lucas remembers being angry at Brad and had asked him a question. He thinks that Brad has to remember. Brad admits that the accident made him put his perspectives in order. Brad claims he doesn’t know. Julian thinks it was the most terrifying time of his life. Julian needs him to focus on his recovery. Julian knows that being alive and awake is all that matters. Willow shows up and thinks that Wiley agrees. Lucas was just thinking about her.

Ned thinks that the mob is hard for some business people to understand. Michael has always been transparent about who he is. Ned admits that he is proud to stand by his side. Michael appreciates his vote of confidence. Ned believes in family loyalty. Ned thinks that Edward was a complex man with a complex ethical code. Michael thanks Ned about all the work he has been doing. Michael wants to show the business world that two Quartermaine’s are holding shop. Nelle walks in and thinks that Michael brought her here to kill her.

Lulu is just afraid. She doesn’t think she can fall in love with another hero.

Brook Lynn thinks that was a dirty trick that he just pulled. She has to go meet with her father right now. She thanks him for what he said. Dustin tells Brook Lynn about her voice. He always thought it was her super hero. Brook Lynn tells him to give Lulu her best.

Lucas thinks that this has been harder on Brad than him. He knows that he had to deal with him being out, the hospital, and Wiley. Willow tells Lucas that Michael has been there for Wiley. Lucas thinks that Michael will be a fantastic father one day. Willow thinks that he treats Wiley as his own.

Nelle is in the boat house. There are men lurking outside her window. She has no privacy. Ned thinks that the groundskeepers are not doing their job. Ned has a meeting to attend. Ned accepts his offer. Michael knows that Nelle’s living situation is not perfect. He could put her bags on the side of the road. Nelle could live with Brad. Michael says that Lucas is awake.

Martin tells Valentin that providing his DNA means that the codicil is legit. Valentin wants what Nikolas took from him.

Nelle is shocked that Lucas is awake. Michael is glad he is awake. Michael tells her if she doesn’t want her bag sent to the side of the road then he could send her to a motel. Nelle points out that she might not be able to give him his shares if she is gone. Nelle cannot be gone right now.

Willow took pictures of Wiley every day since he has been out of it. Lucas lost some time from when he went into the coma. He cannot figure out what he is forgetting. Lucas thinks that the photos make it like he has never missed a thing.

Lulu asks who fears for someone who is brave. Laura knows that Dante was a cop and this guy is a high school English teacher in the right place at the wrong time. Lulu thinks that Laura is always right. Lulu has to go and get Nikolas. She told him that she was only allowed one visitor at a time. Laura thinks that falling in love is always a risk and only she can decide when to take it.

Nina finds Ava at the gallery. She decided to return the favor and show up at her job. Ava thinks it is unexpected. Nina is not sure if they will ever be friends in the traditional sense. She thinks that the Cassadine’s never saw them coming.

Nikolas asks Laura how she is feeling. Laura is always up for a visit from her kids. Laura asks if Nikolas just told him to come in. Laura knows that Lulu just dealt with her daughter almost dying because of him. Laura knows he was only ever able to think about one thing in terms of revenge. She cannot love him and indulge his fantasies at the same time. Laura thinks that this obsessive need for revenge is a Cassadine trait. He could end up being as hateful and bitter if he doesn’t try being more careful. Nikolas knows that Spencer said the same thing before cutting him out.

Brad goes to get air. Julian goes to answer a call. Brad thinks that this is finally over. It is highly unlikely that he will ever get his time back. Julian sees a ticking time bomb that is about to go off. The more Willow talks the more they both could be destroyed.

Valentin wonders how things are going for him. Martin thinks that their next target will soon be in position.

Brook Lynn asks why they need so much prep. Ned thinks that they need to pretend like Linc means nothing to her. He needs her to not let the guy get under her skin. Linc shows up. Ned thanks him for meeting with them. Ned wants to get down to business. Linc is excited to work with Eddy Mane.

Laura expected to see Spencer lock him out for a while. She doesn’t think it will last forever. Ned needs Laura to speak to him for her. Laura thinks it would be disrespectful of his feelings if she did that. Nikolas thought that not being dead would be good news.

Laura thanks Dustin for waiting for her. Dustin asks why they didn’t meet at GH. Lulu thinks there is no such thing as keeping a secret at GH. She wants to talk about them. She knows that there have been an unusual number of incidents since they started seeing each other. Dustin asks if she always attracts these kinds of things. He wonders when they can just have a quiet night at home.

Lucas thinks that it sounds like Willow was there to help out. Willow thinks more so than before the accident. She has been deeply concerned as of late. She thinks that Brad might find his footing now. She is always here to help if they need it.

Michael made arrangements for her to live wherever she wants but she needs to never come back to PC when this is all over. Nelle looks at the contract.

Linc thinks that Brook Lynn has a sweet deal. Ned thinks that Linc is getting all the money while she does the work. Ned wants him to let Brook Lynn out of the contract. Linc cannot do that. She is going to lash out. He didn’t sexually assault her or anyone else. He is an affectionate guy. Last night she freaked out. Ned thinks that he touched a person intimately without consent. Ned tells him that time is up. They need to do what is best for everyone involved. He gives him a piece of paper with all the money that it would have cost. He gets the money without the reward. Linc is not interested.

Nikolas is going to move Laura and Kevin into Wyndemere so she is protected. Laura has a security detail. She asks if he has discussed this with Ava. Ava asks what this arrangement is really costing him.

Ava thinks that they both get what they want in this. There are rules in place right now She explains that if one of them commits adultery then one of them gets nothing. Ava is not getting sex inside the marriage.

Willow asks Lucas if he is sure about this. Lucas thinks she did them a big favor. Brad and Julian walk back in. Brad is glad he is awake. Julian explains it has been a while. Lucas knows that he has a lot on his plate. Lucas has come up with a good solution. He has decided to hire Willow to keep taking care of Wiley.

Lulu is going to get them a bottle of wine and a movie. Dustin asks what they will do without the rush. Dustin likes the idea.

Brook Lynn doesn’t think that quiet is her thing. She will make sure that everyone knows that he sexually harassed her. She will cut his hand off the next time that he touches her. Ned explains that he comes from a family attached to a business. Ned can get his lawyers involved. He can either take the check or he can go after him. This is a one time offer.

Nina asks if there is no sex outside of the marriage or inside. Ava can hold out at least as long as he can. Nina doesn’t know about that. Ava thinks that this game of chicken ends as soon as he gives in on his urges. She thinks it will be over sooner rather than later. Much sooner.

Nikolas thinks that Ava and him have an agreement. Laura is worried about him being in a loveless marriage. Nikolas is not going to be with Ava the rest of his life.

Nelle has a goldmine in her hands. Michael asks what she wants. Nelle will find a buyer who will treat her with respect. Nelle goes into the other room and gets on the phone with Martin. Nelle is ready to entertain offers. Martin will be in touch.

Martin asks Linc what he was saying. Linc thinks that Brook Lynn Quartermaine will do and say anything to get out of her contract. Martin will be in touch. Martin calls Valentin. He explains that they are about to go shopping.

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