GH Update Thursday 2/6/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/6/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan tells an officer that she needs to take a call from the officer who showed up for Sonny. Curtis tries to call. Marcus shows up and is glad that he caught him. Jordan doesn’t take the call.

Curtis tells Jordan to call back when she can. He loves her.

Anna asks if Emma misses the snow. Emma explains that Patrick says he doesn’t miss the snow but her and Robin do. Anna thinks that they can go to the ice rink at Rice Plaza. Emma wonders if everything is ok.

Finn supposes that he has become so desensitized. Sam guesses that Anna is making a big mistake about Peter.

Carly tells Brad to take a deep breath before he goes into the room. Lucas is still in he coma.

Laura tells Kevin she is sorry. She needed rest after getting visits from her loving children. Kevin wonders if she needs to have her doctor limit her visits. Laura doesn’t need that. Laura thinks that they needed her. Laura can’t laugh without it hurting her.

Jason tells Michael that they know who is behind this. It is a man named Cyrus.

Sonny sits down at Pentonville. Cyrus guesses that they meet at last. Sonny thinks that he has a big problem for himself and he isn’t sure he can solve it.

Kevin wonders who wore her out more. Laura thinks that Lulu is falling in love with Dustin but not sure what she wants to do about it. Then Nikolas is up to his neck in disfunction with Ava. She didn’t have the heart to tell them that their mother had just been shot and she was too tired to listen. Jason shows up. He hopes that he is not interrupting. He wanted to make sure she was fine. Jason explains that Sonny is deeply regretting what happened. Laura asks if he knows who is responsible. Jason explains that he is trying to work on it. Laura tells him to tell Sonny as his friend she is happy that his family was safe but as mayor she is not about to allow PC to become ground zero in a mob war. Jason will pass on the message. Kevin guesses that she told him.

Cyrus’ only problem is with the federal government. Sonny thinks that someone in the government must like him for him to be transferred here. Cyrus thinks that Bureaucracy works in mysterious ways. Sonny plays straight forward and keeps what is his. He thinks that he didn’t think of that when he tried something stupid.

Brad thinks it was too good to be true. Bobbie explains that Lucas woke up about an hour ago. He is sleeping right now. Bobbie explains that Lucas wasn’t sleeping in the coma. He is exhausted. He will be in and out the next few days. Julian wonders how many more days this will be. Bobbie doesn’t think much longer. Carly thinks they will give the two of them some space. Carly tries to get Julian to leave but he refuses. Brad tries to get Lucas to wake up. Julian tells him that they need to get their stories straight. He wants to know what they will do when he wakes up and he asks about Wiley and Jonah.

Anna thanks Emma for taking the guest room. Emma already said it was fine. Anna explains that Violet loved her room at first sight. Emma thought that Violet is so cute. Anna explains she is adorable and amazing. They were playing the Avengers this morning. Peter was the bad guy this morning. Anna starts crying and takes a drink.

Finn doesn’t want her to take anything he says to literally. Sam doesn’t think that Finn is the only one who thinks that Peter is bad news. Robert is determined to put him away.

Emma wonders if everything is ok with Peter. It seems like she is trying too hard to be happy. She seems to have tears in her eyes. Emma wonders what is wrong. Anna explains it is a complicated history that needs to stay in the past. Anna explains when he was younger he didn’t always make the best choices. He has done everything possible to try and make the right choices. He would prefer that his mistakes be left in the past but some people won’t let him.

Sam explains that Robert would let her have a better parole officer if she could give him something big and incriminating. She really wants her family back together and thinks that they could help each other. She thinks that he has to tell her before he can hurt Anna.

Sonny understands that he likes to go big or go home. Sonny thinks that three very public attacks happened. Had it worked then him and his son would be gone. He is still standing and he is twisting in the wind.

Laura tells someone on the phone to get Jordan to call her back as soon as possible. Curtis walks in and asks if she should be resting. Laura asks what she can do for him. Curtis doesn’t know who is behind the shooting but he intends to find out. He knows she has her own security detail but he is motivated and willing to provide backup. Laura explains she is not the target but collateral damage. She thinks that this has something to do with the latest flair of mob violence.

Jordan tells Marcus it is good to see him again. Jordan tells him that Sonny is not going to come in to file a statement. Marcus is not here to bring Sonny to justice. Marcus means it. Jordan asks why he is here. Marcus has info on Bob.

Chase kisses Willow and asks how work is. Chase explains that they know that Sonny and his family were targeted. Chase doesn’t think that there are any leads right now. Chase can tell when she is stressed. Chase is not defending Brad but his husband is in a coma. Chase wants her to take some time to calm down if that is what she wants.

Brad asks what is wrong with Julian. He is worried about what he said. Julian thinks that when he wakes up he is busted. He is not bringing him down. Lucas wakes up and says Brad’s name. Brad says hi.

Curtis asks who is Taggert. Laura explains Marcus Taggert. He was a detective at the PCPD. It was a long time ago. He was back in the trenches over fifteen years ago with the last mob wars. She doesn’t know what connections he has other than maybe Jordan. Laura ran into them at the PCPD. Curtis tells her to try and pencil some time to rest. He tells her to take care.

Jordan asks how she got his hands on medical records. Marcus thinks that this isn’t something to ask questions. Marcus explains that there are no traces of drugs in his system. Marcus wants to know how he got addicted in only a few weeks. Marcus thinks that foul play is definitely going on here.

Cyrus asks if Sonny follows football. Sonny loves it. Cyrus thinks that this is a hail Mary pass. Sonny thinks that this isn’t a game. Cyrus thinks that this is a negotiation.

Jason explains that they re doing research on Cyrus right now. They are looking into all this right now. He just wans him to know what they are dealing with. Michael takes a phone call. Michael thanks them. He explains that Lucas woke up from his Coma.

Brad didn’t know if he would come back to him. He loves him so much. He needs Lucas to be careful. Lucas asks if Bobbie was here. Brad will get his doctors. Brad explains they were driving to Thanksgiving. Brad asks if he remembers anything about being in the car or the accident.

Sonny wonders if he wants to negotiate. Cyrus wants to sell drugs. Sonny is not interested. Cyrus thinks he is weakening himself. He will be rich enough to take him down. If he doesn’t change with the times then the times will destroy him. he asks if they have a deal.

Willow would love to be Wiley’s nanny again but she is not going to get her hopes up. Seeing Wiley every day was a big deal. She wonders if it was too much though. She could have been blurring lines. Willow gets a call from Michael. Michael explains that Lucas woke up from his coma.

Brad doesn’t remember being in the car. He knows that Elizabeth got Terry to cover for him so they could hatch things up. Julian tells Lucas that he gave them a scare. Brad says that Julian has been his rock. Carly and Bobbie walk in with Wiley. Carly puts Wiley next to Lucas.

Sam asks if Finn has something he wants to say. Sam tells Finn that she can wait for her phone call. Finn is sorry about her parole situation. He has nothing to give her on Peter though. Sam gets a call from Jason. Jason explains that Lucas is awake.

Anna asks if Emma is sure that she is fine on her own. Emma wants to see the entire town. She likes visiting places that are special. She could go and visit Peter afterwards.

Jordan thinks that Bob’s death is something suspicious. Jordan wonders if this has to do with what they did. Jordan knows they said they would take this to their graves. Marcus thinks that I sounds like Bob took it to his grave. Curtis walks in.

Anna agrees that the people who judge Peter don’t know them like they do. Finn walks in and thinks it is a nice surprise to see Emma. Anna explains that she is going to see Epiphany on her own. Anna will go and pick her up before that all happens.

Lucas is shocked he was in a coma longer than Sam served for man slaughter. Sam wonders when Lucas can go home. Bobbie explains that they are going to keep an eye on him for the next few days. Julian needs to talk with Brad about admin work. They go into the hallway. Julian tells him they need to get their stories straight. He might remember. Brad wants to calm down and chill out. He thinks that he finally feels like everything will be ok.

Jordan didn’t realize that Curtis would be stopping by. Curtis just met with the mayor. Curtis asks who this is. Jordan introduces Marcus and Curtis to one another. Curtis asks what brings up him. Marcus used to live in PC years ago. He didn’t even know that Jordan was the commissioner. They ran into each other today.

Sonny wants him gone. Cyrus has personal reasons for being here and he is to stay. Sonny thinks that accidents happen.

Finn thinks that Emma looks great. Anna knows she should have been more patient. Finn knows he took a cheap shot and was wrong. Anna accepts his apology. He knows that things are strained between them. Anna knows. Finn doesn’t want to be the guy who runs out when things get tough. Anna knows it isn’t like him. Finn explains that Jason and Sam are determined to find a link between Peter and Drew. Robert knows.

Cyrus has friends. Sonny does too. Sonny tells him if he goes against him it could lose him money and cost him his life.

Jordan thinks that today was the first time they had seen each other in ages. Jordan wants to catch up before he leaves town. Marcus would love to do dinner some time. Curtis wonders how long he is in town for. Marcus thinks for the time being. He will see them around.

Jason asks Sonny on the phone how it went. Sonny explains they are in for a fight.

Laura cannot put her phone away. Kevin knows that Sonny is an old friend. Laura knows that Sonny would avoid violence if he could. Laura thinks that there might be more damage than they think.

Willow tells Chase she is so thrilled. Willow is sure that Lucas wants to be with his loved ones. She doesn’t want to cross a line. Lucas is out of his coma and things might g back to normal. She wants that. She won’t really have a role in Wiley’s life anymore.

Lucas missed Wiley so much. Carly asks if Lucas is alright. He is tired. Carly wants to give Brad and Lucas some time. Michael could take Wiley for the night. Lucas thinks that Michael is the best. Sam will see them later. Lucas thinks about Brad in the car. Brad asks what is wrong.


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