GH Update Tuesday 2/4/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/4/20


Tracy looks into the living room. Ned asks what she is spying on. Tracy isn’t spying. She is looking into the other room. Ned sees Nelle talking to herself and eating their breakfast. Tracy is glad that her eyes are not bad. Ned asks where she is going. Tracy is going to get Edward’s gun.

Michael tells someone on the phone that this was the only way to get Nelle under control for the moment. Jason thinks that Michael fixed it for the time being. Carly knows they have bigger issues to deal with.

Sonny watches as one of his goons beats up one of the shooters. Sonny says that this is a problem for him. He allows the goon to continue to punch him

Sam tells someone on the phone that they are fine. Jason thinks it is quiet here at Sonny’s. Sam tells him that he needs to rest. Jason has been through this before he wants her to tell Scout and Danny that he loves them.

Finn tells Anna on the phone that he will be home soon.

Anna is tied to her staircase and Peter sits down next to her saying that no one will save her.

Sasha says good morning to Jax. She didn’t sleep well. Jax knows it is a lot to think about. He doesn’t know her very well. He thinks that Michael is a good man. Sometimes that loyalty can put him into danger. Sasha hasn’t asked a lot of questions. Jax knows that Michael has always tried to steer clear from Sonny’s business. Jax thinks that anyone who gets involved with the Corinthos family doesn’t last long.

Carly doesn’t think that anyone thought that he was going to be there. Jason thinks they wanted to take Sonny and Michael out. They gambled and they lost.

Sam tells Spinelli that she is convinced with his help that they will be together for good this time. Finn sees Sam and says hi to them. She tells her guard that it is ok. Sam explains that it has been a little intense lately. Finn thinks that Laura will make sure to find out who hurt her. Sam thinks unless Sonny finds her first.

Ned stops Tracy from going to get the gun. It hasn’t been shot in over thirty years. She could shoot her eye out. Ned thinks that there is still time to get Oscar’s shares out of her clutches. Ned thinks that they will sit down calmly and get her out. Nelle walks out and asks what is going on.

Peter thinks that Anna got careless and must be stopped. Violet walked in dressed as Captain Marvel. She stops Peter from winning. Peter is defeated. Anna tells Violet to get her out of here. Anna asks if they should play another game. Peter doesn’t want to be the bad guy again. Violet thinks he is so good at it.

Finn asks if Sonny knows who did this. Sam doesn’t think yet. Finn wonders if Scout likes tea parties. Scout says no. Finn thinks she seems relaxed after last night. Sam asks if Scout wants to listen to her playlist. Finn thinks that she takes all the excitement in stride. Sam knows how to handle this. She doesn’t like it but it is part of her life. Finn worked all night and his brain doesn’t work well right now. Sam knows that he is engaged to a woman who is a spy. Her job is not that different from Jason’s. She has people who follow her back to her own home on occasion.

Anna tells Violet to go get her backpack because the bus will be here soon. Anna thinks she is pulling on years of raising a little girl. Peter thinks that this was good practice for when James is older. He thinks that there is something he should do or say. Peter feels that he owes her his whole world. He thinks it would have all been over if he disclosed the information to the PCPD. She bought him some time. Anna is not concerned about that and neither should he.

Sonny tells him that he is not his enemy. He needs a name.

Carly thinks whoever did this tried. To blindside Sonny. She wonders if whoever did this will cut their losses and run. Jason doubts it. PC is too valuable. Someone could stand to make a lot of money. Jason thinks that whoever did this will try again. Sonny calls Jason to finish up here. Jason has to get going. He tells them to stay as close to home as possible and let the guards do their job. Michael thinks the last time they had to do this he was a kid. Carly promises they are as safe as Sonny can make them. She wants him to remember that Sonny can end this. Michael knows that there is no one better. Michael thinks that. She is a stranger to all this. Carly knows that none of this is easy. Michael asks if Sasha is alright to go. Carly promises that they are going to be safe. Carly knows that he is protected by the police but Nelle is at Quartermaine house and she is a different kind of dangerous.

Ned tells Nelle she doesn’t get to just live here. Nelle needs her own key. Ned explains that they have extended their home but that doesn’t include murderer’s. Nelle knows that the man who built the house tried to blow up a woman. Ned thinks that Alan was a member of the family so it doesn’t count. Nelle is not going anywhere. Ned thinks that she can only visit when she wants. Nelle was invited. She is shocked that Brook Lynn didn’t tell her.

Jax thinks they need to talk about Joss. Now that the smoke is cleared they need to talk about this. The further someone is away from Sonny the better. They can look at Michael and Morgan. Michael was shot in the head at a bullet meant for Sonny and Morgan was blown up in a car meant for Sonny. Jax doesn’t think that this kind of danger is ok. Jax thinks the safest place for Joss is far away from here. Jax tells her to take the girls and get away from Sonny while she still can.

Ned cannot believe that Brook Lynn would let her live here. Ned thinks that Monica is the only person who will let someone live here. Michael walks in. He explains that Monica agreed. That Nelle could stay.

Finn admits at first he wanted nothing to do with Anna or the business. Sam gets it. She knows all about how he got to be with Anna. Cassandra was his cell mate. She did have the cleanest cell on the block. Finn knows she was dangerous. Sam thinks that she was bitter that it was him and Anna who took her down. Finn has Violet to think about now. His choices are hers by default. He thinks that kids really are amazing. She got out of Pentonville and the kids just wanted to hang out with her. She gets that as a parent you sometimes can only do what you do. Sam knows that it is their choices that affect them. It matters how much they are there for them and the people they allow in their lives.

Peter asks if the PCPD will really never expect someone to find out. Anna does expect Mac to find out but Anna explains the evidence didn’t make it back. The less he knows the better. He just needs to know that the incriminating documents are out of reach. Anna is basically saving the department a lot of time and energy. He shouldn’t have to defend his reputation again. Anna knows that Jason will be harder to deal with than the police. He blames Peter for all of this.

Tracy asks if the whole world has gone mad. Michael doesn’t want Nelle anywhere near Wiley. Tracy thinks that Sonny and Carly deserve Nelle. Ned reminds him that Leo lives here and Rocco, Scout, and Danny visit. Nelle is not a child monster. Michael thinks that this will work out. Ned would have liked a warning.

Finn thinks that kids are amazing but they mask a lot. They don’t always talk about how they are feeling. Violet’s mother is gone. Sam knows what he is talking about. Scout asks about Drew all the time. She wonders what she will have. She will have stories. Finn asks if she ever got conformation about Drew’s plane. Sam thinks it was coordinated. She thinks it goes back to the original memory transfer. She asks if the WSB is still going after this information. Finn explains that Anna is careful not to share too much with him. Sam thinks that Anna would have told her if she had information unless it hurt Peter.

Anna knows that Jason respects her. Anna did her best to talk him down. Peter asks about moving forward. Anna tells him to be careful. Peter thinks it is only a matter of time before someone finds out.

Sonny asks why Jax is still here. Jax wonders if he found the guy who shot at his daughter. Sonny tells him to go home. Sonny knows he disapproves of his life. Jax thinks they have new disasters to deal with.

Tracy is out of here. She is going to go back to Amsterdam. Ned might think that there is a reason for Nelle being here. Ned thinks that Nelle is need and greed both of which are easy to manipulate. He will have her begging to sell in no time.

Michael tells Sasha that if she wants anything else for breakfast. Nelle asks if she plans on being a frequent breakfast guest. Sasha is moving in.

Peter doesn’t want Anna in a crossfire. Peter cannot risk a repeat of any of this. Peter thinks that something bad could happen. Anna will not surrender him again.

Sam wonders if Anna has spoke about the Peter situation. Finn asks if she has any evidence about Peter. Sam explains that Peter helped Helena with the original memory transplant. The only people left are Drew, Andre, and Peter. Peter is the only one left. Sam thinks he was right talking about choices. If he thinks that being with Anna will harm anyone then he needs to choose wisely. Finn will see her. Around.

Sonny will do whatever he needs to do. He will go about protecting his family. Jax could offer him a way out.

Sam tells Jason that she had an interesting conversation with Finn about Peter. Sam thinks that he has the same doubts about Peter that they do.

Ned thinks that Michael has done a good job with ELQ. Ned guesses it might be a time for a change in leadership. Tracy is still leaving for now.

Nelle asks if it will be awkward to have his ex-wife and mistress together. Michael reminds her that they never were married. He also is putting her in the boathouse. She can come and pick up her meals. She will be right at home.

Anna thinks that this will be enough of this. She has to get Violet’s lunch together. Peter thinks that it is hard for her to go against Jason. He will make Anna proud. He will be the son that she deserves. Anna says ok.

Jason hears a shot and gets out his gun. Jason gets into a shootout.

Violet goes to school dressed as Captain Marvel. Finn walks in and sees them playing.

Sonny cannot wait to hear these solutions. Jax suggests he give up his family and go into witness protection. Jax thought that he might have finally reached a limit. He assumed that he would be tired of all of this. He asks how many people need to die. Jax tells him that this isn’t over so long as Joss is living under this roof.

Jason shoots at the man and eventually gets him. He tells him that he is dying. He could let him go easy if he tells him who he is working for. It doesn’t matter what he got paid he wont be around to collect. The man says Cyrus Renold.

Written by Anthony

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