GH Update Monday 2/3/20

General Hospital Update Monday 2/3/20


Sonny finds Carly at GH as she is looking at the picture of Gladys and Dev that was in Brando’s items. Sonny walks over and asks if she is ok. Carly says she is fine. She told him everything already on the phone. Carly tells Sonny that Joss is ok and Michael is at home. Sonny tells her that a bastard came after his family in more ways than one. Carly wants to know why they are doing this to them.

Gladys tells Brando that her baby is going to be alright. She wonders if he can ever forgive him. Brando tells her that he just got shot. Gladys knows that he saved Carly’s life and is a hero. She needs to ask him one tiny little question. She wants to know why he is in PC.

Dev asks if his father saved Carly’s life. He wonders how that is possible. Joss thought he was dead. Sasha assumes that this is good news.

Nikolas tells Laura that Lulu and Kevin are waiting outside worried sick about her. There are no visitors allowed. He wants to know when he has ever paid attention to rules. He takes a deep breath. There are so many things he has to tell her. So many things he has to say. Nikolas feels that all that really matters is that he loves her and is sorry.

Brad shows up at GH and sighs. He gets a call and asks what is going on. Nelle tells him to come over to the Quartermaine’s tomorrow and bring Wiley. She wants him to see where she lives.

Willow tells Brad that they can go home and get Wiley ready for bed. Brad thinks that she is getting a little too close to his son.

Nelle rings the doorbell over and over again. Brook Lynn asks what she is doing here. Nelle asks where the housekeeper is. Nelle is here by invitation.

Willow wants to know what changed. Brad cannot believe that she ratted him out to her boyfriend and Michael. Willow reminds him that Nelle was there and threatening her. Brad thinks she is imagining things. Willow is not. She is dangerous. Willow tells him to figure out how to manage her or she will.

Nelle loves the remodel. She asks if she redid the rooms upstairs. Brook Lynn thinks she is insane. She is not a houseguest. She has shares at ELQ. Brook Lynn doesn’t think that entitles her to milk and cookies never mind a room at the house. Nelle thinks that this is her home now. Michael invited her to live here.

Joss thinks it is great news that Brando is here and alive. Sasha is going to get some air. Michael will join her in a few minutes. Michael wants to know what the story with Brando is. Joss knows that Carly was hysterical. Dev wants to know what this means for him and Sonny. Joss wonders about the rest of them.

Sonny explains that Mike was disoriented and sad. Sonny doesn’t know how this will affect him in the long run. Sonny thinks that Mike was doing great before that. He was acting like his old self and thought it was a great place. He called him son like he used to as a father and then it all went to hell. Carly is so sorry. Sonny wants to know why she is still in the ER. Carly says that Glady’s son Brando was shot.

Gladys knows she said that he was dead to her. She wished she could take them back. She tried to and he wouldn’t take her calls. She wants to know if he has forgiven her.

Carly explains that she managed to get to cover and all of a sudden a man saved her life. She thought it was one of his guys. Gladys walked out and was shocked to see him. Carly was really trapped. No one could get to her and the man saved her life.

Brando wants to know how she got involved with Sonny. Sonny walks in and demands to talk with him. Sonny explains to him that his family was almost killed. He wants to know what he was doing at his warehouse.

Carly stops Gladys. Gladys is glad that she is still here. Carly wants to know why she lied to them. Gladys is sorry. She is. Brando was dead to her. He came back from the war and he wasn’t himself. Brando got mixed up with some really bad people. She told people that he was killed in Iraq. She explains then he went missing and she had no idea what he was doing with his life. Carly says he knew what she was doing and shows her the picture of her and Dev.

Brando saw her social media account and saw that she was staying with him and Mike. Brando wasn’t sure what kind of a welcome he would get at his home. He could see a woman that was being attacked inside. He ran to help her. He just reacted. He knows he was in the service and trained well. Sonny thought that he was dead. He wants to know if he knows anything about that.

Michael wants to know who wants them dead. Joss thinks that Brando was on his way right before he got shot. Dev asks if he is going back to Turkey.

Brook Lynn thinks that Michael hates him. Brook Lynn tries to push her out. Nelle thinks she is looking for an excuse for the truth. Nelle tells her that Monica will not like her. She cannot be so delusional. Even if Michael invited her she wonders why she would ever want to live here. Willow begs Brad for help. Willow thought he was the father that she believed he could be. Brad thinks that this is too hard for him to be strong. He has walked through fire for that kid.

Nikolas wasted years trying to get revenge on Valentin. He should have spent that time with her and Spencer. He let the darkness in. Now he finally understands this and it might be too late.

Willow thinks that you are supposed to be brave for your children. Brad doesn’t think it is ever over. Brad explains that they took days watching Wiley in his room. Willow promises that he is safe and healthy. Brad explains that everyone is always hovering and it is driving him nuts. Michael is obsessed. It doesn’t give him the right to be all over his child. Brad asks if he should grateful for her too. He isn’t.

Nelle is a widow who was left shares in the company. Nelle thinks that Michael asked her to live here. Brook Lynn tells her that she is going to have to wait wherever she was staying before Michael comes home. Nelle guesses she could go stay with Brad and his son Wiley again. Michael doesn’t think it is the best place for her to stay. Brook Lynn gets it now. Michael doesn’t want her spending time with Wiley. She cannot say that she blames him.

Joss thinks that Brando is making a horrible situation worse. Michael promises to handle it.

Michael asks if Sasha is alright. Sasha explains that she has only seen clips of the shooting. Sasha thinks she is ok. She wonders if he is ok. Michael thinks that it is not ok. Sasha asks him to talk with her. Michael feels they need to stop seeing each other.

Carly found this in her belongings. Gladys thinks that this means that Brando was looking for her on social media. Gladys felt like she was part of a family on social media. She just wanted everyone to see how happy she was. Carly thinks that she was secretly hoping that Brando would see. Gladys admits to some degree she wanted him to see. She thought that it was a surprise to see him today.

Brando hasn’t seen Gladys in years. They had a hell of a fight. He left Bridgeport and never looked back. He checked up online every once in a while. She seemed happy. She posted pictures of her grandson. He never had any children so he wants to know who he is.

Joss thinks that Gladys lied to them.

Sasha asks if he is breaking up with her. Michael reminds her that they are going after his family. They don’t know who is doing this. Sasha asks what this has to do with her. Michael is not going to put her in danger. Sasha doesn’t accept this.

Carly asks if she really didn’t expect him to come to PC. Gladys hasn’t spoken to him in years, She thinks that doing a good deed for her made her think of her child. Carly asks why she kicked him out.

Sonny asks where he was. Brando says that Chicago was the last place he was. Brando wants to know who this child is. Sonny thinks that he doesn’t have to worry about this. He promises that he will get the best care possible. He just needs to rest.

Gladys already told her the truth. Carly thinks that there is more to the story. Sonny tells Gladys that Brando is alive. Gladys is sorry. Sonny thinks she lied more than once and he doesn’t tolerate people who lie.

Brad thinks that Willow is another problem for him. He thinks that she fantasizes about raising Wiley. Willow hasn’t once heard him say a word against Nelle.

Brook Lynn thinks that she could stay at Carly’s hotel. Nelle would rather stay with Brad than where Carly is all day. Nelle thought that at one point she hurt Dante and Lulu. Brook Lynn thinks that was a long time ago. She likes Carly. Nelle cannot believe that she is so unfeeling. Brook Lynn promises her she will not be around long with the Quartermaine family involved.

Nikolas hates that this shooting is what made him realize what a vengeful and greedy man he was. He missed her every day. He wants to do and be better. He needs Laura to show him the way without her forgiveness and her and without hope. Laura starts to wake up. Laura says his name.

Willow wants to know why he is always protecting Nelle. Brad says they are friends. Willow thinks he is having some sort of breakdown and needs help. Willow thinks the only people who can help him are his real friends. Brad can take care of his son alone and there is nothing that she can do about it.

Gladys asks what she can do. Sonny tells her that she is going to pretend that Dev showed up with some lady claiming that Brando was his son. Sonny tells her she better not say anything. Gladys goes to see her child. Carly asks if Brando is going to believe her. Sonny isn’t going to say anything until he knows for certain. Sonny needs to figure out who targeted his family. Carly reminds him that they were almost all killed today.

Jax loves Joss. Joss loves him too. Jax is going to check in with Carly and see if Sonny is back. Jax leaves. Dev thinks that her dad really cares about her. Joss wishes that he would go easy on Sonny. He asks if she is really ok. Joss is fine thanks to Michael and Dustin. Dev feels really bad for the thing and wishes he could take back the way he reacted.

Nelle thinks that Brook Lynn is more judgmental than others. Brook Lynn asks how she tries to play victim and bond with people. She will not do what she has done. She will not stalk a family and drug a grieving family. Brook Lynn tells her that she better start calling a ride share because she is not going to be here.

Michael admits that his life is better with Sasha but this is the start of something bad. He supported her when no one else would. Sasha wants to keep him safe and anyone else that is trying to hurt him. Michael doesn’t want her anywhere near Nelle. Sasha worries about him too. She asks what he thinks this means. Michael is trying to protect her because he loves her. Sasha has news for him. She loves him too. Sasha thinks that they will deal with this together consequences be damned. Michael gets a call from Nelle. Nelle asks if she should go back to Brad’s. Brook Lynn asks if he told this crazy bitch she can live with them. Nelle asks Brook Lynn if she can get cherries jubilee. Brook Lynn is going to put her next to Tracy. Brook Lynn isn’t going to disappoint Tracy.

Sasha can handle anything with him. The two kiss one another.

Willow is on Brad’s side. She wants to help with Wiley tonight. She can take care of Wiley tonight and tomorrow he can figure out what he needs to do to get back on track. Brad tells Willow she is fired.

Nikolas can get the doctor. Laura asks about the things he was saying. Laura loves him. She will always love him.

Jax asks if Carly heard more about Brando. Jax wants to talk with Sonny. Jax will wait at the house.

Jax thinks the kiss was a dumb mistake. She thinks it was so unimportant. Joss tells him that she is going to write about what happened.

Gladys thinks that she can get him another blanket. He asks who Dev is. Gladys says that it is his son.

Carly tells Sonny that Jax is waiting for them at the house. Sonny needs to find out who is after their family and why.

Written by Anthony

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