GH Update Friday 1/31/20

General Hospital Update Friday 1/31/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan asks if the man is steady. Carly thinks he has a good pulse but he is bleeding out. She wonders if she can get an ambulance here faster. Jordan would if she could. She needs to figure out if she was an accidental victim or an intended target. Gladys walks out and Jordan is freaked out by her. Gladys sees Brando on the ground. She tells him that this is Brando Corbin. She wonders if he has been dying. Brando doesn’t understand how he got here. She doesn’t know how this is happening. Carly tells her that she can stay if she stays calm. The owner shows up. Jason walks in. Jordan thinks he has a lot to answer for.

Chase asks Joss what she saw exactly. Joss knows that Sasha was with Michael and Laura was a little bit away. She had to warn Michael or he would have been killed. He thinks that Michael is lucky to have a sister like her.

Michael asks a house guard for an update. Dev wonders what is going on. Michael tells Dev that he cannot go anywhere.

Finn thinks that Nikolas forced Hayden to abandon her child and now he is strutting around here like some kind of hero or something. Nikolas never intended for things to go like this. Nikolas knows that Hayden will come back. Finn thinks he might think he got away with this but he promises that he won’t.

Elizabeth tells Jax that Joss is ok and she can go home. Jax tells Elizabeth sorry about what Nikolas did to Hayden. Chase walks over to Jax and explains that he needs to teach Joss the difference between reckless behavior and being a hero. Jax turns back to Elizabeth and explains that Valentin is not the one who forced Hayden into hiding.

Ava knows that lots of criminals get out on bail and then get convicted anyway. Valentin is not going to stop until he gets Nina and everything he lost back.

Gladys begs the paramedics to make sure that Brando is ok. Carly tells Jason to make sure that Michael knows she is ok. Jordan got an update from NYPD. She knows that Sonny was shot at. She tells him that Michael was also targeted. Jordan thinks this begins with him.

Dev asks if Joss is ok. Michael explains that Jax wanted to get Joss checked out. Michael gets a call from Jason. He asks if Michael is ok. Michael tells Jason on the phone that he is. Jason explains that he doesn’t have anymore details right now. He will call when he knows more.

Jason thanks Jordan. Jordan tells him to cooperate.

Valentin missed Nina and she is all he thinks about. Valentin thinks that Ava doesn’t know what she needs. Nina asks Valentin what he wants. Valentin wants her and he will always want her. He thinks they can work this out. Valentin thinks they had a life in Wyndemere. Nina was in on it with Ava. She helped Ava and Nikolas take him down.

Jax was recruited by Nikolas. Nikolas recruited Hayden as well. Valentin caught on and targeted Hayden for information. Elizabeth thought that Hayden was terrified and had to go into hiding. Valentin offered Hayden information and it was Nikolas who tricked Hayden into leaving. Jax only found out after Hayden disappeared. He tried to reach out to Hayden. He couldn’t trace her. Elizabeth thinks that this is despicable. Nikolas walks over and slaps him across the face.

Jordan wonders what Jason can tell her about the shooting in Brooklyn. Jason explains that the shooter is dead. Jordan knows that the bartender gave a statement that puts him in the clear. Jordan knows he was kicked loose. The NYPD is ok with this and she is too. She asks who targeted him and wants to know who knew he would be there.

Elizabeth asks how Nikolas could do that to Hayden. Jax will give the space. Elizabeth asks how he could do this to her. Him of all people. Valentin tore him away from Spencer. Nikolas never intended for her to go away for more than a few days. Elizabeth knows that Violet is everything to Hayden. Elizabeth explains that there is no way to get her back without a trace. Elizabeth has to go. Elizabeth doesn’t want him to make excuses. No one believes them not even him. He needs to find Hayden.

Jax tells Finn that he told Elizabeth about Hayden. He regrets what he did. He wonders how Violet is doing. Finn explains that it is hard to make excuses as to where her mother is. Elizabeth tells Finn that there are two more victims being brought in.

Chase tells one of Sonny’s guards that he can go. If he doesn’t leave now then he will have to arrest him. Sonny has had enough trouble tonight. He doesn’t need more.

Dev asks Michael what if this is just the beginning. Michael thinks that this will be ok. Joss, Carly, and Sonny are safe. Dev wants to know what they do now. Michael tells him to wait it out. He can go watch a movie with Avery upstairs. Dev can do that. Sasha wonders if a movie is really going to calm him down. Michael thinks it will make him feel less afraid. Sasha thinks that comforting Dev seems like second nature to him. She wants to know how many times he has had to explain away the fact someone tried to kill him.

Ava asks Valentin why he is still here. There is nothing less for him. Ava thinks that he deceived her time and time again. Nina and her have important things to discuss. Valentin loves Nina. He can still make her happy. Ava thinks that he can say that he acted out of love. It doesn’t work that way. He can beg for forgiveness but the sad truth is that he doesn’t know the first damn thing about love.

Joss finds Gladys in the waiting room. Jax asks what is going on. Gladys thinks it is a disaster. Joss thinks she is helping by being here. Joss thinks that it will be ok. Gladys explains that her boy Brando got shot saving Carly’s life. Carly runs over and hugs Joss. She asks if she is ok. Jax explains that the doctors gave her the ok. Carly wonders if she didn’t hear. Joss explains that Michael was with Laura on the pier. She was shot. Gladys thinks this night keeps getting worse and worse. He asks about Carly. Carly guesses someone started shooting. She couldn’t get into the office and some guy showed up and dragged her into safety. Carly explains that Brando will be ok. Gladys thinks that they might be wrong. She cannot lose him. He cannot die. Jax asks what is going on. He wants to know where Sonny is. Carly tells him that he is taking him back to Turning Woods. Jax thinks their daughter is involved now. Carly has no idea what is going on right now. She hates this as much as he does. She needs him to take care of their daughter.

Sasha knows what people say about his family and who Sonny is. Michael wonders if that is a problem now. Michael wises that she didn’t have to go through this. Michael has experienced things like this before and learned to handle a crisis like this. Michael honestly doesn’t know. That is his business and now his. Sasha doesn’t think that the gunman cared. They didn’t see Michael head of ELQ. They saw a target. He could have died right in front of her. Sasha cannot go through that again. She just doesn’t think she can. Michael thinks it is ok. Michael promises she will not have to.

Jordan thanks Chase for joining them. The guard is taking them through what happened. Tony explains what happened during the day. Chase asks why no one called the police. Tony tells him they were a little busy. Some guy ran in and started to cover for Carly. He must have been a professional because they made it to a secure location. Jordan thinks that it is odd that they would shoot up a warehouse and then just leave. Tony doesn’t know what to tell him. The gunmen were here and now they are gone. Jordan asks him to tell Chase the story again. Jordan asks to speak with Jason outside. Jordan wonders if Jason would simply just shoot and then leave. These men are either stupid or he isn’t telling the same story. Jordan thinks that she admires him to some degree. Jordan’s friend shows up.

Jax is going to take Joss back to his house. Carly needs him to take her back to Sonny. Carly needs to stay here. She cannot leave Gladys alone right now She doesn’t know why Brando is even here. She needs to figure this out.

Valentin didn’t know love before Nina. He thought that love lead to misery and unhappiness. He didn’t know the big picture. He didn’t know the joy or the connection of knowing someone completely and loving someone like he has Nina. He is just wasting his breath he supposes. That is why she is so easy to manipulate. Nina tells them both to leave right now. Ava says fine. She has redecorating to do back at her castle. His taste is so over the top but she will have the place redone in no time. Nikolas shows up. Nina cannot take anymore of this. Nikolas gives Valentin some paperwork to look at. Valentin sees a restraining order to keep him far away from Wyndemere. Valentin thinks it is so nice for him to arrange a DNA test. He can refuse to take it obviously. Valentin thinks that Helena is playing him. Valentin is the rightful heir. He is a Cassadine. He thinks that Nikolas is a punchline to Helena’s last joke.

Gladys needs an update. Carly is sure that Brando is getting excellent care. Gladys thinks he has always been so brave. Carly wants her to know that her son saved her life. She thought he was dead though. She asks why she would say that when she knew he was alive. Gladys asks Finn how her son is doing. Finn says that the bullet missed everything. Finn tells her that she can see him. Carly thanks Finn. Finn thinks that whoever bandaged him on the scene did good work. Carly thanks him. Finn figured it was her. Carly looks at someone signing for Brando’s personal items.

Jax and Joss show up at Sonny’s house. Dev is glad that she is ok. Jax sees that there are enough guards are here. Sasha didn’t get a chance to thank Joss. If she didn’t call out to Michael then things would have been different. Joss thinks that Michael owes her big time. Jax wants her to get rest. Joss thinks whatever happened was bad. Jax thinks that the shootings all took place at the same time.

Chase tells Jordan that things indicate things to a point. They cannot find one of Sonny’s associates. Jordan introduces Marcus to Chase. Marcus knew Sonny back in Brooklyn. He would wonder who wanted to take over for Sonny. Sonny must have pissed someone off. Jordan guesses that Sonny is at Turning Wood. Jordan is glad that Sonny is taking care of his father but she has plenty of questions for him.

Carly walks over to Brando’s items and takes a picture out of the bag.

Elizabeth explains to Finn that she heard about Nikolas. She thinks that keeping Hayden from Violet is unforgivable. She asks how he is doing. Finn just loves Violet and wants to do everything to be the father she needs. Elizabeth reminds him that he is part of her family now and Violet has cousins who would love to see her. Finn thinks that they should do a playdate. He cannot believe he just said those words.

Valentin tells him to enjoy his brief stay at Wyndemere. Ava married a prince and he is nothing. Nikolas tells him to stay away from his home. Ava can only imagine all the upstanding men that will go after Nina. Valentin doesn’t think they can love her like he does. Nina says goodbye to him. Valentin thinks for now.

Joss guesses the bullets were getting closer and this random guy showed up. He was shot and Carly insisted on waiting with Gladys but the guy was Brando.

Carly looks at the picture and it is of Dev and Gladys at Christmas time.

Marcus thinks that someone wanted to get rid of the competition. Jordan tells Jason that him and Sonny are still standing. She wants him to think about everything that they have to lose. Whoever is coming after them doesn’t have a code and she is going to stop it. She will take them down if she has to.

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