GH Update Thursday 1/30/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/30/20


Written by Anthony

Jax kisses Nina. He is sorry. He realizes that this is inappropriate. Nina admits that if it helps she never considered him her boss. She doesnít think that this was actually about work. Jax agrees. Ava walks in and wonders if this is a bad time.

Nikolas asks Epiphany if she can help him find Elizabeth. Epiphany explains that she is working. Nikolas cannot believe that she hates him. Kevin wonders how Nikolas can lie to those who claims to love so much.

Elizabeth asks Finn how her beautiful niece is doing. Finn explains that she still misses her mom. Elizabeth knows that they need to make sure that Hayden is out of danger. Finn doesnít think that Elizabeth knows the whole truth to what happened.

Mike screams in terror as Jason and the shooter fight it out in the bar in Brooklyn.

Gladys thinks they are all going to die. One of Sonnyís goons goes to join in and starts shooting. A man comes and helps cover Carly.

Joss calls the police to tell them that there is a shooter. Dustin stops the shooter. Michael calls out to see if Laura is alright. She is passed out from the bullet in the corner.

Valentin tells Jordan that it is a nice day for a stroll. Jordan doesnít think that out on bail is the same as free.

Kevin wonders what happened in France. Nikolas thought that him being alive would have been a good thing. Kevin is sure the love will find a way back. Kevin is sure that it will eventually. Nikolas thinks that there are other bridges that he has to rebuild.

Finn explains that he arranged for Hayden to leave town. Elizabeth asks why Valentin would care about Violet.

Michael and Sasha try to keep Laura stable. Dustin runs over and asks if he can help. Dustin says the shooter got away. Joss thinks that Dustin saved them.

The man protecting Carly tells her that they have to move. The move over to backup coffee bags.

Jason tells the shooter to let the bartender go. She begs to be let go. Jason shoots him and kills him. Jason tells the bartender it is ok.

Nina tells Ava that it was just a little celebration in a world where dwindling magazine sales happen they had an uproar. Ava thinks that Jax has a talent for picking winners. Ava is sure that her husband will find a way to repay him soon. Jax wonders what she gets when she thaws his assets. Ava thinks all she ever wanted. Jax gets a call from Joss about the shooting. Jax is on his way. He has to go.

Valentin tells Jordan that the judges just granted him a brand new start. Valentin has to find a new place to live for him and his daughter. Jordan gets a call and wants to be there when the mayor is brought in.

Finn explains that it wasnít Valentin her did this. Elizabeth wonders who. Nikolas walks over. Finn explains that they were just discussing Hayden the sister who had to leave town. Nikolas is sorry for interrupting but there is something that he needs to discuss. Epiphany walks over. She needs Finn as Laura was shot.

Michael tells the guards at Sonnyís house to let no one in. Michael tells Chase that Laura was hit. Chase knows that already. Joss left her journal. She left because Michael had to meet with Laura and she came back and the man was aiming at Michael. Joss saw the gun being pointed right at Michael.

The two gunmen continue to fire at Carly. The one protecting Carly is not able to move anymore. Carly moves him out of the line of fire. He asks if she is crazy.

Mike tells Sonny that he wants to go home. Sonny promises that they will. Mike wonders when. A detective walks in and asks who shot the man. The officer says it was Jason. He explains that Jason has said nothing so far. The detective asks the bartender what happened here. Maggie explains that the three men in here were very polite. The gunman came in shortly after. He was just another customer. She asks what happened next. Maggie explains the two other guys got ready to leave and that is when the man started shooting. She ducked behind the bar and Jason started shooting back. Jason kept his gun pointing at him. Maggie started to freak out. She heard another shot and then he was dead. He was just dead on the ground.

Nina wonders what was going on with Jax and Joss. Ava doesnít know but if she wasnít ok then she wouldnít have stayed where she was. Ava can tell that she is actually trying to better herself through all of this. Nina tells Ava that all of this takes a considerable amount of energy. Ava thinks that they both helped each other out. Nina thinks that Ava has completely ran with this. Nina thinks that if Ava finally got what she wanted she wonders why she is here. Ava just wanted to check in. Nina appreciates the gesture but if she didnít know better she would say she came here to find a friend.

Finn asks what they have with Laura. Finn takes her into trauma. Kevin asks Jordan if they know who did this. Nikolas doubts that Sonny would have done this. Jordan asks Dustin what happened. Dustin saw that the man was shooting at Michael.

Sasha tells Chase that Michael grabbed her and pulled her away before she could see anything. Chase asks Michael what is going on. Michael cannot get ahold of his dad or Jason which is unusual.

Carly tells the man she will be right back. The man tells Carly that they are in a lull to drag this out. He tells Carly to stay where she is. Carly thinks he will pass out any minute then she will do what she wants.

Mike tells Sonny that he doesnít want to get in trouble. Sonny explains that they have to wait for the police to tell the that everything is ok. Mike says ok. The detective looks at Jasonís ID. She heard that he saved the bartenders life. She thinks he took a big risk. She thinks he is either an expert shot or incredibly lucky. Jason has nothing to say without his lawyer.

Carly hears the police. It is clearly over. The man tells her to stay where she is just in case.

Sonnyís goons tie up the remaining gunman and hide him. The one goon goes to find Carly. Carly tells him that this man deserves a raise. The goon explains that this man doesnít work for her husband.

Michael explains that everything is pretty quiet. Sasha doesnít think this makes any sense. Chase explains that they have multiple reports of shots fired. Nikolas wonders where Sonny is. Michael explains he is in Brooklyn.

Mike doesnít want to get in trouble. Sonny needs to talk with the lady for one second. Sonny sighs He explains that Mike has Alzheimerís. She hopes that they can go home soon. Sonny gives her ID. She recognizes his last name and knows who he is. She can tell that Jason was acting in self-defense. Jason had a list of priors so long that it crashed their system. The detective needs to know who tried to kill him.

Lulu runs into GH and asks Dustin where her mother is. Dustin says she is ok. He explains that he stopped the gunman but it isnít a big deal. Valentin runs over and asks if Laura is alright. She asks if he is jealous that someone got to her before he did. Valentin tells her to give Laura his best. Nikolas needs to find out what that was about. Kevin says that Laura is all that matters.

Sonny explains that someone burnt his truck down and no one ever contacted him. He is here for his father. Maggie talks with Mike about a marathon runner. Sonny explains that this is where he grew up in Brooklyn he wanted Mike to feel something familiar.

Jordan shows up at Sonnyís warehouse. Carly needs help. She needs an ambulance. Carly tells the man to keep his eyes open. Sonnyís goon says that two men showed up and started shooting and they shot back. Carly says that this man showed up and helped save her life.

Sasha tells Chase that this is bordering on harassment. Michael has had his back on multiple occasions. This isnít his fault. Michael thinks that Chase is just doing his job.

Joss finds Dustin and introduces Jax to him. Joss thinks that Dustin saved her life today. Dustin suggests that she should write down her thoughts today.

Kevin asks how Laura is doing. Finn says that Laura is asking for him. They need to perform surgery. Kevin goes into Lauraís room. Laura tells Kevin that she told her that the docks were not safe. Kevin loves Laura. Kevin promises that they are all here for her. Lulu and Nikolas. They all need her.

Ava doubts that they will ever be friends. She thinks that friendship is too kind a word but perhapsÖ Nina suggests an olive branch. Ava likes that word. Nina thinks that she loves olives. Ava really does. Ava suggests they get a drink. Valentin walks in and says he has something they can celebrate. Valentin wanted her to know that he was released on bail. Valentin explains that there were no charges put on him. Ava thinks that it is clear that Nina should never be left alone with Valentin again. Valentin thinks that this is the same office she shot Connie in. Valentin is practically a free man now.

Nikolas thanks Finn for taking care of her mother. Finn tells Nikolas that he knows what he has done. Nikolas was about to tell Elizabeth what happened but this isnít the time. Laura is wheeled out.

Carly bandages the man. Jordan asks how he is. Carly wonders how the ambulance is taken so long. Gladys walks out and asks if she can come out. Jordan points her gun. She sees Brando on the floor.

Michael has no idea who that man is. Chase explains that there was a shooting in Brooklyn and Sonny was the intended target. The NYPD brought in Jason because he shot and killed a gunman. It seems that someone is making a move against his father. Chase tells Michael not to get involved. He needs to let the police handle it.

The detective tells Sonny that there were two shootings this afternoon. The detective explains that she has two choices either keep him here or make him the PCPDís problem. She might contact him in the future. Sonny promises that she has his full cooperation. Sonny asks Maggie how things are going. Maggie might run a marathon. He thanks her for how kind she has been to Mike. Sonny gets a call from the hospital. He takes it. They explain that if Mike doesnít come in today then he canít be promised a spot. Sonny understands but there was a family emergency. Sonny hangs up. Sonny tells Mike they are going home now. Sonny grabs him and they leave. 

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