GH Update Wednesday 1/29/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/29/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny takes Mike to a bar and Mike tells him that this place is nice. Sonny agrees as well. Jason tells everyone to get down as a man with a gun starts shooting.

Carly ducks down along with Gladys as someone attempts to shoot at them near Sonny’s warehouse.

Two hours earlier Sonny and Jason show up at a bar in Brooklyn. Sonny explains that they are just having some lunch. A bartender tells Mike that they can sit anywhere he likes. The bartender goes to get him some coffee. Sonny explains to Jason that Mike used to sit in this exact spot. It was his betting office. Sonny thought that bringing him here would help spark something. Jason knows it is different now. Sonny realizes that the chances of there being an incident here are high. He needs this to work.

Michael finds Joss on the docks. He thanks her for meeting him. Joss asks if he is meeting with Laura. Michael thinks the weather is nice and they lucked out. Joss wants to know why he needed to meet her in person. Michael is moving Nelle into the Quartermaine’s.

Nelle tells Carly that Michael wasted no time moving her back in. Carly heard all about her stunt at the hospital. She knows she had an almost run-in with Wiley. Carly heard about her stunt at the hospital. She wants to know what happened with Wiley. They both know that she is not the maternal type. Nelle reminds her that she still aches for her son. Carly tells her to mention Jonah one more time and she will see what happens.

Sasha tells Willow that at least Nelle isn’t going to be anywhere near Wiley. Willow is freaking out because Brad is off the rails. He is responsible for Wiley’s well-being.

Lulu tells Charlotte to go and clean up and then they will head out. Lulu tells Nina that she thinks that Valentin’s hearing is today. She thinks that Robert’s goal is to deny Valentin bail. So, she won’t have to worry about him showing up. She won’t have to worry about him sniffing around. Nina asks if keeping Charlotte away from Valentin is an extreme. Lulu thinks that Valentin has a funny way of showing love. Nina is worried about Charlotte not Valentin. Lulu is only concerned about keeping her daughter safe and that cannot happen with Valentin.

Ava can practically hear Nikolas sighing. Nikolas is not exactly thrilled that his son cut him out of his life only a few hours ago. Ava knows that Spencer is furious. He might even hate him. Ava has been there. He can suck it up. Spencer is alive which means he still has a chance to repair his relationship. Nikolas did everything he has done to protect Spencer. Ava thinks it is clear that Spencer would prefer he protect him. A son needs a father.

Martin tells Valentin that the judge is running late. Valentin hopes that this runs smoothly. Laura shows up and tells him that this is not going to end well in his favor. He kidnapped Charlotte, tried killing Ava, and committed fraud. Robert walks over and wonders what is going on. Martin explains that Valentin never tried hurting Ava.

Sonny explains that the first time he tried to get Mike into a study they said no. This is his last shot. Sonny knows that Alzheimer’s doesn’t take orders. Sonny is worried that he is going to have to spend the night in the clinic. Jason is glad that he called a meeting with the five families. Sonny thinks that this could be misinterpreted. Mike explains his coffee is on the house. He still has it.

Nelle thinks that Carly is angry that Michael has feelings for her. Carly thinks her act will drive her right back to Pentonville.

Willow thinks that Lucas was the responsible parent. He let Nelle fresh out of prison move in with him. She is terrified about this. She cannot be ok with her son being raised by him.

Joss reminds Michael that Nelle is a liar and killer. He almost died last time she lived with him. She will kill him if she gets the chance. He will never love her and she cannot accept that. Joss will not let this happen.

Nikolas was always taught to put the Cassadine’s first. His worth was being the prince and he hated it. He didn’t realize he was treating Spencer the same way. Ava never learned that lesson with Kiki. She let her own desires come between them time and time again. If she had put Kiki first her daughter might still be alive.

Laura reminds them that they all saw Ava get carried in by Nikolas. Martin reminds them that there is no actual proof. There will be no denying bail. Robert thinks that Valentin has a closet full of passports. Valentin will not leave without his daughter.

Lulu asks Charlotte why there is a cut up picture of Sasha. Charlotte says that Nina did it. Charlotte goes to say goodbye to Nina. Charlotte asks if Nina wants to go riding with her. Nina can another day. Nina says goodbye to them both. Nina tells Jax that she did this to her and it is all because of choices she made. Jax wonders what is taking so long.

Jason suggests that him showing up here might reinforce his position. Sonny hopes so. Mike asks if the bartender likes baseball. Jason thinks that Mike is in a good mood right now. Sonny thinks that Mike is golden when he is charming people.

Nelle is never going back to jail. Carly thinks that crazy rolls off her in waves. Carly thinks that Nelle will put herself back in jail. This will be entertainment. The Quartermaine’s are going to treat her like the trash she is and she cannot wait to watch.

Sasha tells Willow to take an action and they will support her.

Michael explains that Wiley is a baby and his whole world is out of control. Michael explains that Brad is unraveling. He was going to let Nelle live with him and Wiley. Joss says never. Michael had no choice but to move Nelle into the Quartermaine’s. Joss thinks that they should take Wiley away from Brad.

Laura thinks that if Valentin wants Charlotte to be ok then he needs to act better. Valentin thinks that Charlotte deserves to be happy and they need to meet on common grounds. Laura tells Robert to let her know it goes.

Nina tells Jax she doesn’t want any surprises. Jax says it is too late. Jax has champagne and cheese for her. He had cheese flown in from Switzerland. He does believe that there is a lot to celebrate right now. He pours her a glass.

Nikolas is sorry for her loss. Ava assumes he is sorry for exploiting her as well. Nikolas knows it was a terrible thing to do. Being away from Spencer was torcher for him. He could hold on to their fantasy though. He still had a chance with his son though. Ava knows it is something that no parent should have to deal with. Ava knows the perfect way to make it up to her. Ava tells him to sign the post-nuptial.

Nelle remembers the day at the police station. She remembers how smug she was. Nelle has five percent shares of ELQ and her own room at the Quartermaine’s. Carly thinks she had help with Shiloh and Ryan. Nelle can blow her entire world apart. Carly has things she needs to do.

Joss thinks that if Lucas doesn’t wake up then Wiley’s real mother is right there. Willow can revoke the adoption and Nelle doesn’t have to live with the Quartermaine’s. Michael explains that adoptions are legally binding. It doesn’t work that way. Brad is Wiley’s father. They have to help and support him. Joss reminds him that Lucas picked him to be God father. He needs to ask himself what Lucas would want. Laura shows up. She asks if he is ready to talk water front reservations.

Jason thinks that the biggest regret of his life is not letting Alan into his life. He wouldn’t budge. Then he died. Sonny knows that Alan made mistakes. Jason knows he did and for a lot of years he was more mad at Mike than he was at Alan. He was able to overcome that. He was able to reach out to his dad and be there for him. He wishes he could have gave Alan one-tenth of what he gave to Mike. He can never make that right again. He wants Sonny to know what he is doing for Mike. He is a good son. He is giving his father everything that he has.

Nikolas asks if she has been carrying this with her. Ava will not give him the codicil until he makes their relationship official. Ava thinks that their relationship will be a partnership. Ava doesn’t see why he can’t help. She helped him with Spencer. She doesn’t want to hurt him. She wants to see him on top and be right beside him. They are smart. They would make an incredible team. All he has to do is sign. Nikolas will do it on one condition.

Jax tells Nina that it was easy for him to tell her that change is great without really thinking about it. He realizes she needs a tutorial on the good side of life. Nina thinks that Jax is the most arrogant man that she has ever met. Jax is not trying to be better than her. He has had setbacks and broken dreams. You can either give in or move forward. All they can control is attitude. He asks if she is going to drink her champagne. They toast to moving forward.

Robert explains to Lulu that Valentin had a fifty grand bail. Robert tells Valentin that he saved his butt again. Valentin asks how Charlotte is. Lulu says none of his business. Valentin thinks he can see Charlotte whenever he wants. Lulu is filing a restraining order against him.

Mike tells the bartender that this place used to have great root beer floats. Sonny asks if Mike is bothering her. She thinks that if Mike is happy to be here then she is happy to have him. He is a real charmer.

Laura is planning on taking this run down area and make it welcoming and safe for people. She needs to do more than just have gardens. She wants it to be beautiful and useful. Michael thinks that is ambitious. Laura respects his initiative to leave part of the waterfront the same. Laura needs it to be safe. This is a worthwhile project. She hopes that ELQ will get behind it.

Carly tells Gladys that she will be ready to leave in a moment.

Nelle tells Willow that she commends her for giving up a child. Willow is heartbroken that Michael had to lose his child but she is very glad that Nelle is not a mother. Nelle calls her a bitch after she leaves.

Nikolas doesn’t want people to think that she is cheating on her. Ava is not having sex with him. Nikolas doesn’t want to sleep with her either. He just wants her to be faithful. He doesn’t trust her not to trash his reputation. Ava assumes that this doesn’t just apply to her. He asks if they are agreed. If she cheats then she gets nothing. Ava says that if he cheats she gets 90% of his assets. Ava guesses they are stuck with each other. Ava thinks that this will be a long and chased partnership.

Valentin reminds Lulu that Nikolas is alive and kicking. Valentin is not going to let Charlotte be poisoned by her. He can handle her. Martin has to go see Nelle. Valentin asks if Nelle knows that he is working for him not her. Martin says no.

Nina explains that she met a boy once while eating a cheese plate and they danced under the stars. Jax thinks they can dance here. He asks if he can have this dance. Nina takes his hand. The two start to dance in each other’s arms. Nina guesses that he can dance. She wonders if there is anything he can’t do. Jax cannot buy a space shuttle. The two kiss one another.

Sonny tells Mike that they have to get going. Mike tells the bartender that he will be back.

Michael gets a text. Sasha walks over to him. She asks if he is still in his meeting. Michael wonders if she made up her mind. Sasha wants to move in together. She wants to help deal with Nelle.

Gladys asks if this is the warehouse. Carly says yes. A man named Tony shows up and takes papers from Carly. Tony tells Gladys to step away from the door.

Mike tells Sonny that this is a real nice place. Jason tells everyone to get down and a man shoots at Sonny and Mike.

Joss sees a gunman and tells Michael to get out of the way. Michael pushes Sasha down.

A gunman finds Carly and Tony pushes Gladys into the other room. Carly hides.

Jason gets out his gun and starts to shoot.

A gun hits the wall and Laura goes to hide. She falls to the floor.

Carly continues to hide as Tony shoots at the gunman.

Written by Anthony

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