GH Update Monday 1/20/20

General Hospital Update Monday 1/20/20


Written by Anthony

Spencer walks into a room at his school. Ava is there and thanks him for meeting with her. Spencer explains to her that he was forced by his headmaster and didn’t have a choice. Ava explains that she didn’t want to mention his name. She knows how difficult the last few years have been. Spencer thinks it is funny that she is saying this considering she sold out to his sinister uncle. Ava knows he lost a lot. Spencer explains that he lost his house, fortune, and his father. Nikolas walks up behind him and explains that he hasn’t lost his father. He explains that he is right here. Spencer looks shocked to see him.

Jax thanks Laura for meeting with him. Laura likes to make time to meet with her citizens. Even the ones who withheld vital information.

Michael asks Willow what she means that Wiley is not safe with Brad. Willow explains that when she went to watch him she found Nelle wrapped around his bathrobe staying there. Nelle explained that she was staying with him. Nelle made it clear that Brad didn’t need him anymore and that she was here to watch Wiley.

Brad cannot hire Nelle to be Nelle’s nanny. Lucas’ entire family would be up in arms. Nelle thinks that Lucas’ family doesn’t run the entire world. Nelle thinks that all Wiley needs is a little mommy and me time. As soon as he is back in her arms he will know that she is his mother.

Spencer hugs Nikolas when he realizes that he is really here.

Nina explains to Charlotte that this is going to be the best collage ever. They have some great pictures. Charlotte thinks that they need more. Curtis walks in and sees that Charlotte isn’t at school today. Nina explains that Charlotte had a field trip and she didn’t want to go so Lulu let her spend the day with her. Charlotte goes into the other room. Nina explains that Charlotte keeps asking about her father and if she has spoken to him. Curtis asks if she has.

Jordan hugs the officer that was trying to get information on Mike. He always knew that he was meant for bigger and brighter things. He congratulates her. She asks how his wife is doing. He explains that they ended a long time ago. He wants to know why he had to come back to PC.

Gladys thinks that Carly is too much. She has never had a spa day and all these other things. Carly tells her that she can take today and enjoy the splurge. She can have brunch and pick whatever she wants off the spa menu. Carly asks Michael what is going on. Michael tells her that Nelle is living with Brad and expects to take care of Wiley. Carly says over her dead body. Willow thinks it is typical that Brad is being manipulated.

Jax wanted to say sorry. He did beg for Nikolas to tell her but he said that it would put her in danger. He is sorry for everything. Laura accepts his apology. It wasn’t him who broke her heart. It was Nikolas.

Nikolas missed him more than anything more in the world. Spencer used to pretend that he was just away on business and then he realized that it was just pretend. He asks where he has been.

Curtis asks Nina what this is about. Nina explains that Lucy is trying to relaunch her company and Sasha is a spokesmodel. They want to partner with Crimson. It is a clever business plan. She needs to make the right choice for Crimson. Curtis thinks the riskiest thing about going under cover is that it can make you question herself. Curtis doesn’t believe that Sasha didn’t love her. Nina explains that Valentin couldn’t prove her mother’s story to be true and if Valentin couldn’t prove it then no one can. Nina thinks. She will never find out if she had a baby.

Nelle asks Brad why he isn’t at work. Brad has to get Wiley ready for the day. Nelle wants to hold. Her son. Brad hands Wiley over to her. Nelle thinks that Wiley is right where he belongs.

Laura is glad that he reached out. She actually has a proposal to him that could help the entire city. Laura wants to fix the waterfront. She is actively looking for business partners that want to revive the waterfront. She is reaching out to him. She didn’t think he would want to not get involved. Jax assumes that it will involve some financing. Laura is open to donations considering that he got some money from Nikolas. Jax thinks it is a charming shakedown. Gladys walks over and says hello to them. Gladys sees that he is talking to the mayor.

Carly sees something and walks over. She has to go and handle something else. She walks over to Gladys. She wonders if everything is alright here. Carly suggests that they will let them have their lunch. Laura thinks that she is an interesting lady. Jax thinks it is for another day.

Michael tells Chase that he doesn’t need to come with them. Chase thinks that it is at least half his fault that she is still walking free. Willow begs him to be careful.

Sasha wonders what Nelle is like. Willow tells her that she knows how to play the victim card very well. Willow thinks that she is really twisted. She even brought up Shiloh to her. Sasha gets a text from Nina and wants to see her. Sasha guesses that there is only one way to figure out what this is about. Willow will come with her for a distraction.

Nikolas needed to regain his strength and figure out what to do with Valentin. Spencer points out that it was over three years ago. Nikolas was trying to protect him. Spencer asks if he stayed away deliberately. Nikolas needed his return to matter. Spencer needed his father. Nikolas explains that his grandfather’s will made Valentin heir to everything. He found a codicil that gives him back everything. Spencer asks if he really stayed away for three years because he wanted the money back. It was more important for Valentin to think he was dead than for him to know he was alive.

Jordan explains she never wanted to tap by that part of her life. He knows that she was always a stickler for detail. He hasn’t forgotten when they worked together. Jordan needs his eyes on something.

Nina tells Curtis that she is so sorry. Curtis can help her find a child if it exists. Nina says no more searching. She will not reopen that wound. She will walk him out. Nina thinks. She has a wonderful daughter right in front of her.

Nelle tells Wiley that he is so big and heavy. She had no idea what he would look like. He looks more like Michael but underneath he is all her own. She asks if he has Michael’s smile. The door rings. Michael is at the door with Chase. She thinks that it was a coincidence that he is here. They were just talking about him. Nelle explains that Wiley and her were just getting to know one another. Nelle thinks that they are overreacting. She wouldn’t hurt that innocent child. Nelle reminds them that Michael is a convicted felon. Nelle sees that Willow snitched on her. Brad is her only friend in town. Michael asks what it will take for her leave Wiley alone. Nelle can be Wiley’s boyfriend. Michael has a better offer.

Gladys explains that she finds massages so weird. She wonders if she could see Sonny’s coffee warehouse. She asks if she is sure she doesn’t want to visit the spa. Gladys says no. Carly will be done in a little bit.

Laura thinks that Jax is a decent man and decent men don’t use the Cassadine fortune.

Nikolas thinks it was torcher to stay away from him. Ava really does think that Nikolas was thinking of his best interest. Spencer needed Nikolas. He broke both his legs. He never had to leave home at all. He spent more time hating Valentin than loving him. He hated Valentin for killing him but now he hates him. Nikolas leaves to get air. Ava tells Spencer that she can see how angry he is. He has every right to be . He is very lucky to have his father back though.

Nina tells Charlotte that her art is back. Sasha and Willow show up to Crimson. Sasha says hi to Charlotte. Charlotte asks if Willow wants to see her project for school. Nina asks if she brought her sidekick along for moral support. She asks if Lucy should be in on this meeting. Nina tells her that her proposal is very good. She picked up a lot on working here. Nina can work with her conditionally. Nina wants an in-depth cover story on her. Nothing will be left to the imagination. If she wants to be in business with her those are her terms.

Charlotte tells Willow that she really loves horse books. Willow loved horse books growing up. Willow likes happy ending.

Sasha accepts her terms. Nina explains that her reporters will unearth everything in her life. How she lied to everyone. Sasha knows she will never forgive her. If putting her. Life on blast helps then she will do it. Sasha and Willow leave. Nina says hello to Willow. Sasha tells Willow that she is going to be putting herself up humiliation.

Jordan’s friend is shocked that their friend Bob never would have done this. She is worried. Laura walks in. She asks if she is interrupting. Laura remembers the detective and asks what brings her back to PC.

Michael knows that she needs a place to stay. He knows she needs her privacy. Nelle asks why he is offering this to her. Michael wants to keep her away from Wiley. Nelle thinks that he is so fond of Wiley. Chase thinks one call to Social Services would get rid of Wiley from her. Brad tells Michael that he never wanted Nelle to stay here. He never agreed to anything. Michael suggests that they talk more when they have had time to think. Michael will not let Brad put Wiley at risk. Michael thinks that Nelle is dangerous. Giving her access to Wiley is unacceptable. He. Will make sure that he is safe.

Willow thinks that this is her past and her scandal. Sasha does. She wants to live her life out in the open. Nelle walks over. She didn’t think she would run into a friendly face.

Laura asks if Jordan knows him. Jordan does from a long time ago. Laura asks if they worked together. Laura just wanted to tell her about the fight of the waterfront. She needs to get ELQ involved. Jordan knows that a lot of people have tried to fix the waterfront.

Jax says hi to Charlotte. He thinks it is nice to have her at Crimson. Nina knows he needs projections. She finds them for him. Jax thinks that there is no rush. Nina explains that they are just right here. Nina knows that Maxie took on a lot of responsibility while she was away but they are fine.

Ava knows that Spencer has always had insight beyond his years. Spencer thinks he stayed away for three years. Spencer thinks he could have come to France and Valentin never would have known. Ava thinks that he has a second chance with a loved one. He shouldn’t waste it. Spencer thinks that she is sadly mistaken. Ava knows how much he loves him. She knows how hard it was to lose him. She thinks it is time that they both stop hurting. She suggested putting his anger aside and letting his father love him again. It is so much better than being alone. Nikolas walks back in. Nikolas does love him and he knows he has so much to make up for. He wants to restore their family. Spencer thinks he could have come back but he didn’t. He let him believe that he was dead. He lived alone because of him. He thinks that he is just as hurtful as Valentin. The Cassadine legacy is clearly more important than he is. He leaves.

Nina had the meeting with Sasha about Deception. She thinks this revenge thing is tougher. Than she thought. Charlotte cuts up a picture of Sasha.

Curtis finds Jordan. Jordan wasn’t expecting to see him until later. Curtis thought she could use a kiss. Jordan can always.

Nelle recognizes Sasha from a picture on Michael’s phone. She thinks they will have plenty of time to run into each other. Michael asked her to move in. Carly thinks that she is lying.

Chase asks if inviting Nelle back to the Q mansion is good. Michael thinks it is the only way to keep an eye on her. She will never see anything coming.

Written by Anthony

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