GH Update Friday 1/17/20

General Hospital Update Friday 1/17/20


Written by Anthony

Carly reminds Diane on the phone that Sonny is her most important client and Jason is as well. Joss asks if everything is ok. Carly thinks nothing that she cannot handle. Gladys walks downstairs and asks how her handsome grandson is doing. Dev doesn’t think that she has to keep up with the charade at the house. Gladys doesn’t like doing things halfway. She thinks that they are all family. Sonny asks if Gladys had a goodnight sleep. Sonny thinks that having Gladys here is good for his father.

A detective goes to see Mike. Mike is clearly out of it.

Trina asks Cam about Shelly. Cam thinks that she is too much. Cam suggests a boy from the soccer team. Trina thinks that he is too much into himself. Trina wonders if he wants to admit they are going to he formal together.

Jason wanted to check on Michael about Nelle. Michael guesses that they were overwhelmed with the amount of people in jail. Michael explains that Nelle has shown up at the house last night. Michael explains that Nelle’s lawyer got the shares. It is less than a day and she is already hurting his family.

Brad tells Nelle that she should stay somewhere else. Nelle can sleep through anything. She asks how Wiley is doing this morning. Brad wonders if she has any plans for her first day of freedom. Nelle has a lot of people to catch up with.

Chase asks Jordan if she is ok. Jordan thinks they need to find a weak link in the Corinthos organization. Jordan wonders if he has anything else to say. Chase wonders if there is anything he can help her with.

Michael wished that Jason had been at the Q’s last night. He would have loved it. Michael knows that Jason is dealing with his own stuff right now. Michael could organize a meeting with Sam and him at ELQ. Michael thinks that this could go on for years. Jason thinks that he has to keep a clear head. Michael knows no matter how much damage that Nelle does she cannot do a thing to Wiley.

Nelle wishes she could go out but she doesn’t have a lot of cash on her. Brad gives her $60. Nelle is gong to take another long hot shower first. Brad gets on his phone and begs someone to pick up. Willow shows up at the house. She could make Wiley something for breakfast. Nelle walks out.

Sonny tells Dev that he is going to New York for a few days. Dev gets a text message. Gladys wonders if he is texting with a girlfriend. Dev says he doesn’t have one. Gladys cannot believe that is true. Dev thinks about Joss kissing him the other night. Gladys imagines that girls must be crawling all over him like his Brando. Joss has to finish getting ready. She runs upstairs. Dev suggests that he go with him to NYC. Sonny thanks him for the offer but he is taking Jason with him.

An officer sees that Mike still likes cards. Mike wonders if he is his ride.

Dev thinks that Mike likes to play checkers with him. Sonny suggests that he stay here with Carly and Jos. Sonny has to get going. Joss walks back downstairs. Dev explains that Trina and Cam are at Kelly’s and wondered if they wanted to meet them. Joss has stuff to do. She will see them at school.

Cam knows that they said they would be each other’s dates but first they have to fail at finding other dates first. Cam suggests a guy named Hunter. Trina is not going out with him. Cam knows she wants to go with Dev. Trina knows like he wants to go with Joss.

Jordan is curious how Zach’s sister found out about Nelle’s parole. Chase cannot stay away from this case.

Nelle tells Willow that Brad is a loyal friend. She wonders about Willow. Willow is Wiley’s nanny. Brad explains that Michael insisted that Wiley have a nanny. Willow asks how he could let that psycho near Wiley.

Sasha shows up to see Michael. She wonders what is up. Michael explains that Nelle is out of jail and he needs to make sure that he does whatever he can to get her back in jail.

Sonny shows up at Turning Woods. Sonny is going to take his dad out for a few days. Sonny wonders what the person said his name is. Sonny says hi to Mike. He asks who he is talking too. An officer says hi to Sonny. He explains that Mike and him were just talking about him. Sonny asks if Mike is ok. Mike says he is fine. Sonny is glad. Sonny tells the officer they are taking a walk. He asks what he is doing here. Sonny cannot believe he is still harassing an old sick man. Jason shows up. He sees that Jason is not a boy anymore. Sonny tells Jason to sit down for a minute with Mike while he has a chat. Jason says hi to Mike. Mike explains he cannot find his wife. Jason will look for her. Mike cannot leave without Yvonne. Sonny demands to know why he is here harassing his father.

Carly tells Dev to have a good day. Gladys will drive Dev into town. Carly wonders what is going on with her and Dev. Joss explains that they aren’t joined at the hip. Carly wonders if Dev hit on her.

Sasha cannot believe half the stuff that Michael said about Nelle. Sasha thinks that she is still fixated on Nelle. Michael doesn’t know what to do. Michael thinks that Nelle is a master manipulator. She is willing to do what she needs to do. Michael thinks that Ryan knows what to do to stab someone. Michael needs Sasha to move in with him.

Chase knows that Nelle is going to claim another victim. Jordan explains that he will hurt his career because of Nelle. Jordan thinks that Nelle is dangerous and they will keep an eye on her but he will not be the one to do this. Her lawyer will hurt this. Chase will do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves.

Brad explains that he couldn’t just leave Nelle on the street. Willow explains that she talks about how Shiloh’s dream is to be with her now. Willow thinks that Nelle is capable of anything. She asks if Brad slept last night. Brad explains that Wiley was up all night. Nelle explains that Brad is showing Wiley that a true friend never goes back on a promise. Brad is going to take Wiley to daycare today. Nelle tells Willow that this isn’t the job for her. She thinks that being Wiley’s nanny could be bad for his health.

Mike needs to see Yvonne. Jason puts a headphone on his ear. He thinks he will like what he hears. Mike hears Tony Bennet.

The cop can tell that a lot of things have changed. Laura Spencer as mayor was never something he thought would happen. Sonny thinks that a cop is always looking for a crime. Sonny thought that he might like a warmer climate. The cop heard about his car getting torched.

Joss explains that Dev didn’t hit on her even once. Carly would understand if she hit on him. Joss asks how she could have feelings for Dev when she still loves Oscar. Carly thinks it be normal but complicated.

Trina admitted she likes Dev even if he doesn’t like her back. Cam thinks that Trina is talking like a therapist again. Cam only cares about soccer and video games. Dev walks in and says hi to them. Gladys walks in. She asks if these are his friends. He asks what she is doing.

Michael thinks that there is plenty of room. She can have her own room or they can share a room. Sasha has to say no. Sasha thinks that they have a good thing going. She is not going to risk this before they are ready to move in together. She thinks his family is obnoxious especially Tracy. Michael doesn’t want to hurt things with her.

Willow cannot believe that she is making threats to a cops girlfriend. Nelle thinks that it is too much to ask of Willow. Nelle has lost a child. She can only imagine how painful this is. Nelle is here for Brad. It is like Shiloh said that there are no such things as coincidences. Nelle will let Brad know that she left. Willow wants her to tell Brad that she will call him. Nelle calls for Brad.

Mike thinks that Tony Bennet once had a sold out performance and it was broadcast world wide. Mike feels like he should stay here. Sonny thinks that the sooner they get out the sooner they can get to Brooklyn. Jason will get his bag.

Gladys explains that she is Dev’s grandma from Bridgeport. Gladys thinks it is so great that Sonny took Dev in. She is glad that Dev is getting to know the rest of his family. Trina wonders what is happening. Dev explains that Gladys doesn’t know what is going on. He hopes it won’t be for much longer

Michael thinks that they should take a long vacation. Sasha thinks that she would feel bad if she left right now. Michael suggests that after Deception is launched they go to Hawaii.

Chase asks Willow why she is not with Wiley. Willow explains that Brad is having Nelle stay with him an Wiley.

Brad explains that Michael was insistent that he watch Wiley s he got Willow to do this. Nelle tells him to get rid of her or she will.

Carly tells Joss that she is coming home tonight. Hiding from Dev is not going to make it better. Joss explains he is not into her. Joss is clearly not ready to go through this process. Carly thinks it is normal for her to notice other boys. Joss still loves Oscar. Carly knows. Carly hopes that she can let the right boy in.

Dev thinks that she would back off. Gladys brought him a donut. Gladys wonders what they are talking about. Dev explains that they need to get going. Dev tells them to hurry up she might follow them. Trina tells Cam to give her his phone. Trina just asked a girl out for him and she will go out with Hunter on one date.

Mike tells Sonny that he reminds him of his son. Mike thinks they need to stop to get a calzone. Jason wonders about his friend. Sonny is sure they will see him again.

Jordan calls someone to double check on something. The officer shows up.

Nelle is Wiley’s mother. Brad reminds her that they cannot tell anyone. Nelle thinks that Willow is out and she is going to take care of her son herself.

Chase asks why Brad would let Nelle there. Michael asks what is going on. Willow explains that Wiley is no longer safe with Brad.

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