GH Update Thursday 1/16/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/16/20


Written by Anthony

Michael thinks that Olivia is her own person. She is not going to vote a certain way just because Ned wants her to. Brook Lynn thinks that this is a terrible idea. Nelle walks in. She doesn’t think that they could have possibly started this without her. Michael tells Nelle that this goes against her parole. Martin explains that she has every right to be here. Nelle tells Tracy that her housekeeper welcomed them in. She introduces Martin to all of them. Martin explains that as the widow of the late Shiloh she inherited the shares of Oscar. Ned tells Nelle that this will not end well for Nelle.

Jason explains that Oscar had two wills. One for the mountain and the other left shares to Shiloh. Carly guesses they go to his wife. Carly thinks that she finally made herself a rich widow and she didn’t even have to do anything. She wishes that someone would run over her with a truck.

Alexis finds Sam at the Metro Court. Alexis asks if she is ready for this. Nelle is out of prison and is Shiloh’s widow.

Nikolas asks Lulu if he can come in. He owes her an apology. Lulu thinks that he does but he owes an even bigger one to Charlotte. He told Charlotte that he was her secret bodyguard. He told her that he would protect her always. When Rocco doubted her, she jumped into the harbor to prove it. Her daughter could have drowned and it would have been her fault.

Someone bangs on Brad’s door. Julian is glad that he is alive. Brad is a little stretched thin. Julian thinks that Brad is losing it and if he is not careful Sonny will find out.

Carly thinks that she has too much going on to deal with Nelle. She is the one who arranged for Stella to come here. She truly believes that Stella knows what is best. Jason wants her to give Sonny the best advice possible. Jason thinks that Sonny needs to decide this all on his own. Sonny explains that he has come to a choice on his own about Mike.

Nelle asks if Ned just threatened her. Ned says that no threat was intended or implied. Ned explains that the company is owned by the family. Olivia explains that they will tie her up in court fees. Olivia explains if she is so much as crosses the street improperly. Martin explains that Nelle gets to vote for David’s shares. Tracy tells their lawyer to explain that this does not apply.

Alexis wonders what this means for Sam. Sam thinks that this will be difficult for Michael. Sam could tell that Nelle had something up her sleeve but she had no idea what. Sam is sure that Nelle is secretly grateful that she killed him. Alexis begs Sam to be careful. Sam always is.

Sonny is going to go on the trip to get his dad evaluated. He wants Carly to support him. Carly truly believes that Sonny needs to do what is best. Carly thinks that Stella can be something that she cannot. Carly thinks that the best option for Sonny is to support him. She wants what is best for him and Mike. Sonny asks Jason for help.

Julian tells Brad that he thinks that Sonny is having Carly tailed. They need to be more careful. All Sonny needs is a push to investigate things more thoroughly. He needs more time with his grandson. He needs Brad to make up a good excuse as to why he is spending time with Wiley. Brad has no intention of taking care of Julian.

Sam is shocked that Neil is getting his license taken away. Alexis guesses that there is a two year waiting period to see a client. She finally meets a smart and thoughtful guy who is not a criminal and he cannot see her because of a relationship that doesn’t exist. She needs to defend him. Alexis needs a meeting. She is sorry to cut this short. Sam promises she can take care of herself if she does.

Sonny is going to call a meeting and let everyone know that everyone is getting along. Carly thinks that Mike needs his time right now. Carly thinks that there are other people who could do this for him.

Nikolas couldn’t afford Valentin finding out. Lulu thinks that Nikolas took away everything that mattered to Charlotte. Lulu is not going to compare him to Valentin. Charlotte is his family. She doesn’t want to hear him say that he is sorry. He has everything he wants and she is not going to pretend that she knows what it was about. Lulu thinks that he was never like this. She wants to know what happened. Nikolas thought they would figure things out later. Lulu wants to know how he thinks that Spencer would react. Lulu want to pray that Spencer is able to handle things better than her daughter did.

The lawyer explains that the shares were Oscar’s. Oscar suffered from a brain tumor that hurt his judgment. One from Alexis but prior to his death he made a handwritten will that gave the money to the mountain. Martin explains that there are two wills. Martin thinks that the former will goes to the widow. He is afraid that their mountain climbing will is not going to happen. Nelle thinks it belongs to her.

Lulu watched Laura grieve for three years. She grieved as well but it is difficult when a parent loses a child. Lulu thinks that he needed the revenge more. They know that Laura battles mental illness. Lulu doesn’t care how awful Valentin is. She doesn’t care. He could have handled the situation a hundred different ways. She doesn’t understand why he would give their family so much pain.

Brad knows that this is all on him. Julian understands but when Sonny gets wind of this they are toast. Julian wonders about Nelle. Brad cannot even think about her right now. Nelle doesn’t like to be ignored. Julian needs to know if she comes around again. Julian doesn’t think that there is room for any kind of error. He needs to do this for as long as he can. Brad wants Lucas to wake up. He wants to see his husbands smiling face. Brad would tell the truth if it meant getting Lucas the job.

Ned tells Martin that he and their lawyer need to leave. Tracy asks who wants to do the honors. Michael will. Michael will pay her to go away with a wire transfer of the bank of her choice.

Sonny wants to go back to Brooklyn because that is where they grew up. Sonny wants him to be calm and focused. He knows that they read the literature. Going to familiar surroundings is a good thing. Carly asks what Jason thinks. Jason thinks it is a long shot but it is Mike’s last shot and Sonny has a right to take it.

Nelle thinks that this isn’t even spare change for them. Ned looks at the amount. Ned thinks it a very generous offer. Nelle had Michael’s baby. They created a life together then he crashed the car and their baby died. Nelle is not going to let them wipe their feet of her. She worked hard for this. Brook Lynn has heard a lot of stories and she is the worst kind of gold digger. She reminds her the baby is gone and she is not going to get her hands on their money. She is going to end up with nothing. She is nowhere as brilliant as she thinks. She is tacky and will mess up and get caught. She will shuffle back to jail. Assault is a parole violation. Nelle screams for Martin. Nelle explains that this is no longer a safe space for her. Martin tells them that they will be in touch. Tracy tells Brook Lynn that Edward would be proud.

Nikolas doesn’t think that they were in his shoes. They can imagine what it is like to get shot and lose everything. Nikolas doesn’t think that she can know it felt like for him. It was like he never existed. Lulu thinks that there were other ways. They could have fought him together. Nikolas’ only chance was to play by his rules. Lulu doesn’t think that he regrets it. Nikolas got his life back. He asks how he can regret that.

Carly wonders what happens if something goes wrong. Jason thinks that for two minutes Mike might actually be himself again. Jason does want to do this. There might no be any promises. Carly guesses she might be looking at this wrong. She needs to accept that this is a difficult choice. She knows that whatever choice he makes that this is the best for him. Sonny is going to take Jason where everyone is either related. Carly asks Jason about Sam. Jason admits it is hardest on the kids. He calls a lot and they are doing video chats before bed. He will do whatever it takes. Carly wonders how long they are supposed to be a part. Jason thinks it is until they find away around the situation. Carly asks if this is bad timing for him. Carly tells Jason not to be a hero. Jason asks Sonny how Mike is doing. Gladys walks in and says not so great. She just got done visiting him at the home. He is agitated. He is going to New York. Gladys is glad that he is going. She thinks it sounded promising. If she could be of help she could tag along.

Julian talks with God and knows he nearly killed his son in the process. Julian wonders what happens if Lucas doesn’t survive. Alexis walks in and is shocked. She guesses she doesn’t need to ask who he is praying for. Julian doesn’t know who to turn too. He doesn’t know how to fix this. Alexis explains the meeting doesn’t start for a while. They could talk.

Michael owes them all an apology. Brook Lynn reminds them all of Tracy’s past lovers. Tracy thinks they are talking about the present. Michael knows he screwed up and he will do whatever he can to get things under control. Tracy wonders how. She is waiting to hear.

Jason tells Sam that he is going out of town for a few days. Sam wishes that she could see him before he leaves. She misses him. Jason will call when he gets through. Jason promises that they will figure this out.

Sam shows up at the Quartermaine house. Tracy has a lot to catch up on.

Gladys was wondering if she could stay over another night. Sonny thinks that Gladys is looking for every penny that she can get. Sonny appreciates what she has done for his dad. Gladys loves spending time with him. Sonny will let her stay here until he finds out what is going on. Sonny asks if this is ok with Carly. Carly thinks it is despicable the way she leverages things for Dev. Carly guesses for Mike’s sake she can stay.

Nikolas promises to make things right for everyone. Nikolas only knows that he couldn’t let Valentin walk away with everything. He needed to show Valentin that he was nothing. Lulu is glad that he is alive but beyond that she hopes that he comes to his senses and hopes that she gets her real brother back.

Olivia wonders if it is a good or bad thing that Oscar made their will second. Michael doubts that Nelle gets her hands on the shares. Michael explains to Sam that Nelle has shares of ELQ. Brook Lynn can recognize a gold-digging crazy person. She thinks they protect their own.

Alexis has to talk with Ned right now. Nelle has been released from jail. She will be right back.

Brad goes to answer the door again. Nelle walks in with a poster and suitcase. Nelle explains se was released and has no where to call home. She tells him that it is only temporary. She has assets left by her dead husband. She will find a place of her own to stay. She will have a beautiful home and a glorious life. She will have everything she ever wanted.

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