GH Update Wednesday 1/15/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/15/20


Written by Anthony

Carly tells Sonny that Donna and Avery are down for the count. Carly cannot believe that Ava married Nikolas.

Nikolas tells someone on the phone that he is very much alive and in charge of Cassadine industries. He needs to discuss the flight plan. Ava walks over and asks if the seat is taken. Nikolas is meeting his mother. Ava wonders where the trademark Nikolas kindness. Nikolas tells her that people are watching. Ava thinks that this is quite a story for everyone. He wants her to get used to this. Nikolas reminds her that they have to endure this marriage of inconvenience. Ava thinks that they have a lot of reasons to spend time together.

Lulu thinks that even Brook Lynn doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she had been. Lulu thinks that it seems like him and Brook Lynn have some sort of a history.

Brook Lynn tells Chase that she is innocent. She grabbed a beer bottle to protect herself. Chase is going to run her ID. Brook Lynn explains that her last name is Quartermaine. Chase sees it says Ashton. Brook Lynn explains that she is a Quartermaine. Ned walks in and explains that she is telling the truth. Laura wonders if she can see her daughter. Ned asks Brook Lynn to do something. Ned tells him to lock her up.

Tracy thinks that it looks like Olivia has been setting up board meetings her entire life. Olivia doesn’t think she would be acting this nice unless there was something in it for her.

Nelle reveals herself to be Shiloh’s husband at his memorial. Michael asks what Nelle is doing out of prison. Harmony asks what she means by husband. Nelle explains she is a free woman and she is Mrs. David Henry Archer and they are all her guests.

Carly thinks that they deserve each other. Carly thinks that Nikolas is going to make him suffer. Carly realizes that Ava must have the codicil. She must be using it as leverage. Carly laughs. Sonny gets a phone call and doesn’t think they will believe who is coming up. Stella shows up. Sonny wonders if she got homesick for upstate New York. Stella thinks something like that. Carly explains that she reached out to Stella to talk about Mike.

Ava reminds Nikolas that he has yet to sign their post nuptial. Ava doesn’t think that this is a sham marriage. This marriage is very real. She thinks that since he has a reputation he can sign the papers himself. Ava wants an island of her own. Nikolas wonders which of the ones he owns is the most shark infested. Ava reminds him that she wouldn’t even get one unless they divorce.

Ned asks what the charges are. Brook Lynn explains that the only person who should be charged is Link for sexual assault.

Lulu tells Laura what happened with Brook Lynn and Link.

Brook Lynn tried to push him and he tried to grab her in his arms. Lulu came over and tried to help out.

Lulu says the guy shoved her. Dustin says that words were exchanged. Lulu guesses that someone called the cops.

Brook Lynn reminds Chase that she tried hitting someone else not Chase. Ned asks if she is alright. Brook Lynn begs to get out of this. Ned wonders why she wants him to use the Quartermaine name to get her out of trouble.

Tracy admits she does have a motive but one that will appeal to her. Tracy explains that it will take more than boyish charm to replace Edward. Tracy has no shares or votes. She has about as much support. She knows that Ned has all three though.

Michael wants to know how Nelle got out of jail. Nelle explains that jail was good enough for her and Shiloh. Daisy was honored to be included. Nelle is so sorry she didn’t tell her sooner. Nelle thinks it is a shame that Willow has to deny everyone’s feelings. Nelle explains that Shiloh spoke of Wiley all the time. He wanted to be a family again. Now that he is gone that might fall on her.

Carly begs Sonny to hear her out. Stella explains that Carly wanted her to talk with him. Stella would have rolled across the Atlantic if she knew she could help his father. Sonny asks if Stella heard about the trial. Stella did some research and it does sound promising but Mike’s condition is further along. Sonny needs to make a move now before he loses his father. Stella wants to know what Mike is holding on to.

Nikolas wants to get something straight. They don’t share a bed or a future. They will go their separate ways. Ava thinks all he every says is codicil. Ava wants to know what is the point of marriage if you don’t spend life together. Ava knows that he won’t kill her. She doesn’t think that he is going to get what he wants until she gets what she wants. She tells him to sign the post nuptial. She toasts to true love.

Brook Lynn asks why it is ok for him to change his last name but she isn’t allowed to. Ned thinks that she did it for different reasons. Brook Lynn thinks the share holder meeting is a great place for her to be around. Brook Lynn thanks Lulu and Dustin. Brook Lynn thinks that she should be let go. Chase says she is free to go but he doesn’t want to see her again. Brook Lynn promises that she has seen the last of her.

Michael tells Nelle that she is not allowed to have Wiley. Nelle guesses they will see about that. Nelle wonders if Willow really chose Brad to be her baby’s father. Willow did. She thinks that Brad and Lucas are really Shiloh’s parents. She thinks that she is certainly not going to take her child. At least not yet. Jason thinks that they don’t have to worry about that. Nelle explains that she has been set free. Harmony showed remorse for her crimes. Nelle explains she owes her release to Ryan. She protected society at large. Jason tells Michael that he has to go. He tells Michael not to give her attention. Michael asks Nelle what she wants. Nelle only wants what belongs to her.

Sonny thinks that they are family. Stella thinks that family is not what anchors Mike. It is his surroundings and routines. Sonny thinks that this is all better than doing nothing. Stella thinks that he has his family and Yvonne. Sonny explains that Yvonne is on a feeding tube. Stella thinks that if he forgets her but thinks she is missing is not going to be a good thing. Sonny wants more time and hope. He at least wants to know that they tried everything. Stella wants to know what is going to happen.

Laura shows up at the Metro Court. Laura didn’t know that Ava would be joining them this evening. Nikolas says that she is just leaving. Laura wants Ava to stay. Ava asks if Spencer doesn’t know. Ava cares about Spencer. Nikolas explains that you cannot just call Spencer up. He is flying to France to see Spencer tonight.

Lulu tells Dustin to come in. She wants to know how he knows Brook Lynn. Dustin promises it is not that interesting. She wants him to start at the beginning.

Brook Lynn had no choice. She wasn’t going to let him put his hands all over her. Brook Lynn asks Tracy and Olivia what they would do if their boss tried to harass them. They both agree they would hurt them. Brook Lynn doubts that Link will ever even get in trouble with it. Ned thinks that she was right to defend herself. Brook Lynn thought that they were having a meeting tonight.

Nelle explains to Chase that he can clear everything up. Chase asks if Willow is ok. Nelle tells Willow that it is good that Chase has filled the void for Shiloh. Chase explains that Nelle is legit right now. Nelle explains that she married Shiloh for true love.

Sonny knows that the odds are not good. Carly wonders why he would postpone the inevitable Jason shows up and asks if this is a bad time. Stella should get going. Sonny will walk her out. Carly asks how Michael is. Jason needs Carly to count to ten. Nelle showed up at the memorial and made parole.

Nelle thinks that they should get lunch some time. They share Chase and Shiloh. Nelle has another appointment so she will see them later. Nelle asks someone to hold on to the picture of Shiloh while she finds a place to hang it.

Dustin was nursing a beer in lower Manhattan. She was singing in a club. She wrapped up her song and was taking drink orders. Dustin showed her his lyrics. Dustin explains that it ended pretty quickly. She dumped him for a piano player.

Tracy tells Michael it is so nice that he could join them. Michael asks where they were. They start role call. Tracy has Dillon’s proxy. Ned explains that they need to settle on what to do with Oscar’s shares.

Sonny wants to thank Stella for coming. Sonny thinks that Stella is family as far as Mike is concerned. Stella thinks he is still going to take him to New York.

Carly thinks that Nelle did this for money. She wonders what Shiloh had that Nelle could use.

Laura is shocked that he is flying to France. Laura wonders how she knows that he will not pull another vanishing act. Ava will make sure that Nikolas stays in touch. Ava is going to go with him.

Chase thinks that is classic Nelle. He can take Harmony back to the half-way house. Willow explains to Chase that Brad has been overwhelmed with work and Brad decided to beg her to be his nanny. Chase asks if that is a good idea. He knows that at some point they will not need her to watch after Wiley. He asks if she can handle this.

Michael explains that before they get to that they have something major that might conflict with all of that. Michael explains Oscar left the shares to Shiloh. Tracy thinks that the shares should go to Olivia and her precious son… Olivia says his name is Leo. Ned thinks that Olivia and Leo are Quartermaine’s. Michael agrees with Ned on this. Brook Lynn thinks that Ned is setting up a power play and would get to vote for all three of them. It is a setup.

Nikolas is going to be flying solo. Ava thinks that this is her place. She owes it to Spencer after what she did. She wants to see him and make sure that they get back what is rightfully theirs. Laura reminds them that this is not about them. This is about being honest to Spencer. Laura wishes she could trust him. She misses being able to trust him. Laura begs them to think about Spencer and not themselves if that is possible. Ava likes that woman so much. Ava has not been to Europe in years. They need to go pack. Ava thinks they can think of this as a honeymoon with separate rooms.

Dustin thinks that this is how these kinds of stories end. Lulu thinks that Brook Lynn drives everyone up a wall. Dustin thinks the guy was a creep. If it was anyone other than Brook Lynn it wouldn’t have gone as far as it did. Dustin thinks the last thing he needs in his life is a wrecking ball named Brook Lynn. Lulu is glad to hear that.

Willow needs to make sure that Wiley is cared for and loved. Harmony wants to help in anyway she can. She wants a chance to make it up to the two of them. She owes that to the both of them. Harmony would like that very much. Willow asks Chase to tell her all the reasons that this is a bad idea. Chase asks if she really thinks she can handle this. Willow does.

Stella asks if this is really worth it. Sonny knows it is a long shot but even if it is one in a million then he needs to take the shot.

Carly thinks that Shiloh was out of money when he died. She wonders if he did it to try and prove that she had reformed.

Michael thinks that Tracy wants Ned to have more say. He knows that Olivia would vote her own way. Brook Lynn thinks that is not a good idea. Nelle walks in. She is sorry that there must be some mistake. There is no way that they started this without her.

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