GH Update Tuesday 1/14/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/14/20


Written by Anthony

Michael asks if Willow is sure she doesnít want something stronger. Willow wants to be extremely sober tonight. Michael wonders why.

Curtis looks at his phone. He thinks about telling Jordan that her friend Bob died from an OD.

Jordan asks Chase why he is going to a memorial for Shiloh. Chase explains that he is going because Willow is going to be there. Chase sees Jason.

Laura finds Jordan and asks if she has some time for her. Jordan wonders if she has some time. Laura wonders if she knows what today is. Laura explains that today is her anniversary of being elected mayor. She wants to revitalize the waterfront. Jordan thinks that is a major move. She thinks she already has a full calendar on top of Nikolasí return from the dead.

Ned demands to know who is coming after ELQ. Tracy explains she doesnít know. She thinks that they are shady people.

Brook Lynn tells her manager to never touch her again. Lulu and Dustin step in. Dustin and Brook Lynn recognize each other. Brook Lynn tells her manager that he has no desire to talk with him.

Neil admits he is losing his medical license because of her. She did nothing wrong. He explains that the minute he admitted having feelings for her he sunk himself.

Jordan didnít want to get into this the night that Nikolas has returned. Jordan has no choice but to check the allegations against Nikolas. Laura doesnít know what to say. She loves him no matter what he might have done.

Ned wants to know why anyone would approach Tracy about ELQ in the first place. Ned wonders why anyone would contact Tracy about the company. Ned thinks that they are after Dillonís shares and they know that she has them. Tracy said no. Ned knows that Tracy didnít have to come back to PC to warn him. He assumes that she turned them down. Tracy explains that they went after Luke.

The manager says that they need to leave him alone with his client. Dustin tells him to move along. Lulu thinks the guy is right. He didnít grab Brook Lynn. He assaulted her. They are going to make a police report right now. Brook Lynn is not leaving. She is going to perform.

Chase explains that he just talked with Jordan about the coffee truck. If him and Sonny come across anything he hopes they keep them informed.

Willow will not let anyone rewrite history. Michael thinks that she will have plenty of backup. Willow thinks it is important that Wiley always feel loved and supportive. Michael thinks that he is with her as the official nanny.

Curtis calls Stella. He asks how she has been. Stella has no complaints. Curtis admits that it is nothing really. Curtis needs relationship advice. He explains that they are fine. There is this guy that Jordan used to work with that died at Christmas. She is reluctant to open up. He wishes that she was here. Jordan gets out of the elevator.

Alexis is shocked that he might lose his license because he said he liked her. They went out once after ending treatment with her and Kristina. Neil explains that he might have skimmed the book instead of reading it completely. He apparently has to wait two years before he can date a patient. Alexis thinks that he should have known that. Neil thought that she was no longer his patient and that it wouldnít matter. Alexis guesses that someone found out. Neil guesses that someone filed a complaint after him. It was during the Kendra incident involving DOD. Alexis knows that her mother is still alive. Neil thinks that he is going to have to throw himself at the mercy of the board. Alexis tells him no.

Jordan explains that it is a cold case. It is unlikely that charges will be filed. Laura hopes that her son will own up to his mistakes and rebuild his life. Laura wants to rebuild the waterfront. Jordan thought that she didnít want to revitalize Charles Street. Laura thinks that the waterfront is a completely different story. It has been an alley for crime as long as she could remember. Laura was hoping that she would provide her with some information. She needs to have all her facts straight.

Ned explains that Luke is toxic. Tracy tells him to forget the whole thing. Ned wonders what happened with Luke. Tracy explains that he found himself in a spot of trouble. Something to do with counterfeit things. Tracy thinks that Ned should step up and defend Edwardís legacy.

Michael explains to Willow that Kristina changed her mind about going. Willow thinks it is too fresh from her. Jason tells Willow that Sam is not going either because Diane thinks it is a bad idea. Chase doesnít know who is going to this. Some crazy DOD member could go nuts on someone for taking out their beloved leader. Jason is interested in finding whoever framed Sam.

The manager reminds her that the contract is still enforced. Lulu thinks that she is has grounds to sign for sexual harassment. Dustin punches him in the face.

Willow asks if Chase had an emergency. Chase has to deal with a disturbance. He will be there as soon as he can. Michael asks if she is ready to head over. Willow guesses as ready as she will ever be.

Alexis wants to look over the loopholes and technicalities. Alexis points out that they went out on one date. Neil wonders if thoughts count. Alexis says no. Alexis tells him that you donít do that sort of thing. Neil wants to keep making this mistake.

Jordan looks at paperwork. Curtis walks in and wants to file a missing persons report. His wife has gone missing. Jordan asks why he didnít call. Curtis explains that he did. Curtis wants to keep her happy. Curtis thinks as it turns out he found another hot date. She was so special that he wanted her to meet her. Stella walks in. Stella promises that her nephew only has eyes for her.

Tracy thinks that Ned needs to be in charge of ELQ. She thinks that Michael is not putting he company in a good direction. Laura shows up and is shocked to see Tracy. She thinks it is nice to see her. She asks if she is interrupting.

Lulu is shocked at Dustin. Dustin stops him from punching back. Lulu begs them to stop. Lulu tries to get them to stop physically. Chase shows up. She throws a glass and it accidentally hits Chase instead.

Willow, Michael, and Jason show up at the memorial. Daisy is there. She thanks them for coming. She asks them to sign the guest book. Willow wonders if she signed the guest book. Daisy explains that any size donation is welcome. Willow hates that Daisy still thinks that this is ok. Michael thinks that Daisy caused a lot of damaged. Harmony walks in and asks if Willow is ok. Michael suggests they stand in the back. Willow wonders how the new job is doing. Harmony thinks that there are little moments of connection that make her feel genuine and worthwhile. Harmony wonders who Jason is here. Jason is looking for whoever broke Shiloh out of custody. Daisy welcomes them all to their sunset. A memorial for their Shiloh. Their teacher, friend, and leader. She hopes in some way to bring him back to life.

Alexis wonders if Neil thinks that their association is a mistake. Neil thinks the opposite. He has spent his entire life sacrificing people from all these things. Neil suggests trying something new. Neil would like to see if there is something to explore between them. Alexis guesses he is willing to drop kick his career for her.

Jordan wonders why she is back so soon. Stella explains it is for work but she is glad to see them. Curtis realizes he left his phone in the car. Jordan asks what he wants her to talk to him about. Stella heard that she lost an old friend. Jordan says that he died of an OD. It doesnít make sense. He was comfortably retired and was strait laced as they come. Stella thinks that addicts are good at keeping it from their loved ones. Stella thinks that she needs to remember that she is not alone. She has people who want to help her. Stella thinks that obsessing over her friends death will not bring him back.

Ned tells Laura to have a seat. Ned asks what she wants to talk about. Laura wants to fix the water front. Laura is apposed to gentrification but conserving landmarks and bringing in tax revenue is ok. Ned asks what changed. Laura would like to find a compromise between their visions. She doesnít want to not present them with a design. Laura wants to start with the piers above 26. Tracy thinks it is a win-win. Ned thinks it be a loss for people who conduct business on the wrong side of the law.

Dustin asks Brook Lynn if she is ok. Brook Lynn is. Brook Lynn tells Chase that this was an accident. Chase tells the manager to shut up. He asks Lulu how she got involved in this. Lulu is really sorry. Dustin and her were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chase has to bring in four people.

Alexis will not let him lose his career for a night of drag bingo. Alexis will testify to having had one date. It was inconsequential. She almost lost her law license over an ethical issue. She knows what it is like. Alexis doesnít want his career on his mind. Alexis thinks that maybe somedayÖ Neil thinks that is two years away and patience is not his strong suit.

Curtis wonders where Stella is. Jordan says she had to go. Jordan has gone through the proper channels. She wants to have an official investigation. She knew that she hadnít seen Bob in a few years but she never would think that he would OD. Curtis thinks that people didnít realize he was an addict either. Jordan owes it to Bob and his family until she finds answers. Chase brings in Lulu, Dustin, Brook Lynn, and the manager. Jordan asks what is going on.

Laura is aware about Sonnyís business. Ned doesnít think that Michael will back this waterfront situation. Laura would like some advice for Michael. Tracy thinks that Michael might not be in charge of ELQ for long. Laura gets a call from the PCPD and so does Ned.

Daisy tells Shiloh wherever he is, his trust in her and his friends remains unbroken. Daisy asks if anyone else would like to share how Shiloh changed their life. Willow decides to speak. She knows how much Shiloh meant to all of them. He was vulnerable to those who had no one. He wanted to help himself to their money, bodies, and self-esteem. He took all of their pain and inhaled it. He didnít care about any of them. He wanted to own them and humiliate all of them. He tricked them all into thinking that they needed him. She reminds them that Shiloh is dead and they are sill standing. They are all free. Willow thinks that he was a sadistic psychopath. Someone screams enough. She thinks that she said her piece and now it is her turn.

Alexis doesnít think that this would be fair to anyone. Neil thinks that if that is the case then they shouldnít see each other until after the hearing. Alexis wonders if even as friends. Neil thinks that they will reach out to her. Alexis will be on the lookout. Neil wishes that things could have been different.

Brook Lynn is filing a protest. Brook Lynn has very delicate hands. She was trying to swing at Link. Chase goes to get some pain medication.

Lulu asks if Dustinís eye hurts. He is sorry that he got herself into this mess. Lulu should have known better with Brook Lynn involved. She asks how they know each other.

Tracy thinks that only Brook Lynn could get into a barroom brawl. Lulu thinks that there must be more to this story. Tracy doesnít need him distracted.

The woman claims she didnít know Shiloh very long but they did share a special bond. She takes the veil off revealing herself to be Nelle and explains that he was her husband.

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