GH Update Monday 1/13/20

General Hospital Update Monday 1/13/20


Written by Anthony

Tracy finds Brook Lynn in Monica’s living room looking through her phone. Brook Lynn explains that she just got some great news. Nikolas Cassadine is alive. Tracy asks what that has to do with anything. Brook Lynn thought that she should tell Luke considering their history. Tracy is sure that Lulu already called him. Brook Lynn is a little emotional that a guy she thought was dead for several years has turned up alive to see how she is doing. Which is kind of crazy considering that no one has asked her about this since she has ben back. Ned and Michael walk in and wonder if Brook Lynn is going to the share holder meeting. Tracy wonders why she wasn’t invited. Michael points out she doesn’t have shares. Tracy knows but says she is Dillon’s proxy. She wonders what is on the agenda. Ned explains that they have to vote on what to do with Oscar’s ELQ shares. Brook Lynn tells them that she has a really big announcement to make.

Sam asks Jason where he is. Jason is at the Metro Court before the service. Sam is shocked that Willow wanted to go. Sam explains that she was going to visit Maxie at Crimson. She suggests that they bump into one another. Alexis walks over and asks Sam what exactly she thinks she is doing.

Elizabeth kisses Franco at the Metro Court. Franco loves date night. Elizabeth thinks that every day back with him is something to celebrate. Elizabeth tells Franco that she is shocked that Nikolas is alive. Franco is thrilled that her ex-boyfriend is alive. Elizabeth has missed Franco so much. Franco wonders what Drew was like and if he would have wanted to get to know him. Jason stands behind Franco and looks at him.

Maxie tells Peter that she was here putting out fires all by herself. The issues she made were some of the best issues that they put out. She wonders what Lucy has to offer. She asks Peter what he thinks. Peter admits it was a draining day at the office. Peter suggests going upstairs to have dinner. Maxie will meet him up there in a little bit. He looks at Maxie as he waits for the elevator. He thinks about Anna questioning him about the gunman.

Anna tells Robert to come in. Robert wants to tie a few loose ends right now. He went to the police department and he found out she has it. He is shocked that she is giving it a second look unless she is having second thoughts.

Spinelli and Georgie walk into Crimson. Maxie hugs Georgie and she whispers thank you to Spinelli.

Brook Lynn was at the courthouse. As of today she is no longer Brook Lynn Ashton but Brook Lynn Quartermaine. Ned congratulates her. He thinks that her great grandparents would be thrilled. Tracy wants to know the angle. Brook Lynn never had a connection with Ned’s father and since he changed his name it made more sense to be more close to his grandparents. Michael wonders if this has to do with the gig she booked at the Floating Rib tonight.

Dustin thinks that Lulu had a hell of a week with her brother being alive. Lulu is trying to wrap her head around it. She is beyond happy that he is alive. She has been missing her brother for years and now he is back and she is conflicted about this. She has no time to focus on any one feeling.

Maxie wonders why he didn’t mention this. Spinelli explains that Ellie had to come back east so they decided to come with her. Maxie wonders how long she will get to see her daughter. Spinelli explains that if all goes well forever.

Sam asks if she is listening in. Alexis points out that it is her house. Alexis doesn’t think she should be associating with Jason. She shouldn’t be communicating with him at all. Sam loves him and cannot help it. Alexis thinks that she is playing with fire. Sam points out that she cannot stop them from bumping into one another. Alexis feels like her anxiety is sky rocketing through the roof. Sam explains they might not have to be discreate for much longer.

Elizabeth needs to talk with Jason about Jake for a minute. Elizabeth just wanted to thank him because Jake is really excited about art camp. Franco thinks that it is very generous of him. Jason is glad that he liked it. Elizabeth thinks that it has been crazy. Franco heard that him and Jason bonded. Jason says they didn’t bond and he didn’t help him with anything. Elizabeth explains that Jason helped Drew change his mind. It was Jason who made him realize that he had to change his mind. Franco thanks Jason. He guesses that he owes him his life. Franco thinks just as much as he owes Franco.

Anna thinks that his biased against Peter is showing. He was a bystander. Nobody knows why he was shot. Robert thinks that the way that Peter showed up was too convenient.

Alexis wonders how she will expedite this reunion. Sam explains that they have a deal with Robert. Alexis points out that Robert doesn’t have any poll. Sam explains that Robert thinks he can reduce her parole for a bigger fish. Alexis asks if they have caught anything.

Franco wonders if Jason heard all about Peter’s heroics at GH. Peter doesn’t think that it is that big a deal. Franco thinks that he saved two lives. Elizabeth asks if Peter is meeting anyone here. Elizabeth would love to have them for dinner.

Robert wonders how long Anna has been suspicious of Peter. Anna explains that Jason believes that Peter was more involved than he claims. Robert wonders if she was able to find any information. Robert asks if Jason could find any hard evidence. Anna says no. Robert asks if she can find anything.

Lulu is sorry that she has been unloading on him. Lulu doesn’t want to jinx herself but she believes her life is about to get a lot calmer. She thinks that Valentin is about to go to prison. It thinks like every time they have a chance to get closer they find something to get in the way. Dustin thinks that it is good to hear her laugh. Lulu wants to get back to his place.

Ned wonders if she has a gig tonight. Brook Lynn got out of her contract. Brook Lynn approached the problem from a different angle. She changed her name. Michael explains that it doesn’t change anything. Brook Lynn has no time to talk. Tracy thinks one day with the name and she has already disgraced it.

Alexis wonders who she has to offer. Sam explains that it has to be confidential. Alexis tells her she is lucky that she is saved by the bell. Alexis goes to answer the door. It is Neil. He wonders if this is a bad time. Alexis thinks that it is perfect timing. Sam thinks she can give them some space. Alexis will call her later. Sam is sure she will. Alexis welcomes him home. It has been a minute. Alexis thinks it is nice to see him. She wonders what is wrong.

Maxie asks if he might be in PC permanently. Spinelli explains that Maxie made it to the final round of interviews for something. Spinelli explains that they might need to find a place to live right away. Maxie knows what this is like to go for something that might be perfect for you. Michael has to get going. It is a prior engagement. Tracy wonders what could possibly be more important. Michael explains it was a man he despised.

Dustin wants to spend the night together but only if she is ready to have sex again. Lulu appreciates him asking for consent. She would be lying if she didn’t have a lot of drama in her family right now. Lulu wants to be happy when she is with him. Lulu will wait for him outside but begs him not to keep her waiting. Dustin promises that he won’t. Brook Lynn bumps into Lulu and drops water over her. She says sorry until she sees it was Lulu.

Robert thinks that Anna must have said something. Robert wonders about Jason’s theory. Robert thinks that Anna has a Peter sized blind spot. He doesn’t want Anna getting hurt. There are things in the work that will show her what her would be son is really like. Peter doesn’t like being called a hero. He prefers publishing the news not being one. He would still love to have dinner. Peter explains he has had a change of plans with Maxie. Franco wonders what is going on.

Spinelli wonders if she is really considering leaving Crimson. Maxie honestly doesn’t know what she is doing. Sam walks in and finds Spinelli. She thinks it is so good to see Spinelli. Maxie explains that Ellie is up for a local job. Sam thinks that they should hope that Ellie gets the job because they need him here.

Alexis wonders when he got back into town. Neil says that it was only a few hours ago. He tried to call but it went to voice mail. Alexis wonders if he spent time with his brother and family. Neil thought it was a nice. Alexis is glad he enjoyed himself. She forgot to thank him for saving her life before he left. Alexis missed Neil. Alexis wants to know what is going on.

Tracy asks if Michael is going to skip a shareholders meeting for this reason. Michael explains that some of Shiloh’s victims will be there. Kristina and Willow. Wiley’s birth mother. Tracy thinks that Michael is so consistent. Making nice with a sweet single mother. Michael has to hit the road. Tracy tells Ned to drop the act. ELQ is on the brink. Ned wonders why the sudden revival of interest in ELQ.

Brook Lynn thinks that Lulu should get her another round. Lulu knew that she would ruin this for her. Brook Lynn tells her to practice better selfcare. Brook Lynn explains that she is performing. She has to go. Lulu walks over to Dustin. He asks what just happened to her. Lulu thinks that she was just showered by sex on the beach. Brook Lynn tells herself that no one can stop her. A man comes in and asks if she wants to bet.

Neil is here. He is really happy to see her. Alexis can tell. She knows he was off the radar for the most part. Neil didn’t mean to get her signals mixed up. Alexis thinks that he can tell her anything. Neil says ok. He sighs. He explains that something happened while he was away.

Spinelli thinks that the possibility of moving back would be wonderful. Peter walks in. She is so glad that he is back. Spinelli explains that they need to go check in downstairs. Maxie loves Georgie so much. She thanks Spinelli.

Franco guesses that Peter gets uncomfortable by praise. Franco thinks it is like Jason. Sam thinks that he will eventually slip up in front of Jake if he talks like that. Franco wonders if he was like Drew. Elizabeth thinks that he can judge for himself. Elizabeth explains that Drew gave him a video message and recorded it for Cam.

Michael tells Jason that he is sorry he is late. He thinks that Tracy is after ELQ.

Ned thinks it is just the two of them. He wants to know what her angle is. Ned thinks that she hasn’t cared about this family at all in in the last year. Tracy wants to make sure that ELQ is in capable hands. Ned thinks she is making another go at ELQ.

Brook Lynn asks what the man is doing here. He was shocked to hear that Brook Lynn is performing here. He tells her that if she does this gig tonight he will sue her for everything she has. Brook Lynn asks why he won’t leave her alone. He is not ready to give up on her talent. She punches him in the jaw.

Alexis is thinking that he met someone in New Jersey. Neil explains he is losing his medical license because of her.

Brook Lynn tells her to never touch him again. Lulu tells him to get her hands off him. Brook Lynn calls Dustin Dusty as he pushes her manager off of him.

Ned thinks that Tracy wants to push him out and put herself in. Tracy thinks that someone else is making a move.

Michael thinks that Tracy made a point to say that he was neglecting the company. Jason thinks whoever is behind this memorial has an agenda.

Franco isn’t sure he is ready to see this video. Elizabeth thinks whenever he is ready it will be here.

Maxie wonders if Sam wants to have dinner with her. Sam explains that she has to go pick up the kids. Maxie asks if Peter made reservations. Peter thinks they should just have dinner at home.

Anna asks if there is going to be a PCPD investigation. Robert needs Anna to stand clear when the truth comes out. If he is right about him then it is going to be bad. If there is no proof then no case. Anna guesses she will take it. Anna thinks it is kind of late. Robert knows. He says goodnight. Anna goes over to her paperwork on Peter and hides it in a book.

Written by Anthony

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