GH Update Friday 1/10/20

General Hospital Update Friday 1/10/20


Written by Anthony

Elizabeth looks at her phone in GH and makes a phone call. She tells Laura that she called her a couple of times but she is not leaving messages. She wants her to call her when she gets this. Nikolas is at the door and says her name. Elizabeth turns around in shock.

Jordan looks at her computer in her office. Jason walks in and Jordan wonders if Corinthos coffee is missing a coffee truck and if him and Sonny made themselves an enemy.

Lucy explains to Maxie that this isnít on glossy paper but this is a sample to get the conversation started. Lucy thinks once they are up in running Deception will want them. Maxie will have to run this by Nina. Maxie explains to Nina that Deception is back. Nina would like to see the proposal. Nina asks for it. She looks at the mockup and there is a picture of Sasha on it. Nina gives her a look.

Sasha asks Michael if she is interrupting. Sasha remembered that he said that he would be here Michael is actually looking for a nanny for Wiley. Michael doesnít think that any of the candidates are good enough for Wiley.

Willow gives Brad her lab results. He left them by the coffeemaker. Willow knows that this is a lot for everyone to handle.

Sonny knows that Carly said that she saw them at the docks. He knows what he was talking about. He was talking about his son and Wiley.

Elizabeth thought that he was supposed to be dead. Elizabeth realizes that Laura is trying to warn her. She asks if he is really him. She promises not to faint. Nikolas might. Elizabeth cannot believe it is him.

Jordan asks if he knew that a truck was missing. Jason says they knew a shipment didnít arrive. Jordan asks him to have a seat. Jordan wonders what would happen if she interviewed the individual. Jordan thinks that the driver must not have seen a thing.

Nina thought that Sasha turned down her offer to model. Lucy explains that she is prepared to offer her an incredible deal. She will give her five percent equity stake. This is a win/ win brand. Nina doesnít think that they know what this will be because it hasnít been out yet. Lucy is just trying to offer her a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Nina thinks only if she finds another model to represent the brand. Lucy explains that Sasha is a partner.

Sasha wonders all the things that Michael wants for the nanny. Michael thinks that she thinks he is being ridicules. Sasha thinks in the sweetest and sexiest way. Michael wants to pull back at ELQ and then just spend extra time with Wiley. Sasha wonders what is stopping him.

Sonny wonders how many times he has to tell him to stay away from his family. Sonny thinks if he has something brewing he needs to think twice because he always protects what is his. Julian feels the same way.

Jason thinks that she could call Diane. Jordan thinks she will spare herself this. She thinks that one the driver went rogue and lit the gas tank on fire. Jordan thinks that Sonny must have a rival new or old. If there is a turf war in PC she needs to know about it.

Lucy doesnít think that this is personal. Nina is sure that she will find someone else to help her out but this is a pass this time. Lucy thanks her for her time. Maxie wishes she would reconsider. Nina wants to know why she would do this. Maxie will do all the business stuff and she can make the profit.

Sasha thinks that you can do both. He can be a daily presence in Wileyís life. Michael thinks that is true. Sasha is happy to help. Michael thinks that this will definitely cut into his free time. Sasha thinks it is a worthy cause and she happens to like Wiley. Sasha gets a call from Lucy. Lucy explains that Nina said no. She needs to kick the door all the way open and she needs Sasha to be there to help.

Willow gives Brad a cup of coffee and asks if he is ok. Brad explains that everyone is doubting him all of a sudden. Bobbie calls fifty times a day. Michael wants to hire a nanny. Willow thinks if Lucas was here he would have something to say. Michael walks over and explains he has an idea that could help out. Wiley can spend half of the day with him.

Julian has no issue with him or Michael. Sonny asks why he warned Brad to be careful around Carly. Julian thinks that Brad is completely over his head right now. Julian thinks that he will be fine. He is just trying to help him out. Sonny knows that Lucas didnít want anything to do with him. He gets a chance to swoop in and be close to his son. Julian thinks that all that matters is his son wakes up. He has to do right by Wiley. Sonny reminds him that Michael is his godfather. Julian has all the time in the world to look after his grandson. Sonny asks how Lucas is going to feel about this. Julian wonders how Sonny knew about the conversation. He wonders who his associate was following. Sonny suggests that he stay clear of anything related to the Corinthos.

Michael thinks that there is plenty of thinks that he can do. Michael really wants to do this. Brad so no.

Lucy wants Nina to think about all the people who hated each other. Nina thinks it is better for all of them to just move forward. Sasha walks in. Sasha thinks what she calls moving forward she calls plane stupid.

Elizabeth wonders where he has been all this time. Nikolas has been in Europe most of this time. He explains that last night at Wyndemere he was able to put things together. Elizabeth was shocked. She thought that Nina would stick by Valentin at any point. Nikolas explains that there was still a wedding.

Jordan thought that they understood each other. Jordan wants to remind him that Samís case was removed. Jason explains that they will have a towing company get the truck. Jordan tells Jason that the truck was abandoned in a no parking zone. Curtis shows up and wonders what that was about. Jordan wonders what he is stopping by for. Curtis did a follow up on Bobís death. He still has connections in DC. He wanted to learn more and give her closure. Jordan just hopes that he didnít intrude on the familyís grieving. Curtis explains that he had a drug overdose.

Elizabeth cannot believe that he married Ava. Nikolas reminds her about Franco. He thinks that each of them bring something the other cannot. Elizabeth wonders how he got involved with Ava. Nikolas has been in PC since September. Elizabeth wonders why he didnít try contacting anyone.

Sasha knows how determined Nina could be. Sasha says that the partnership has nothing to do with their past. This is her opportunity to make Crimson a part of this. She will jump at this. If she doesnít she will have to watch from the sidelines to see what Deception is like without her.

Brad cannot let him compromise his time. Michael thinks that this is going to be ok. Michael knows that no one can do it all. He wants Brad to take the help. Brad knows the person that can help take care of Wiley. Willow. She always said she would do anything to help so he is asking for it.

Jordan asks if he is sure that he didnít hear wrong. Curtis guesses that he died of an OD. Jordan never saw him using or even heard of him using. Curtis thinks that once you become an addict you become an expert at hiding it.

Sonny asks Jason what is going on. Sonny tells Jason to tell Diane to be generous with the exit package. Jason guesses they got a parking ticket. Sonny tells him to pay it to show that they are good citizens. Sonny thinks that people are just not doing their research. Jason knows that people want him to share. Sonny thinks that sharing is overrated.

Curtis called his friend who is on the police. Bob was doing some consulting work. Everyone who knew him all had the same reaction. Jordan asks him to forward the report to her. She thinks that she can talk to him about this. Curtis doesnít want to lose his contact. Jordan just thinks that this is a shock. Curtis asks if there is anything else he can do. Jordan guesses maybe later. Curtis will catch her later.

Lucy guesses they just said about all they can say. Maxie thinks that this cover is generic. They need to fix a few things. The proposal is too conservative. They need at least fifteen percent. Lucy thinks that they can certainly step up if Crimson changes things. Nina said that this was not a good fit. Nina will still consider it.

Brad thinks it is the perfect solution. Michael knows that Willow has a full schedule. Julian agrees with Michael. Brad think that Wiley is already comfortable with Willow. Willow could change her teaching schedule. Brad thought that Willow wanted to be a part of his life. Michael thinks that Wiley has a big family. This doesnít have to be her. Brad thinks it would only be until they got Lucy back. He asks if he can count on him. Willow wonders how she could say no.

Elizabeth wonders why she didnít say he was alive. Nikolas wanted to see Laura but he had to wait until his plan was in place or he would have undone everything. Elizabeth gets it but emotionally he has so many people who love him and were devastated. Elizabeth explains that once Hayden finds out she will be so happy. Elizabeth is so glad that he is back. Nikolas will take the hug.

Maxie will be in talks with them. Lucy thinks that she has such a kickass partner. Lucy couldnít believe how quick Maxie was and she did it without making Nina look bad. Lucy tells Maxie if she ever wanted to talk with her about some work.

Nina looks at the picture of Sasha. Nina looks at her locket that her mother gave her. She starts t cry.

Brad thinks that is so great. Julian asks if Brad lost his damn mind. Sonny knows something is up.

Michael wonders if this is ok for Willow. Willow thinks that Brad is in a jam and she can help out. Willow thinks that he intimidates him. Michael thinks that Wiley is more important than Bradís ego. Michael thinks that Wiley likes him more. Willow really does think it is a dream come true that she gets to spend time with Wiley. She will not look back though.

Brad thinks that he would have heard him hearing that he wanted to spend extra time with Wiley. Brad thinks that he would be cut out all together. Julian is going to see he get all the help he needs.

Jordan looks at her phone and makes a call. Jordan tells them to get to PC right away.

Sonny thinks that these people are going to pay him double for all of this. Sonny thinks they will give them a chance to negotiate and retaliate. They made a mistake and they will make them regret it.

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