GH Update Thursday 1/9/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/9/20


Written by Anthony

Finn walks into Annaís living room. Anna wonders how drop off was. Finn explains that Violet got a little scared but her teacher said she could decorate her cubby. Anna is terrified that Peter might actually be involved with this situation. She thinks that she is helping to keep Peter free and keeping Hope alive for the both of them. She is standing by a man she considers to be her son. She wants to know what she is supposed to do.

Deanna finds Brad and tells him that they missed him. Brad feels weird. Michael walks in with Wiley. Brad wonders if everything is alright.

Nina wants to know why Maxie went with Giselle on the cover. Maxie thinks because she is Giselle. Maxie wonders how she was supposed to publish an entire magazine by herself. Jax walks in and says hi. He didnít think that she would be back in the office this soon. Nina wants to move on.

Ava asks Julian how Lucas is doing. Julian explains no change. Ava wonders how he is. He wonders how her New Years was. Ava shows him her ring.

Carly wonders if she can see the article. Sonny thinks that it could actually help his dad. He checked the doctor who is running the test and the woman running the test is remarkable. Sonny thinks that it has to say something. Carly thinks it will be years before it is available to the public. Sonny is going to get Mike into the next test group.

Diane shows up at the station and asks Sam and Jason where they are on this Robert walks in. He wants to know what the proposal is. He would like to hear it.

Julian tries to put together that she married Nikolas Cassadine and is back from the dead. Ava tells Julian that she is about to have the sweetest revenge. Julian hopes she is not going to kill Nikolas. Ava explains that Nikolas drove her to Shady Brooke so now she will drive him to the cleaners.

Michael explains that Wiley was being pretty fussy at the nursery. They said that he has been late lately as well. Michael wonders what he can do. Brad thinks that everything is under control. Michael doesnít think that it seems that way.

Nina wonders how she is doing. Nina is ready to get things back in order. Maxie goes to get the information that Jax came for. Nina stopped at Luluís this morning but Charlotte was still sleeping. Nina thinks that Charlotte is the only one suffering. Nina will never be the step-mother so she cannot help out. Charlotte is going to lose everything.

Peter shows up at Crimson. Peter has a toy that he found online that he thinks that James would like. Peter explains that he has to step out for a little while. Anna wants to see him.

Anna is trying to cover Peterís tracks. Finn thinks that Jason understands what it is like to protect someone like he has. Anna doesnít think it is right to do this. Finn thinks that covering makes her an accomplice. This isnít about what she owes him but what she is willing to do.

Diane assumes that Robert understands that Jason and Sam are not supposed to be seeing each other. Robert can see that is going well. Diane reminds him that they were married and share a son. He is an ex-con on a technicality. They are here to ask for his support and request a new PO. She is asking that Robert not let Sam be trapped. Robert is not interested in punishing an innocent person but Sam is not innocent.

Sonny will call the doctor. He assumes that the doctors just donít know about this yet. Sonny explains that the doctors name is Jennifer Clark and lives in Manhattan. Sonny thinks that if he doesnít qualify then it will be a fantastic thing. Carly wonders if he realizes that there is no magic cure for Mike. Sonny knows but it could maybe give more time. Sonny thinks that when Robin got HIV he thought she would die young. Carly thinks that is incredible. Sonny thinks that this could be the first steps towards a cure. Sonny explains that this is all perfect.

Ava doesnít think that love ever did her favors. Nikolas used Kikiís memory against her. She is going to relish in making him pay. Ava wonders if he is ready to talk about Lucas. Julian explains that Brad went back to work. Julian thinks that it is like they already forgot about Lucas. Julian knows that Wiley misses his dad. Julian knows that Brad has been a wreck and it is hard to be around Brad. All he sees is an empty space where Lucas should be.

Sonny wants to move on this and get Mike in bed this month. Carly gets a text message. It is Michael. He wants to come by and talk about Brad and Wiley. Sonny needs to go and talk to Julian about something.

Jax asks if Nina got sleep last night. She seems stressed. Nina is sorry that she couldnít just walk away. She couldnít. Maxie walks in with the paperwork. Nina thanks her so much. Nina explains that she went to bed last night after a glass of scotch. Nina guesses she doesnít have a home anymore. Jax thinks that she will get through this because she is made of strong stuff. Jax does think it is nice to have her back at work.

Finn thinks that you have to try to find the bright line and donít cross it. It is not for Peterís sake but her own. Finn guesses it is time he get going. Finn leaves as Peter comes in. Anna has some questions for him about the man that attacked Andre and Franco.

Robert tells Sam that the world is a better place without Shiloh. Jason doesnít think that Sam should pay for his actions. Diane explains that they are just looking for a new PO. Robert is not going to do favors for the mob. Sam explains that it would be a trade. Jason can give him Peter August.

Anna just wants to know if anything makes sense to him. Anna wonders about Faisonís company. Peter admits he used to work there.

Maxie wonders why Nina didnít tell her about Valentin. She could have just told her what was going on. She probably would have tried talking her out of this. Maxie cannot believe that she didnít confide in her. She feels like her feelings donít matter to her. Nina promises that they matter more than anyone.

Finn thanks Jax for coming. He will not waste his time. He wants to know if Nikolas is what drove Hayden out of town.

Michael tells Brad that sometimes you have to just suck it up. Brad thinks he needs a few minutes to figure things out. Michael thinks that he needs a nanny. He will cover the cost. He thinks if it doesnít work they will look for other alternatives. Brad doesnít think he has much of a choice. Brad thanks him. Michael wonders if he wants him to take Wiley back to daycare. Brad will take him.

Ava asks if Julian needs anything. She promises that Lucas will make it back. He is a Jerome. They are survivors. Julian gets a phone call. Brad says that they have a problem. Michael is insisting on a nanny for Wiley. Julian thinks it is a good idea.

Sonny sees Ava and heard about Nikolas. Ava explains that as of last night she is Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine.

Carly asks Michael what is going on. Michael explains he wants to get Wiley a nanny. Michael thinks it is at a point that he is worried about Wileyís safety. He doesnít think that he can take care of a child by himself. He wonders what Sonny is doing. Carly explains that he is trying to do a study.

Sonny is confused that she married Nikolas Cassadine. He knows that they share a child together and now she married the guy that put her in there.

Nina wasnít sure that she could even go through with this. She wasnít going to make her wait only for her not to even go through with it. She would just be disappointed when she married him after all. Maxie understands that people are flawed. She just wants Nina to be truly happy. Nina understands.

Jax explains that Hayden was attacked on the docks. She assumed that Valentin was behind it but it was actually Nikolas.

Peter admits to having worked there. There 200 people working there at any given time. Peter explains that the initial mapping project was Faison and Helena. Peter wonders if there have been any attempts on Cabotís life. Anna hasnít but she could check.

Robert asks what they have on Peter. Jason points out the first mercenary. Diane thinks that there is something that someone wanted to keep hidden. Jason thinks it all goes back to Peter. Jason also knows that Drew and Shiloh were in the middle east. Diane thinks it is odd that someone shows up all of a sudden. Peter is there to stop them. There are some very weird odds that Peter went there to set things up. Robert thinks Peter set the whole thing up. Robert will happily take care of the parole problem if they can find evidence.

Nina thinks that Maxie is the first person who she has had in her life that wants the best for her. Maxie thinks they both know that she is not the first person. Nina thinks she is the first person that is not her little brother. Maxie is here for her and she does love her. Nina thinks that she can take a breather at work though.

Peter wonders who made the connection. Anna says that she discovered it. She hasnít had time to tell the police. Peter knows that Sonny has connections. Peter is sure that Jason will tell the police.

Jax didnít know that Hayden was missing until he reached out to her. He will do everything he can to bring her home.

Carly thinks that Mike is getting worse and worse. There is no cure or hope. Michael knows that Sonny refuses to see that. Carly is scared that Sonny is wasting his time right now. She is afraid that it will be to late. Carly cannot say that to him. All she can do is sit there and keep her mouth shut through all of this

Ava saw Nikolas on Halloween night. Everyone thought it was fake. Nikolas visited her there. He wanted a location of a painting. Sonny wants to know what she is up to. Ava explains that she is helping herself in this situation.

Maxie explains that she can deal with this new advertiser. Nina thinks she can handle it. Nina asks Maxie if they are good. Maxie claims that they are great.

Jax is sorry that Violet got caught in all of this.

Anna doesnít think they have to point out the connection. Peter thanks her. He is trying to get away from his past. Anna thinks he is so much more than his fathers son.

Sam thinks that Robert believed them. Sam thinks that they will find evidence eventually. Diane thinks that they have to leave separately. Sam thanks Diane. Diane thinks that the chances of finding hard evidence is slim. Jason knows but this gives Sam a purpose to work towards. Jason thinks if Sam is ok then he will be ok too.

Michael knows that Sonny doesnít give up control. Carly knows. Michael knows that he once mentioned that this would be hard because Sonny is used to getting is own way. Michael knows that Sonny feels helpless. He knows that there is not much else they can do.

Ava thinks that the better part of two years her life has been a train wreck. She needs to not be the victim anymore. She explains that this isnít about love but power and that is a game she knows how to play. Sonny hopes this works out for her because otherwise he will be unhappy.

Julian tells Brad to calm down. He needs to embrace this. Sonny walks over to him. Sonny explains that Carly says that she saw him on the docks. He knows what they talked about after se walked away.

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