GH Update Wednesday 1/8/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/8/20


Sonny tells someone on the phone he wants private security on all coffee deliveries. He tells Carly not to worry about it because it is taken care of. Carly wants Gladys gone today. Gladys walks in and explains that her room was a bit chilly last night and she needs some more blankets. Sonny has a surprise for her.

Ava wakes up in bed to a man holding a gun over her.

Martin shows up at Lulu’s house because of Valentin. He needs to see Charlotte to make sure she is ok. Laura thinks that Charlotte is fine. Lulu thinks no thanks to her father.

Robert meets with Valentin. Valentin assumes that he is going to drop the charges. He has some very unreliable witnesses which include Ava and Obrecht. He thinks that this is unlawful arrest and he thinks that they are going to let him go.

Carly thanks Jason for coming. She explains that Gladys doesn’t know about him or Sam. Carly wants to know why Diane hasn’t been able to get around the law. Carly explains that the big secret that Jax was keeping is out. Nikolas Cassadine is alive.

Valentin thinks that he is going to stretch this out for as long as he can. Valentin wants to know why Nikolas didn’t spend the night in the cell next to him. He thinks that all he has done are crimes as well.

Martin is shocked that Nina is here. Nina wonders if Valentin is in jail. Martin says that he hasn’t seen him since last night. Lulu tells him that he will not be waking Charlotte up. They are keeping Charlotte safe and far away from him. Lulu thinks that was unbelievable. Valentin was caught trying to kidnap Charlotte. Maxie explains that technically he had a right to take Charlotte Lulu wonders if she is ok with him trying to kill Ava. Laura thinks that Maxie is correct that he still has parental rights. Lulu thinks that Valentin will never get near him again.

Ava says good morning to him as well. Nikolas wants the original codicil to prove that he is the rightful heir. Nikolas wants to know where the codicil is. Ava asks if he has learned to say please and thank you. Ava takes her gun back. Nikolas asks for the codicil. Ava explains that she needs it as leverage. Ava thinks that he could annul the marriage or divorce her and leave her with nothing. Nikolas won’t leave her with nothing. Ava thinks that he could kill her. Ava thinks that he just wants the document. Ava doesn’t think he will find it. He can reclaim it but only with her by his side.

Sam shows up at Sonny’s house. She says she wasn’t followed. Carly explains that she needs to check on Donna to give them a few minutes alone.

Gladys wasn’t expected to be taken to breakfast. Gladys likes Mike. She is glad that he called and that she got to see him. She loved being able to see him and his beautiful family. She admits that Sonny is intimidating but his house is full of life. That sweet baby Donna is a joy to behold. Avery likes playing hide and seek. She does feel like she is really Dev’s grandma. It feels good to pretend. Brando gave her no grandkids. She feels like losing him counts for something. Sonny is sorry that she lost her son and appreciates her seeing Mike. Sonny bought Gladys a new car to make the trip a little easier.

Ava calls for Obrecht.

Sam cannot believe that this is happening while they are getting their family back together. Alexis walks in and cannot believe that they are meeting here in secret. She wants to know whose bad idea this was. Carly says hers.

Obrecht asks what they want. Ava tells her to take Nikolas to the living room and then call a locksmith to let her change her bedroom locks. Obrecht thinks that her and her new husband seem to be on bad terms. Nikolas promises that Ava is perfectly safe. Ava wants Obrecht to stay. Obrecht will accept the invitation for the time being. She suggests that she try to emulate Nina’s behavior around here. Ava will see him in the sitting room. Ava doesn’t want Obrecht to let him out of her sight.

Alexis tells Sam that this is crazy. Sonny and Jason are both felons. Alexis is not leaving without Sam. She asks Carly what she doesn’t understand about all this. Carly realizes that Alexis doesn’t know. Carly says that Nikolas is alive. He is here and he resurfaced last night at Wyndemere.

Laura wonders if Nina knew that Nikolas was alive. Nina explains that Valentin realized the codicil was in the portrait. That was when she found his ring. She put two and two together and realized that he had to be alive. Maxie thinks that she knew that Laura loved him and she knew that he was at least partially why they hated Valentin. She should have said something.

Martin cannot believe that Robert is questioning Valentin without council. Robert was just leaving. Martin assumes that Valentin doesn’t want to sue for harassment. Martin is confident that Charlotte is fine. Nina was there. She didn’t have much to say. Martin thinks that Nina despised him. Valentin is in love with her and she is in love with him.

Nina tells them that she is so sorry. She should have told them the truth. She should have said that they were getting him back. Lulu is thankful that Nikolas was alive but he is no saint in this. Laura was left to grieve for two years then ended up marrying her. The son she knew is even further and further away.

Obrecht thinks that Nikolas would like to deal with Ava without potential incidents. Obrecht thinks that if Ava would to go away this quickly it wouldn’t be very bright. Obrecht doesn’t want Valentin to succeed but she wants him to fail. He pressed charges against her child. She made her a fugitive and she was sent to prison. She had to betray her just to get out. Obrecht wants to know what happened to her.

Alexis is shocked that Nikolas has been alive this entire time. Carly guesses he has been back for months. Alexis would like to see the codicil. She doesn’t know whether to hug him or slap him. Jason asks where he is now. Carly assumes Wyndemere. Alexis will be going there then. Alexis tells them to get out of here. Sam wants to know why her and Jason are really both here right now.

Gladys thinks her new car is all fancy. Sonny thinks that she is good to go. Gladys knows that he wants her gone. She gets that she overstepped last night. She is really sorry. She just felt at home. She knows that Donna is getting baptized soon. She asks if she could stay until then.

Carly thinks that Sam has been here before. Carly reminds them that they pretended to be separated before. Sam would go to jail this time. She cannot do this, this time. Jason thinks they have to do what Diane says this time. Sam thinks that there is no good in changing things up. Carly wants them to figure a way out of this.

Sonny is sorry but she cannot stay that long. Gladys reminds him that Mike likes seeing her. Sonny knows but this visit is done for now. They need to clear out. Gladys thinks that he has been more than generous. Gladys wants to repay him a little. She did a little research. A lot of it is to technical for her to understand but it is about magnetic zaps in the brain. Sonny will look at it.

Nikolas lost his way. He has never been perfect. Brit and him understood that about each other. It wasn’t just Brit. It was a dark and tangled idea of bad choices. Obrecht asks if he has changed then. Alexis walks in and sees it is true. Nikolas walks over to her and the two hug each other. Alexis smiles.

Valentin asks how he is going to get out of here. Martin explains that the codicil is very straight forward. He has to take a DNA test and he will get nothing. Martin explains that he will have to produce the actual codicil. Martin wonders if there is any truth to this. Valentin explains that they hated each other. This is one last way for Helena to torcher him from beyond the grave.

Nina asks them to take care of Charlotte. She needs them more than ever. Laura tells Lulu that she is pretty sure that it was Nikolas who said that he was her secret bodyguard. Lulu thinks that Nikolas didn’t think about that at all. She feels so bad for Spencer. She asks if anyone has talked to Spencer. Laura is going to fly to France and tell him. Lulu thinks that Nikolas needs to be the one to do it. Laura is till going to go.

Obrecht is going to town if anyone needs her. Alexis has missed him and wants to know why he could do this to them. Alexis reminds him that Spencer has been an orphan. Nikolas needs Spencer to believe that this was all for him. Ava walks in and welcomes Alexis. She promises that she has a whole year to give them a wedding gift.

Carly just wants to help anyway she can. Jason thinks that they are in a good place at least. Carly wants them to find someone with more authority. Sam wonders who. Jason can think of someone.

Alexis wants to know why they got married. Ava reminds her that they met years ago and shared a special connection. Nikolas tried to reach out but she was unstable. Ava was so happy to find out that it was true. They were strong and vital. They decided to not spend one more moment apart. Alexis wants to know what is going on.

Lulu will do anyone to make sure that Charlotte gets through this. She has already contacted Diane. Maxie only tolerated Valentin for Nina’s sake and now that they are done she is too. Maxie thinks that Valentin could go to jail. Laura knows he has a talent of avoiding the law. Lulu thinks that Valentin is the only one who brings danger to Charlotte. She knows that Charlotte belongs here. Lulu wants to move now.

Martin will investigate where Nikolas was. He will also look into his fake murder and Drew’s framing Valentin thinks that it Ava was drunk and it was icy. Martin supposes that Ava has a checkered past. Valentin wants out of here before Lulu makes a move on his daughter.

Obrecht knows that Nina is in terrible pain. Nina thinks that Valentin and her are adults. Charlotte is a sweet little girl. She doesn’t deserve any of this. Obrecht thinks that Charlotte knows how much they love her. Nina thinks that Valentin tried to make things ok. She could tell that Charlotte’s heart was breaking. Nina thinks the night she gave her the lock of hair, she would have Charlotte in her arms reading another chapter of Little Women. Obrecht wants her to take responsibility and move on. Nina nods.

Ava thinks what is going on is that they are setting up housekeeping and they are keeping Obrecht on as an unofficial maid. Alexis thinks that they can negotiate this together she is leaving. Nikolas thinks that there is no way that Obrecht is staying in this house. Ava thinks if he wants the original codicil that he will reconsider.

Maxie needs to get to work. Lulu asks Maxie to tell Nina she is always welcome here. Maxie is sure that will mean a lot to her. Maxie thinks that as a friend and mom she needs to hold off on the custody papers until she knows she needs to. Laura knows she will put Charlotte’s needs first.

Nikolas needs what he wants. Ava promises to give him what he wants as soon as he promises to give her what she wants. Ava thinks in the unfortunate event they split up she cannot be left empty handed.

Carly asks Sonny how it went with Gladys. Sonny bought her a car so she can see Mike when she wants. Sonny takes out the article that Gladys gave him. Sonny thinks that they can talk about this later. Carly wants to talk about it now. Sonny says it is a medical trial in New York. He thinks it will help Mike.

Robert asks Jason what he wants. Sam shows up. Robert asks what he owes the pleasure. Sam has a proposal for him.

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