GH Update Tuesday 1/7/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/7/20


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Dora

Sonny walks into the kitchen and finds Carly there. He thinks that she is up late. Carly explains that it is all over. Jax just called. Apparently, Nikolas came into the wedding ceremony carrying Ava in his arms. Ava of course landed on her feet. Nikolas claims to own everything Cassadine. Nina left Valentin.

Nina asks Jax where everyone is. Jax is not sure. He asks if she wants a glass of scotch for the occasion. Nina toasts to revenge. It tastes as sour as he said it would.

Anna tells Finn to relax. Violet is in better hands with Chase. Finn thinks that it is shocking that Chase said yes to doing so. Finn would rather just be here with her. Anna and him wish each other a happy New Year and kiss.

Maxie tells Valentin that he is not going anywhere with Charlotte. She wants to know if Lulu is aware of this. Valentin reminds Maxie this is his week and he doesn’t need Lulu’s permission. Peter tells Valentin that he is not taking Charlotte anywhere.

Ava finds Nikolas and tells him that it is time. Kevin wonders what it is time for. Ava explains that Nikolas and her are getting married tonight. Lulu is shocked that he is getting married to her. She doesn’t buy it. Ava says it is still happening.

Nina is sure that Valentin is telling Charlotte that the wedding is off again. Nina had to have the maximum damage. Jordan and Curtis walk in and wonder where Valentin is. She is charging Jax with fraud and possibly attempted murder. Curtis assumes that is what Nina wanted.

Carly does think it is hard to believe that Nikolas and Jax both were able to pull of this plan. She is sure that Lulu and Laura are ecstatic to have Nikolas back. She is sure that Spencer will feel the same. Sonny thinks that leaves everyone accounted for but the two of them. Sonny wants to know what comes next.

Curtis feels that Valentin deserves to pay. Nina wanted him to give her a reason to stay but he didn’t do that. Jordan doesn’t think that she was only here to be a plus one. She thinks that Nina did the right thing exposing him.

 Anna asks if Finn wants to skate. Finn says her first. Anna thinks that Violet should come here tomorrow. Anna thinks that the earlier you teach them the better. Mac and Felicia walk over. Felicia asks how Violet is doing. Finn says that she is at home. Felicia wonders if Finn has new pictures of her. Finn does actually. Mac tells Anna the sooner that they figure out who wanted Andre and Franco dead the better.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he has problems that he has to sole. He will make things better. Valentin asks Maxie to take Charlotte out of the room so he can have a moment alone with Peter. Maxie takes Charlotte. Peter wonders what there is left to say. Valentin kicks Peter. Valentin goes into the hallway saying that Peter wants to talk with Maxie in private. Valentin tells Charlotte to start moving.

Nina tells Curtis that she doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand. She just wants to get out of this house right now.

Nikolas explains that Ava is telling the truth. Lulu tells Nikolas that they can help Nikolas get out of this if he wants. Ava thinks that the heart wants what the heart wants. Kevin reminds her that she just checked out of Shady Brook. This was after she claimed to see ghosts. Specifically Nikolas. Kevin assumes that he was making her doubt her own insanity. Ava has been powerless since they fell in love years ago. Laura thinks that she had Helena’s portrait for weeks. She found the codicil. Laura knows that Ava has been through hell but she tried to help her. Ava knows and she appreciated it. Nikolas knows that Laura doesn’t appreciate his actions. Laura thinks that he could have come home at any point. Nikolas thinks in time that they will get her blessing. Ava wants them to stay for the ceremony.

Carly tells Sonny that they need to get passed this. Gladys walks in and sees she is not the only one who enjoys a midnight snack in the family.

Felicia informs Finn that Anna and Mac could be chatting for a while. She thinks that looking at pictures is far more interesting.

Anna had no luck with the information. Mac finds that disappointing. Anna is still going to keep looking at it. Anna will not be satisfied until she gets all the answers.

Jordan says that Jax and Nina are back in PC. Jordan needs to find Valentin and break the news.

Nikolas tells Lulu to stay for the wedding. Lulu doesn’t know whether to rip them a part of let her have him. She refuses to watch him make another bad choice. Nikolas thinks that Laura’s approval would mean a lot. Laura thinks that this just allows him to have his inheritance and she gets to be the princess of the manner. Laura thinks that he could have come back but he forgot about her just like the rest of them. Ava thinks tonight they will be getting married whether they want to or not.

Maxie asks if Peter is ok. Lulu walks in and wonders where Charlotte is. Maxie says that Valentin took her. Lulu thinks that Valentin tried to kill Ava tonight. She will have him arrested for kidnapping. Peter thinks that they have nothing more to add to this. Peter doesn’t want to dig this hole any deeper. He wants to just go home. Maxie says ok.

Charlotte wonders where they are going. He will tell her all about the bodyguard. Valentin takes her through the secret passageway. Charlotte takes the flowers and drops one.

Carly reminds Gladys that she is not family. Gladys is Mike’s family. Carly thinks that the holidays are over. A guard coms in asking for a word outside. He just got a call and one of their trucks were hijacked.

Mac wants to get Felicia a hot coco. Finn asks Anna why she didn’t mention Peter. Anna thinks that this is circumstantial information. Anna thinks that Peter never denied working for his father. Finn wonders if Peter is benefiting on this.

Nina has to figure out where she is going to stay tonight. Jax says that he has a room for her at the Metro Court. She cannot get over how he predicted that this would fall apart. Nina wonders what would have happened had Nikolas came in five minutes later. She did give him one last chance to tell the truth though.

Lulu screams for Charlotte. She gets on her phone and calls for Jordan. She hangs up when she sees her. She tells her that Valentin took Charlotte. She wants him charged for kidnapping. Lulu sees the flower on the floor. Lulu thinks that they are in the tunnels.

Valentin tells Charlotte they have to get to the car. Anna bumps into them. Anna thought that he was getting married.

Gladys asks if this is usual for Sonny’s workers to get here at late hours.

Sonny wonders where the truck is now. Sonny cannot engage with these people before he is ready. Sonny tells them that they have to tighten security. Sonny goes back inside. Gladys wonders if everything is alright. Sonny had to deal with business. Sonny says it is his not her business.

Laura asks if she can see Ava. Ava is sure that seeing Nikolas was a shock but she couldn’t get Valentin involved. Laura is shocked that her son is alive and thank goodness but she is confused and angry. She wants to know how long she has known and planned it.

Nikolas looks in the living room. Kevin walks in. Nikolas is taking it all in. It is all his now. He is sure that Kevin is upset with him now too. He hasn’t had a chance to tell Kevin how grateful he is for making Laura happy. Kevin thinks that Laura’s happiness always comes with melancholy just like Spencer. Kevin tells Nikolas to call his son.

Ava asks how much he knows about Nikolas. Jax admits that he always thought that Nikolas was the good Cassadine until he had an affair with his then wife Courtney. He was a good father but then he faked his death. Jax only helped for Spencer’s sake. Jax doesn’t think that good triumphed tonight. Nina suggests that Valentin could not be a real Cassadine. Jax wants her to let them make their own misery. Nina is looking forward to a hot bath and sleeping for a week.

Laura thinks it hurts her to say this. She is worried about Ava in a new way. The ghost she saw was Nikolas. He took advantage of her grief. She wants to know why he would even do that. She asks if it was because he wanted to find out the location of Helena’s portrait. Laura never thought she would say it out loud but her son is acting like a Cassadine. She asks if she really wants to go into a marriage like that. Ava thinks that they are a good match. Laura is afraid of that. Laura wants Ava to know that she thinks they are both making a mistake and it will be sooner rather than later.

Gladys will stay out of it. Carly thinks that their family is not a gravy train that she can take advantage of. Sonny tells Gladys to sleep tight. Sonny guesses that Carly told her. Carly guesses she did.

Laura finds Kevin and asks what is going on. Nikolas tried to call Spencer. He must be sleeping. Laura thinks that is for the best. She thinks it be better for her to tell Spencer what is going on. Nikolas really wants her to stay. Laura thinks he will regret this and she cannot be part of that.

 Valentin says that Wyndemere is no place for Charlotte tonight. Lulu walks over with Jordan and Curtis Jordan tells him that he needs to leave Charlotte alone. Lulu tells Charlotte she needs to come with her right now. Mac tells Nina that she needs to stay back. Anna thinks that Valentin can agree that Charlotte shouldn’t be involved with this. Valentin thinks that Lulu is the one escalating this. Anna thinks he needs to change his tactic so he can figure out how to win. Nina watches. Valentin asks if Charlotte trusts her. Charlotte always trusts her. Valentin explains that he has to clear himself all over again. Valentin thins that it is better that she go with her mother. Charlotte loves him. Valentin holds her in his arms. He loves her too. Lulu is glad that Charlotte is ok. Charlotte thinks that Valentin will clear this all up. Lulu wants to get her home.

Ava walks into the living room where Nikolas is waiting with someone.

Cary hugs Sonny.

Nikolas and Ava are married. Nikolas kisses her.

Jordan places Valentin under arrest. Valentin thinks that Nikolas should be in jail right now himself. Jordan reads him his rights. Nina starts to cry. Curtis pats her on the shoulder. Nina needs to stop by the liquor store to buy a bottle of scotch.

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