GH Update Monday 1/6/20

General Hospital Update Monday 1/6/20


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Dora

Nikolas storms into the living room at Wyndemere with Ava in his arms. Laura walks over and hugs him. She starts to sob as this happens. Lulu looks shocked.

Joss lights candles that say 2020. Dev walks in and Joss says something in Turkish. Joss gives Dev a small gift for New Years. Michael helped her buy this. Dev thinks that she did her research because a lottery ticket does prosperity. Joss wonders why they give underwear.

Trina asks Cam why he is so freaked out when his probation officially ended at mid-night.

Valentin tells Peter to take Charlotte up to her room. Maxie tells Charlotte that this is going to be boring grownup stuff. Laura and now Lulu continue to hug and cry over Nikolas. Nina looks at Valentin with anger in her eyes. Nikolas thinks that they have a lot to catch up on. Lulu thinks that Valentin was behind this. Valentin has not been holding him captive. Valentin thinks that after three years of hounding him for holding him captive he looks pretty healthy. Ava thinks he survived no thanks to him. He shot him and he just tried to kill her. Valentin claim he didn’t. Nikolas states that he shoved her off the side of the house. Valentin is sure that she slipped when she saw him. Nikolas thinks he always has an explanation for everything. Not anymore. This time there is no way out. He loses everything.

Trina thinks that Cam was pretty impressive out there. Cam thinks by the third lap she definitely improved. Cam wonders if she heard from Dev and Joss. Trina guesses that they would be here at some point. Trina wonders if they are together. Trina wishes that Cam would admit that he is totally into Joss. Cam thinks that she is totally still hung up on Oscar. Trina thinks that Dev and Joss might become a thing. She thinks that Dev is interested.

Dev explains that the underwear is awesome. He has never heard of the underwear things but claims he was joking. Dev explains that his parents used to buy him funny red ones. Joss wonders if he misses his parents Dev brought her something as well. He got her a pen for her journal. He also got her a pomegranate. They smash them on their homes for good luck.

Nikolas explains that his grandfather made a codicil to his will. It was concealed in the portrait of Helena. They found it. He has it on him. He asks if he knows what it says. He will tell him. It says that he is disinherited. It belongs to him.

Maxie thinks that they should read Charlotte a story. Charlotte asks if Peter knows what is happening. Peter doesn’t know. He does know that when he was a child he was around a bunch of big and confusing things. He used to hear stuff he shouldn’t all the time. He realizes that he would only hear half the conversation all the time One of the best things he has learned over the years is that people will do what they are going to do. He knows that she wanted Nina and Valentin to get married. Peter thinks that Nina and Valentin will still love her regardless. It means that it is more important than a wedding. He promises that things will be better tomorrow.

Valentin thinks that he can produce anything he would like. He is the rightful heir. Nikolas says not so much. Nikolas wishes he could take credit for this. It explains everything. He is not Mikko’s son. He is Helena’s which means that he is not a Cassadine at all.

Cam thought that Trina was into Dev. Trina was but nothing good came of it. He gave her a polite thanks but no thanks. Cam thinks that five people on his team all want to go out with her. Trina guesses that Dev is only into Joss. Cam suggests that he could be afraid. Trina doesn’t think that is it. Cam wonders how Joss knows that he is into her. Trina told her.

Dev tells Joss that he didn’t realize that it would explode all over them. There must be a trick to it or something. Dev asks if he is clean. Joss wipes his face. She asks if there isn’t good luck because she made a mess. Dev thinks that this year will be good for her. He promises. Joss kisses Dev. Dev stops her. She asks what is wrong. She asks if that was out of line. Joss guesses that he doesn’t feel that way about her. Joss thinks that she got her signals crossed. Joss is just a little embarrassed. Dev explains that Sonny and her family have been so good and he doesn’t want to disrespect them. Joss explains that Cam and Trina are waiting for them.

Cam asks why Trina told Joss that Dev was into her. Trina thinks it was the truth. Joss thinks that she was pretty shocked. Cam thinks that Trina should have stayed out of it. Trina hates subtext. Trina thinks that Joss needs this to get off of Oscar. She is moving on and that is a good thing. Dev is a nice guy and he won’t hurt her. Cam thinks that she is getting into people’s heads for no reason.

Nikolas thinks that Helena was afraid of him. That was why Mikkos wrote the clause. Nikolas is a Cassadine and Valentin is not. Valentin wonders why Mikkos would put him in his will. Nikolas thinks Helena loved to mess with people. It was classic Helena. This is all his. He gets nothing. Valentin thinks that Nikolas is not man enough. Valentin thinks that Nikolas is not a Cassadine. Laura needs to speak with Nikolas alone.

Maxie tells Peter that she cannot believe that this just happened. She is thrilled that Nikolas is alive. Peter thinks he needs to stay out of it. Maxie wonders where Nikolas has been all this time Maxie thinks he already faked his death once before. He is not worse than Valentin but it is obvious that he is not the sweet prince he used to be.

Nikolas thinks that if Valentin doesn’t believe him then he can ask Nina. Valentin notices that Nina is not shocked to see him. Nina isn’t. Valentin thinks that this all comes together. She invited people who wanted her as far away from him as possible. Valentin thinks that he should follow his heart with her. He thinks she put a lot of work into this. He suspects it is to hurt him as much as possible. He asks if she has something that he wants to say to her. Nina tells Valentin that she knew it was him all along.

Maxie asks if Peter remembers the weird moment with Obrecht where she said that she wanted Nina to choose happiness. Maxie thinks that no one here wanted to see Nina marry Valentin. Maxie thinks that Nina invited them here to watch her blow this up. Maxie thinks that it is awful to love someone and then find out that they are lying about everything. Peter thinks that rotten people can love too. Maxie knows that he will lose her. Peter knows.

Nina knew that Valentin had to be responsible. He was the only person who could find someone to be her daughter. She couldn’t figure out how he doctored the DNA test. Obrecht gave her the missing piece. He took a swab from Madeline’s corpse. He gave that to Sasha to give to Curtis. The results were from her and her mother. Nina heard everything from Obrecht and she believes her. This was a setup. A way to ambush him. The thing that he doesn’t understand is that if he had told her the truth then he could have stopped all of this.

Nikolas explains that Valentin shot him and then he flew into the sea. Lulu is glad that he lived. Nikolas started to swim. A yacht picked him up and got him medical attention. He realized how truly evil Valentin was. He discovered there was another will. He couldn’t just come back. He had to be certain and find a weakness. He had to find a way to stop Valentin. He wanted to come back everyday and say how much he missed them. He hopes that they understand why he had to stay away. Laura slaps him across the face

Valentin asks if he can tell Nina the truth. He loves her. His life is better with her in it. Tonight is a problem that he will need to fix. The truth is that no matter what she does and no matter how bad she hurts him, she will always be on his level. The truth might be though that he might not have the skill to love her the way that he wants her. Valentin never manipulated her one time. He asks if Nikolas, Jax, or Obrecht are better. Obrecht has known since the beginning. Yet, he is the bad guy. He wants her to actually think about who has been using her and who hasn’t. Ava reminds them all that he just tried to kill her tonight. She asks why they are letting him walk away.

Cam is sorry. He knows that she is into Dev and that must be hard on her. Trina is over it. Trina asks if they are still single by mid-winter formal then they should go together as friends. Joss and Dev walk over and say happy New Year. Joss asks Cam to show Dev where the rentals are. Trina asks what happened. Joss explains that Dev was not into kissing her.

Ava asks Jordan if she didn’t hear what she just said. He needs to be arrested. Martin thinks that she is not going to issue an arrest warrant based on a drunk lady. Ava thinks that Martin better seek out someone else because Valentin is going down. Ava tells them that she has somewhere else that she needs to be.

Laura thinks that Nikolas could have come home at any point. Spencer needed him. He was a child who had already lost so much. He watched a man who thought that he killed him took everything. Laura says that Spencer kept going after Valentin. She had to take Spencer and put him on another continent. Laura hates Valentin and hates what he dd to him and Spencer but it pales to what he did to his own son. Spencer needed him. He needed a father. She asks where he was. He was plotting revenge for three years. Laura asks how he could do that.

Joss tells her that Dev turned her down. Joss tells Cam that she is going to miss the orange vest. Cam thinks that he should get some new friends this year. Joss thinks that he would be lost. Cam guesses. Cam tells Joss that it is her turn to hold up Trina.

Curtis hopes that Jordan is not going to fall for the lawyer.

Jax wonders if there is anything he can do to help Nina.

Nikolas hated it as much as they all did. Laura reminds him that he knew they were all alive. That is not the same. She asks if at the Halloween party that was him. Laura asks why he didn’t reach out to her. Laura thinks that he followed Ava. She said that she saw him and she didn’t believe her. She thought that she was having a nervous breakdown. Laura thinks that there was an affect on everyone. Nikolas did this for Spencer. She says that she knows how dangerous Valentin is but she really doesn’t. The only way to prove things was to take down Valentin. It was a temporary sacrifice. Nikolas won and it is finally over. The damage can finally be prepared.

Maxie wonders if Peter believes what he said that everything will be better in the morning. Valentin walks in and tells Charlotte they have to go right now. Maxie tells Valentin that he is not going anywhere right now with her.

Jordan thinks that clearly a crime was committed. They need to bring Valentin in for questioning.

Nina was torn to get such a lovely dress like this. She knows that he warned her about this. Jax thinks she is wearing a lovely dress. Nina should change.

Laura doesn’t know what to say. Nikolas thinks she will understand. Laura thinks it feels unimaginable to her. Lulu thinks they will figure out the rest later. Ava walks in. She explains to Nikolas that it is time. Ava tells them that Nikolas and her are getting married tonight.

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