GH Update Friday 1/3/20

General Hospital Update Friday 1/3/20


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Dora

 Nina opens her bedroom door to find Jax. She doesn’t have time to talk. Jax thinks that the only option she has is to walk away right now.

Chase and Willow kiss passionately in bed. Willow cannot believe that he got them a hotel room when they have a perfectly good bed at home. Willow loves the guy in her bed right now. Chase loves her too.

Sam explains to Jason that this is the last time that he will see her. The only way she can stay free is if she can stay away from him.

Ned tells Brook Lynn that Diane is a master. Diane wonders if she consulted a lawyer before signing this. Brook Lynn admits she didn’t. Diane thinks she should have.

Michael wants to know what Sasha’s New Years resolutions are. Sasha is just grateful to have him in her life. Michael is as well.

Maxie tells Obrecht that she is looking beautiful. She wonders if everything is alright. Maxie is just anticipating the festivities. She has a sordid history with him. She hopes that Nina chose happy. Peter wonders if she is stranger than usual today. Maxie thinks it is obvious that Nina loves Valentin. There might be hope for the rest of them.

Valentin thinks that he would be a fool to pass on this. She has been drinking and it be easy for Ava to slip. He pushes her over the side of the building. Charlotte walks over and asks what he is doing out here. Valentin wonders what she is doing out here. Lulu explains that they are looking at the moon. Valentin wants to go check on the bride.

Laura was not able to convince Charlotte the bodyguard is not real but she still thinks it is Nikolas. She talked about the ring perfectly and she was certain it was a ring. Laura doesn’t think that Valentin ever worn one and Nikolas was dead long before she came to town.

Sam thinks that this is her fault. She has gone deeper and deeper into this and now they are here. Jason asks for the officers name. Jason asks if she was hostile or anything. Sam thinks she was expecting her to make a mistake. She kept asking about Danny and asked if Jason was living here. Jason tells her that this is not her fault There is nothing that she could have done to stop this. She came gunning for him not her. Sam wonders if they can fight it.

Willow thinks it was an amazing year. She met him and they fell in love and they moved in together. She has a feeling that 2020 will be even better. Chase thinks it will be.

Diane explains that this contract is tightly written. Brook Lynn thinks that this is her job. She has to have helped Sonny out of worse. Diane explains that her clients never would have done this. Ned wonders what the options are. Diane thinks that there is a simple solution. She can buy them out. Diane has to get going.

Sasha thinks that Lucas is a good business person. Sasha thinks that he has been looking over there the entire time. Michael thinks that Ned is the most Quartermaine out of all of them. He thinks that they are gearing up for some in-fighting amongst the Quartermaine’s. Michael needs help keeping things into perspective. He needs her to make him smile every once in a while. Sasha kisses him.

Jax thinks that Valentin has lied to her enough times. Then there is plan b which is worse because Charlotte gets caught in the middle. There is a little girl who thinks that she is going to get her mother back. Jax thinks that whatever road she chooses to take she will hurt herself.

Jordan finds Martin. She thinks he seems a little jumpy. Martin is officiating the wedding. Curtis is a friend of Nina’s. Martin thinks that a good friend of Nina’s that thinks she is making a mistake doesn’t make for a good wedding. Jordan thinks that this group of people is odd for a wedding.

Willow and Sasha go to the bathroom together.

Olivia wonders how things went. Ned explains that her contract is iron clad and Brook Lynn has to lie in this.

Lulu tells Laura that she hates being here. Lulu thinks that she is insanely uncomfortable with her child having all this at Spencer’s expense.

Valentin asks Charlotte what is wrong. Charlotte has been waiting for this for a long time but she is worried something will go wrong. Charlotte loves Valentin so much. Valentin is the luckiest father in the world.

Jax suggests that Nina cut her losses. He asks if this is worth it. She knows what she has to do.

Jason thanks Diane for coming. Diane explains that the terms of Sam’s parole mean she cannot have contact with a known felon. Diane explains that unfortunately she either has to stay away or she goes back to jail.

Valentin thanks Maxie for showing up. Maxie tells him not to screw it up. Valentin could tell Peter the same thing. Valentin thinks that what lies head must be bright.

Lulu wonders if Laura is telling her to let Valentin off the hook. Lulu thinks that this is so hard. Laura gets it. She thinks that no matter what he has done he loves Charlotte very much. She needs to let go of some of that rage. She knows they hate each other. Laura thinks for Charlotte’s sake they need to do a little bit better. She would like to think that is what Nikolas would want them to do.

Charlotte walks into Nina’s room and asks what Jax is doing there. Jax is just talking with his friend Nina. Charlotte is so excited for her to be her forever stepmother. She needs Nina. It will be a happily ever after.

Jason has never been convicted. Diane thinks he is a felon. The parole officer is well within their rights to do this.

Valentin never thought he would be married in a room full of enemies Charlotte runs over to him. Jax sits down.

Brook Lynn needs Ned to pay this guy off. Ned thinks she had a manager. It was her choice to do this. Brook Lynn explains that he hit on her after she signed. It was more about her being arm candy. He asks if he forced him on her Brook Lynn explains that there were terms he expected. Ned says no still.

Sasha asks Willow what it is like to have Chase be obsessed with her. In the sweetest way possible. She gets that it wasn’t the right time but she thinks they will make the best parents.

Chase is just glad that he didn’t have to testify in everything. Michael is glad that the lies are done. The sky is the limit for Sasha and that is all he wants for her.

Everyone waits for the wedding to start. Nina makes her way to the door.

Diane is going to tell them this as someone who has a vested interest in their happiness and their children. It never has sit right with her that Sonny’s children have been the ones hurt when it comes to everything. She could be locked away from Scout and Danny for the full two years or more. She asks if this is a risk she is willing to take.

Sasha has enjoyed so much of her time here. She fell in love with Nina as a maternal figure but she knew it wasn’t real. Willow thinks giving up Wiley for adoption was hard but covering it up was worse. She hated telling Michael those laws. Chase believes that honesty is the best policy. Michael thinks that both his families are big liars.

Ned wishes a happy New Year to the two most important women in his life. Ned believes her but he doesn’t want to throw money at the sleaze bag. Ned thinks what happened is inexcusable but she can stay here and regroup. Brook Lynn doesn’t want to give up her dream though. Ned thinks that she is a Quartermaine. They have to stand firm.

Nina starts walking down the aisle. She looks at everyone. Everyone sits back down as she makes her way to Valentin.

Diane doesn’t even want to know how good they are at avoiding cameras. It is obvious the parole officer wants Jason to go down. Sam thinks that this woman has total control of her life. Jason thinks the best way to beat her is to let her think she is winning.

Olivia doesn’t think that the speech landed. Olivia thinks that Brook Lynn is most like Tracy.

Valentin wants to say a few words. Valentin explains that when Charlotte came to live with him and he met Nina and she is a wonderful mother. He cannot imagine sharing his life with anyone other than her. She is the one for him.

Ned wonders if Olivia wants out of the family out yet. Olivia is not scared yet. Ned is happy that Brook Lynn is back into his life. He is happy to have Olivia in his life as well.

Jason is going to leave with Diane. Jason doesn’t think they can change anything. Jason hates this too but he cannot deal with their children missing her. They cannot risk her going back to prison. He loves her so much. Sam loves him too. They hug one another. He waves goodbye. Diane wonders if he is ok. Jason says no.

Nina guesses she will say something, too. Valentin has made her happier than anyone else in her entire life. She learned something from falling in love with him. When you think love is a permanent state of bliss there are ups and downs. It is a constant negotiation to know if it is worth the pain. The happiness with him is s sweet. So, there are no more secrets between them. Valentin says no. Martin asks if he takes this woman to be his wife. Martin asks Nina the same. Nikolas storms in carrying a passed out Ava in his arms.

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