GH Update Thursday 1/2/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/2/20


Written by Anthony
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Obrecht opens the door for Jax. He asks if she will be joining him for a glass of champagne. Obrecht agrees to do so. Jax would like to have a word with Nina before the wedding starts. Obrecht explains that she is not here. Jax wonders if she bolted already.

Sam tells Jason that this has to remain quick because her parole officer wants to meet with her. She should be fine though so long as Shiloh remains dead and buried.

Nina looks at the adoption papers. They indicate a 99% match. She gets out of the elevator and Sasha is there. Sasha thought that this was her wedding day.

Jax stands outside. Martin asks if they must really meet up on the balcony. Valentin likes the view. Valentin wants the woman that he loves and he wants the life they created. He does not want to lose any of it.

Obrecht welcomes in Curtis and Jordan to the wedding. Obrecht knows that Nina would want Curtis here on this occasion. Jordan asks Curtis when he was going to tell her about the missing person that Jax hired him to find. Laura shows up and Jax is glad that she is here. Ava is glad they are both here. She starts rambling off a poem.

Carly needs Sonny not to react to anything here. Sonny asks what the big secret is. Carly explains that Nikolas is alive and well in PC. Carly saw him at Jaxís house. Nikolas has been hiding all this time to take back the estate from Valentin. Sonny thinks that Nikolas is a fugitive and Jax is helping him. That is a crime.

Ava wouldnít have missed this wedding for anything in the world. Ava thinks that all the bad blood between Nina and her is gone. She doesnít know what will happen tonight other than it will be memorable. Jax explains to Obrecht that Ava is his plus one. Ava asks Jax what Obrechtís problem is. Jax is protective of Nina just like she is. Charlotte runs out and it glad to see Laura. Laura knows how disappointed she was last time and that this time things go the way that she wanted.

Sam tells Michael that she is so glad to be able to spend time with her children and Jason this Christmas. Michael asks Sam what is wrong. Michael shows Sam his invitation for Shilohís memorial. Michael only knew about DOD from Kristina. The cult members could still think of Wiley as one of their own.

Sasha was just having a follow up. She thanks Nina for asking. Nina should get going. Sasha wonders what these DNA results are about. Nina says that it clearly isnít about her.

Martin suggests giving this all up now that the painting is gone. Valentin believes that it still exists somewhere.

Laura asks if Charlotte lost something. Charlotte is looking for her bodyguard. Laura thinks it makes sense that she would want someone to protect her. Laura explains that the man on Luluís phone is someone that she used to care about a lot. Laura wonders if she decided to make the man her bodyguard because she likes the way he looks. Charlotte says that her bodyguard has a ring that looks like Valentinís tattoo. Charlotte says that the ring is like two dragons with a letter C. Charlotte is going to have Obrecht make her a Shirley temple.

Jax thinks that Ava and Nina are working together on something. Ava thinks that Nina and her are mortal enemies. They have called a temporary truth.

Charlotte thanks Obrecht for the drink. She sends Nina text message.

Martin asks if Valentin is suggesting that Ava staged the entire thing just to hold on to something. Martin wonders what they could even do about this. Valentin gets a message that Ava is here. Martin asks what he is going to do. Valentin has something else for him to do.

Sasha asks how long she has known that she wasnít acting alone. Nina knew the moment that she admitted the truth the last time. Nina knew it had to have been Valentin. Sasha wonders why she would marry him.

Sam kisses Jason. She says by to Michael.

Carly explains that Jax and Nikolas had a plan that Valentin would be history. Then at the last minute it all went up in smoke. Sonny guesses that Jax and Nikolas came up empty which means that Jax could be in legal trouble. Carly says he canít because no one will ever know.

Curtis thinks that if Nina is not feeling this then they can leave. Curtis knows she lost a friend and she is going to feel how she will feel. Jordan thinks that she has already broken her resolution to not think about it until the new year. Curtis thinks if there is anything she needs to speak about he is here for her.

Martin finds Ava and introduces himself. He explains that he is a great admirer of her gallery. He would like to get her opinion on just one painting. Ava guesses that is fine. Obrecht follows them.

Carly tells Sonny that he is not going to call the police on anyone. Jax knows the truth about Dev. It rips their family apart. If he does this again it would be worse. Sonny asks Carly why she didnít tell him this the night that he found Nikolas. He wants to know why she couldnít trust him with the truth.

Jason wonders how Sasha is doing. Michael explains that it was a rough year. Michael knows that Sam shouldnít have been in jail in the first place.

Sam cleans up her living room. Someone knocks on the door. It is her parole officer. Sam welcomes her in. Sam explains that her children are spending the evening with their grandmother and her partner is out. She is going to have to look into all the rooms. They both go into the kitchen.

Nina assumes that Sasha hid Valentinís involvement to give her the family she wanted. Nina explains that Valentin used her motherís DNA to get a DNA match. Sasha asks if she knows why Valentin did this.

Ava goes to the balcony where Valentin is.

Carly didnít want to have this argument. She thought that they would be able to move on. Sonny wonders who else is in on this. Carly realize that Ava knew the truth later on.

The officer wonders about her gun. Sam says she doesnít own it anymore. She knows her daughter is Scout and her son is Danny. She asks if Jason lives with her.

Nina knows that Valentin loves her. She might have let the person she wanted him to be get out over the person he is. Nina asks for the envelope. Sasha tells Nina she is a good person. An honest person. She asks if she really thinks she can go through with this. Nina wishes her a happy new year.

Laura calls Lulu and asks her to send her the most recent photo of Nikolas she has on her phone.

Martin asks Obrecht to make him a drink.

Ava thinks that it is beautiful outside but she doubts that this is why she is out here right now. Valentin thinks that there are some loose ends anyone would want to tie up. Valentin asks where the codicil is. He is getting married in a few moments. He will give her what she wants for the codicil.

Sonny tells his men that he wants all eyes out on Spencer. He explains that Nikolas is alive and they need to keep eyes out on him as well. Sonny tells Carly that he will not let Spencer get hurt by Valentin. Carly wonders where this leaves them.

Michael and Sasha sit down at the Metro Court. Sasha asks when they are meeting Chase and Willow. She ran into Nina. Sasha thinks about going to the wedding.

Charlotte looks at the picture on Lauraís phone. Laura points out that you canít see a ring. Charlotte says that he was wearing one when she saw him. Nina rushes in. Nina is sorry she is late. She will not be long. Charlotte was worried. Nina wants her to remember that she loves her and to never forget that.

Ava is going to go get another drink. Valentin will find alternate methods to get what he wants. Ava is not going to get him anything. He wants him to get married but not be shocked if someone else is living here when he gets back. Valentin tells Ava she is not going anywhere.

Sonny thinks that this comes down to trust. Carly knows that he lashes out in anger. She didnít want another blow up. She chose not to tell him. Sonny is shocked she trusted Jax.

Obrecht finds Jax. Jordan says hello to Martin. She asks if he is ok. Martin admits that weddings make him uneasy.

Laura asks Curtis what is wrong. Laura says that Charlotte swears that she has seen Nikolas alive and well. She asks how it could be.

Jason walks into the penthouse. He asks what the parole officer said. Sam explains that this is the last time she will see him.

Michael hopes in the new year she will be able to wash her hangs of Nina and Valentin. Sasha is worried that Nina is headed for more heartache.

Jax shows up at Ninaís door.

Valentin thinks that she has been drinking heavily. It is cold and icy. It be a shame if she slipped. Valentin pushes her off the side of the balcony.

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