The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/31/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi told Chad and Abby that they were going to spend the new year in jail. Kristen told Lani that she saw Brady go to Nicole's place. Kristen told her that they were going to go to the party together. John saw Marlena with the broach that Stefano gave her. John asked if she was going to wear it. Stefano told Gina that they weren't safe because of her. He said she kept making mistakes. He thought the partnership should end. She told him it wasn't her fault. He said she couldn't control her police department. She told him that Rafe had his cigar analyzed. She said Steve's prints were all over it. She said she had the results changed. She said it was his fault that the plan messed up. She said he was the one dressing up as Santa to see Marlena. Marlena said she wouldn't wear the broach. She said Rafe gave it back to her. She told John that she talked to Hope about the way she acted while she was in their house. Chad asked Gabi why he and Abby would go to jail. Gabi said they threw a plant through her window. Eli came in and told Gabi that they didn't do it. He said a woman broke the window. Gabi said it could be Abby. Eli said it was a nun. Kristen told Lani that Brady and Nicole slept together. Kristen said it made her sick since it was supposed to be their night. Stefano told Gina that he messed up wearing the Santa suit. She asked if anyone saw him. He said Kayla saw him, but Kate helped him. He said Hattie saw him too. He said Kate helped him. Gina said he was taking too many risks. He said he was tired of hiding. She told him that he had a way out of hiding. She showed him the patch. Eli showed Gabi, Chad and Abby the footage of the person who threw the plant in the window. Abby said it could be anyone. Gabi said it could be her. Chad said it was probably Kristen. Abby said that was an indication of how Kristen felt about her. Kristen told Lani about Brady falling in love with her last year. There was a flashback about what happened a year ago. Kayla told Justin that she thought she saw Steve. She told him that she tried to talk to him, but she never saw his face. Justin asked if she still thought it was Steve. She said Kate told her that it wasn't. Justin said she didn't sound sure. He asked her what she would have done if that was Steve. Stefano told Gina that he didn't return to pretend to be Steve. Gina said it was better than being stuck at the pub. He said he could go wherever he wanted. She said he could show up at the party. She said everyone in Salem would be there. 

Kristen told Lani that she and Brady could have their moment. Gabi told Eli that Kristen was playing her. Eli said it might not have been her. He said it might be Lani. He wanted to know why she would throw a plant through her window. Gabi said he told her that they were together. He wondered if Lani was jealous. He said he would talk to Kristen. Gabi said she wanted to know if Kristen was after her. John, Marlena, Justin and Kayla were talking about Stefano being back in Salem. Marlena told them that she got a broach and a card at the party. John said there was no footage of Stefano at the party. Justin asked if Stefano was the one in the Santa suit. Marlena said the person in the suit flirted with her. She said she thought it was Roman trying to be funny. Kayla said it wasn't Roman. John wondered if she was talking to Stefano. Gina convinced Stefano to go to the party. Gabi told Eli that they could go to the party and talk to Kristen. Kristen told Lani that she and Brady had chemistry and always would. Chad sent Kristen a text telling her that they should talk about the shares. Kristen decided not to talk to him about DiMera. She wanted to focus on Brady. John told Marlena, Kayla and Justin that Celeste said Stefano was there. Kayla said the person in the Santa suit wasn't Stefano. Gina wanted to wear her tiara at the party. Stefano said it would please him to let everyone know that the Phoenix always rises. They wanted to reveal their true selves at the party. Kristen said she wasn't going to let Nicole take her man. She asked Lani to help her. Lani said she wouldn't because she was making a mistake. Brady and John showed up at the party. When Gabi and Eli went to see Kristen, they kissed. Lani ended up opening the door and saw them. Kristen saw Brady and Nicole kissing. Stefano went to the party as Steve. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chance tells his grandma Jill that he is staying in town and opening a private detective business Jill wonders if Chance will be happy and if being a private detective will be enough excitement for him. Chance tells her that he will be happy and when Abby comes over to their table to say hello Jill thinks she knows why Chance is staying in town. Chance tells Jill that he and Abby are just having fun for now and their relationship isn't serious and Jill tells Chance that if he is happy she is happy for him. Chance later agrees to go to a New Year's Eve party with Abby that will include both the Abbott's and the Newmans. Jill checks on Devon and sees how his first Christmas without Neil was even though she knows it was hard. Devon says that he spent Christmas will Lily, Mattie and Charlie and it was full of laughter and tears. Devon tells Jill that when he gets his money back he will make sure that whoever was involved in this scam pays for dishonoring Katherine's memory and not respecting her final wishes. Kyle is a little annoyed when Lola brings lunch to the office for him, Theo, and Summer and he discovers that Theo is Lola's taste tester for new dishes. Summer once again tells Theo that she thinks he has feelings for Lola and Theo says the same about her and Kyle. Jack walks in on Kyle and Theo arguing about their past in New York and he asks to talk to Kyle alone. Phyllis apologizes to Jack for all the hurt she caused him when she slept with Billy and he accepts her apology and tells her he is glad they are friends again. Nick tells Chelsea that Adam asked Phyllis to seduce him so that they would break up and Chelsea later confronts Adam. Adam tells Chelsea he regrets his actions and he is sorry it was a low move. Adam tells Chelsea he has never stopped loving her and even though Nick makes her feel safe he can make her feel whole again and she should stop denying that she loves him.

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