The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/30/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano was worried that Hattie was going to blow his cover. Kate told him that he wasn't afraid of getting caught when he was at the hospital. He said he got away with it. She said it was because she convinced Kayla that he wasn't Steve. He said he had to be close to Marlena. Rafe told Gina that there was a lead on Rolf. He said Rolf's prints were found on the tiara and so were hers. Kate asked if Stefano gave her the broach. He said he did. She said John and Marlena had ways of finding out. He said he wanted Marlena to know he was there. She said they would find out that he was Steve. Rafe asked why Gina's prints were on the tiara. She said she touched it after he did. he wanted to know why she touched it and she lied to him. He said hopefully they would find the prints on the cigar they found. Kristen was upset when she saw Brady and Nicole together. Kristen told Lani that she saw them together. Nicole and Brady kissed each other. She wanted to have sex. He didn't want to take advantage of her. She said couldn't have Eric. Brady said they would regret it. Gina wanted to know if Stefano was in Salem. She told Rafe that he might have left with Rolf. Marlena showed up at the police station and said Stefano was in Salem. Eli and Gabi went to Gabi Chic. He checked inside and didn't see anyone in there. He found the weapon that broke the window. Kristen told Lani about seeing Brady kissing Nicole. Lani said it was just a kiss. Kristen said it was more than a kiss. She said Nicole pulled him inside. Kristen thought they were making love. Lani said she didn't know that. Kristen said Brady was vulnerable. Kristen said Nicole was trying to get back at her for what she did to her. Lani understood why Nicole would want to get back at her. Kristen said she didn't want to hear that. Kristen said Nicole was vindictive. Kristen said she was going to kill Nicole. Brady told Nicole that she would feel better about herself if they didn't have sex. She thought he wasn't attracted to her. He said he only slept with Kristen because he thought she was her. She said he should try to be with him. Stefano said he had to reveal himself to Marlena eventually. She said he should leave the plan alone. He wanted to know why he was against the plan. She said he should focus on getting DiMera back. They got into an argument when he said she was jealous. She was upset and wanted to tell Marlena the truth. Rafe asked if Stefano reached out to Marlena. Marlena told her that Stefano gave her a gift at the hospital. Gina wondered how Stefano would get close enough to her purse. Marlena said it was at the Horton party. Gina said Stefano might have had someone else do it. Marlena said she and John thought it was Stefano. When Rafe left with the broach, Marlena wanted to confront Gina about trying to come between her and John.

Lani tried to stop Kristen from killing Nicole. Kristen said it hurt to think that Brady and Nicole were making love. Lani said she knew that when she saw Eli and Gabi. Kristen said she went out after she told her not to. Lani said she couldn't help it. She had to find a way to neutralize Gabi. Lani told her that she heard Eli and Gabi say they loved each other. Kristen asked if she kept herself under control. Lani said she did a little. Gabi told Eli that somebody was trying to send a message to her by breaking her window. Eli said she sounded like she knew who it was. She said she did. Stefano told Kate to call Marlena. He said Marlena was going to want to know how long she knew about him and Gina. He said that her life would be over when they found out how long she has known about it. She said it didn't matter. She said what he was doing to John and Marlena was wrong. He told her not to pretend she cared about that. He said she was just like him. Marlena told Gina that John told her that she confessed to her feelings to him. Gina said she was sorry for causing problems between her and John. Marlena said she didn't. She said John said Gina implied that he had feelings for her. Marlena said she had a problem with that. Gabi told Eli that Chad and Abby broke the window. Eli didn't think that they did it. She said she thought it was personal. Marlena said she saw Gina come on to John a couple of times. Marlena said she thought she might have been wrong until John told her that she crossed the line. Gina apologized and asked if they were still friends. Before Marlena could answer, Rafe came back. Kate told Stefano that his obsession with Marlena was going to hurt him. She told him to go after Hattie since she looked like Marlena. He said she didn't have her grace. Kate told him to focus on getting DiMera back. She said she should be paid handsomely for her help. He said he could have it all. Lani told Kristen that they couldn't lose focus. Kristen agreed with her. She said they would come out on top. Stefano told Kate that he needed to make a bold move.  

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Curtis run into Ava after Ava gets off the phone confirming the night with Nina. Ava asks if Laura is going to the wedding. Laura is shocked that Ava was invited. Ava is just crashing. Laura and Curtis tell each other that Ava clearly wants them to be at the wedding. Charlotte tells Valentin and Nina that her bodyguard was a picture on Lulu's phone and Laura had recognized it. Valentin goes to confront Laura. Nina gets the DNA results back from the lab.

Sam runs into Willow at Turning point and the two discuss Lucas. They each get a text message about a memorial for Shiloh and Harmony shows up. She also gets a text for the memorial. Julian and Brad come over and Brad is sent to get air after it is discovered that he had a run in with Nelle. Carly and Jax discuss the Nikolas situation and after a man that Sonny hired listens in and later hears Brad and Julian talk about Nelle. Sonny confronts Carly about her secrets and she says it is time to tell the truth.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Connor found a kitten in the snow, and Chelsea and Adam let him bring it home. The kitten was nearly frozen, but Connor had faith in it, and it survived. Adam let Connor adopt it. Chloe and Kevin helped cheer up a lonely department store Santa. Kevin was overjoyed when Chloe revealed that she was pregnant. Nikki found an abandoned baby in the stables, and Nate and Elena came to give the child a check up. Sasha, the mother, returned for her child and shared her hard luck story. Nikki arranged for Sasha and Joy to move into a New Hope apartment, and Nate and Elena also offered resources. Nate and Elena gained perspective from this and decided not to let their differences of opinion on Amanda come between them. Mariah and Tessa found an abandoned bag of gifts. Theo helped them figure out the gifts were connected to Victor. Tessa suspected Theo was alone for Christmas and wanted to invite him to spend time with her and Mariah. Theo lied and said he had plans. Mariah and Tessa returned the gifts to Victor. He told them they were presents for kids in the hospital pediatric ward. Tessa and Mariah delivered the gifts to the sick children.

Bonus Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe cheer up a depressed Santa Claus and later Chloe tells Kevin that they are expecting another baby which makes their Christmas even more special. Mariah and Tessa find an abandoned bag of presents and with Theo's help they find a Newman enterprises logo on the bag. Mariah and Tessa return the bag to Victor who tells them the bag was supposed to go to the hospital for the kids in the children's ward. Mariah and Tessa decide to go pick up Theo since he isn't busy and deliver the bag of toys to the children. Connor nurses a stray cat back to health with the help of Adam and Chelsea and once they get the cat to the vet Adam decides Connor can keep the cat which he names Oliver. Victor and Nikki find an abandoned baby in their stables and Victor's security finds the , mother wandering the grounds and reunite her with her baby girl. Sasha tells Victor and Nikki that she and her baby joy are homeless and she thought about leaving her with them but then she returned because she missed her baby. Victor and Nikki call Nate who brings Elena with him to check to see that the baby is okay and are happy to say the baby is fine. Nikki calls New Hope to get Sasha housing and Victor and Nikki promise to help Sasha with anything she needs.

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