The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/27/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen and Lani were ready to make Gabi pay for what she did. Chad, Abby, Eli and Gabi spent time together at the DiMera mansion. Abby told Gabi that Arianna was going to need therapy since her childhood hasn't been easy. Roman let Kate know that he hired Hattie. Hattie saw Stefano when she was looking for Kate. He thought she was Marlena. He said he was glad to see her. Hattie called him Patch. He told her he wasn't Patch. She said she wasn't Marlena. She said Stefano promised her everything if she looked like Marlena. Hattie told Stefano that she was glad that Stefano was gone. She asked who he was if he wasn't Stefano. Kate found Hattie in her room. She told Hattie that Steve didn't go by Patch anymore. Stefano said he had surgery on his eye. Hattie wanted to know why he was in Kate's room. He said he was on a mission for the ISA and couldn't tell anyone anything. He convinced her not to say anything to anyone. 

Lani and Kristen talked about letting people think they were nuns. They wanted Gabi to think she had the shares so they could find a way to get rid of the app Gabi has to destroy Julie's pacemaker. Kristen called Chad and asked to meet him in the park. When Chad got off the phone with Kristen, Chad lied to Gabi and Eli about why he and Abby had to leave. When they left, Gabi told Eli that they were trying to undermine her in her own house. He wanted to distract her. When they went to put Arianna to bed, Lani came in the room to look for Gabi's phone. When Lani heard them coming, she hid. Gabi and Eli talked about finding each other. They said they loved each other. Lani was watching them. She called Gabi a phony b*tch. When Gabi and Lani went upstairs, Lani said she hated her. Gabi and Eli made love. Chad and Abby met Kristen. He asked Kristen about the shares. She said Gabi made her an offer. Kristen said she was waiting for a sign from God. He reminded her of the things Gabi did to their family. Kristen said she had to leave Gabi in the mix for now. Chad told Kristen that she would always be a part of the family. Abby said the shares would let Gabi be able to hurt them. Chad said this was what Stefano wanted. Kristen asked if Stefano was involved. Chad said he has been in touch with Stefano. Chad said Stefano wanted him to get the shares so they could get Gabi out. Kristen had to process that Stefano was alive. She said she would be in touch. Chad thought there was more going on than Kristen was saying. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason takes Danny and Scout to see Santa Claus. Curtis is Santa and Scout asks for Sam back. Curtis promises her that she will be able to think of all her happy memories with Sam with a candy cane. Jason asks Alexis to watch the kids while he goes to do something. Nelle taunts Sam from her cell and explains that she doesn't get to see her children. A guard takes Sam. Jason shows up back at the apartment and Sam is with him. She made parole.

Trina and Cam flirt around Santa as he does his community service as Santa's helper. Sonny and Carly take Gladys home who misses her son Brando. Joss and Dev swear they see Santa in the sky. Tracy is disgusted with the changes made to the Quartermaine home. They however still manage to have a somewhat civil holiday celebration.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Abbott family celebrates Christmas Eve at Society with Michael, Lauren and Fen as invited guests and Fen thanks his parents for their love and support through the good and bad times in his life. Fen tells Michael and Lauren that he is living in a half way house now and is looking forward to the future. Traci gives everyone Advanced copies of her mystery novel which will be out soon and asks everyone to read it and tell her their thoughts about it. Once the party has ended, Jack, Ashley, Traci, and Abby return home to the Abbott house and spend Christmas Eve with Dina. Billy returns home from the party and calls Victoria and tells her that he was able to finish his work and will sleep a bit before he catches a plane and heads to Colorado to be with her and the kids for Christmas day. Lola and Kyle open their presents at home and realize they gave each other romantic trips.

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