The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/25/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Stefano that she had plans at the hospital with Roman. She said all of the members of the hospital were going to be there. He asked if Marlena was going to be there. John came home from visiting Paul. He talked to "Marlena", but she wasn't interested in what he was saying. She turned out to be Hattie. Ciara went to see Will. Will wanted to know why she was visiting him. She told him that she needed a cover story. She said she told Victor that she was done with Ben and didn't want to see him. She said she needed a plan to see him. Will wanted to know how she was going to see him. She said she needed help. Will asked who was going to help her. Marlena said she was the friend who was going to help her. Roman and Kayla talked about Kate and whether or not Roman and Kate were dating. He said Kate was dating someone else. Kate told Stefano that he better not try to make a move on Marlena. John wanted to know why Hattie was in his place. She said she was free. She said she was invited there. He wanted to know who invited her. She said Marlena did. Marlena told Will that she was at the prison to see Ben. Ben and Ciara saw each other. Marlena talked to Will about Clyde being out on solitary. Will said Ben was becoming a friend to him. She liked that. She brought up how he didn't want Sonny to see him and that Kate wanted him to fight for his marriage. Will said he asked Sonny for a divorce. He said he couldn't get past the fact that he killed his mother. Roman and Kayla talked about Steve abandoning her. She told him that she felt as if she was cheating on Steve when she's with Justin. Roman told her that she would appreciate what she has with Justin in time. 

John couldn't believe that Marlena would ask Hattie to stay with them without asking him. Hattie said he wasn't around to ask. She said Marlena was grateful to her for saving her life. He wanted to know where Marlena was. Hattie said she was at the place that she didn't want to go to again. Marlena told Kate that another man had feelings for Sonny. Will said he was glad she did. He said Sonny told him that the other guy initiated the kiss. He said he wanted Sonny to be free to be with Evan. Will said he was sure about his decision. He said there was nothing he could do to take away the pain his caused Sonny's family. Will said the least he could do was set him free. Kate saw Sonny and Evan at the hospital. She wanted to know what he was doing with Evan. She said she knew that Will wanted to see him and told him to stay away from Evan. Sonny said Will wanted a divorce. Hattie told John that Marlena was going to the hospital. Sonny blamed Kate for why Will wanted to divorce him. Marlena showed up at the hospital. Stefano showed up dressed in Roman's costume. Everyone at the hospital thought he was Roman. While Marlena was talking to Arianna, Stefano put his gift to her in her pocketbook. Marlena got a call from John and left. Stefano gave gifts to the kids. Kayla started thinking about Steve while she was looking at Santa. When he left to follow Marlena, Kayla followed him. She asked if she was Steve.  

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Faith arrives home and promptly asks Summer and Mariah for advice on how to get a boy she likes to show an interest in her and Summer tells her to be herself and not pretend to be someone else to get a boy to like her. Faith tells Sharon she loves boarding school but she has missed home very much. Paul and Michael get into an argument over a case but Christine and Lauren find a way to calm them down and get them to be reasonable and they resolve their differences. Nate wonders if Amanda has found someone in her life but she keeps quiet and tells him she is considering staying in Genoa City. Chance and Adam meet and Chance thanks Adam one more time for getting him out of a jam in Vegas but tells him they should never talk about it again since he is planning to stay in town. Phyllis overhears part of the conversation and tries to get more details from Chance but he keeps quiet and tells her to find a job so she won't be so bored. Adam calls someone to make sure a woman will keep getting payments for her silence.

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