The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/24/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer talked to JJ about his addiction. She felt bad that he had to keep it to himself. He let her know that someone knew about it. Xander wanted to hear from Sarah for Christmas, but Maggie let him know that she and Eric were dealing with Mickey's doctor so she wouldn't be able to talk to him. She invited him to the Horton house, but he turned down the invitation. He thought about spending Christmas with Sarah last year. Chad was reading to his kids when Gabi showed up. He hoped that she would get a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past. Eli showed up to take Gabi to the Horton house. He had framed fortune cookies for her. The gift reminded her of last Christmas. They were alone and ate Chinese food together. She was touched that he remembered that. JJ didn't want to bring everyone down with his problems and ruin the holidays so he kept quiet about it. Jack preferred to stay with him. There was a flashback to when Jennifer was in the hospital in a coma. Jack, Abby, and JJ wanted to be with her and not go to the tree trimming party. JJ didn't want the family to miss another one by staying at the hospital.

The Hortons gathered at the house for the party. Julie noticed that Chad and Gabi had tension between them. She thought Chad should try and make up with Gabi. She told him how she was able to forgive her. Gabi talked to JJ and assured him that he would get through his problem. Julie wanted Chad and Abby to talk to Gabi. They went to her and Eli to thank them for what they did to help JJ and Julie. Julie was glad they were able to talk. She wanted Gabi to hang her ornament next to hers because of what she did for her. Eve showed up at the party to thank Abby for helping her get out of jail. She did plan to get revenge on Jack and Jennifer for allowing her to go through being in prison. She had a gift for them. Eli panicked and stopped her from taking it out. She told him it was a ticket out of Salem. She wanted to get away from everyone. She hoped Jack and Jennifer got what they deserved. She walked out of the house. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Elena accepts Devon's gift of spending Christmas in London and she is very excited about the trip as she begins to pack her bags. Chance considers becoming a private investigator and asks Paul for his advice . Paul thinks it is a great idea as long as he agrees to work with the police department on some cases. Lola and Kyle continue to decorate their tree while they eat Christmas cookies but Lola worries that Kyle is obsessed with Theo. and she tells Kyle to stop talking about him . Billy continues to feel pressure from his family to live up to the perfect Abbott legacy so he goes to his favorite dive bar and plays one hand of poker. . Chelsea persuades Nick to invite Adam to the Newman Christmas celebration at the ranch.

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