The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/23/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe wanted to know what was going on between Kate and Gina. They said there was nothing going on. Rafe asked Kate if she heard from Stefano. She said she didn't. When Rafe walked away, Gina and Kate talked about Stefano and how he has to stay out of sight. John and Abe were trying to figure out if Stefano was alive. Gina told Kate that she didn't have time to worry about Stefano's living arrangements. Kate said John threw her out. Gina said she was talking to Marlena. Kate called her out for going after John. Gina said Kate wasn't much of a friend since she knows that she and Stefano were trying to break up Marlena's marriage. Kate told her not to come after her. John told Abe that Stefano might have had plastic surgery. Marlena was in Kate's room looking for her. She managed not to see Stefano's ring. Justin showed up to see Kate, but he saw Marlena. He told her that Kate was rude Kayla about his relationship. Marlena said she would talk to Kate. They ended up talking about Steve and how long he's been gone. Abby talked JJ into telling Jennifer and Jack the truth about his addiction. JJ talked to Abby about why he started taking the pills. 

Jennifer apologized for not seeing right away that Sonny was hooked on pills. JJ told Jennifer that he tried to kill Kristen. Abe asked John what Hope thought about John's theory. John said she moved out. Rafe asked Gina why John kicked her out. Marlena talked to Justin about Steve walking out on Kayla. Justin said Steve could have told Kayla what was going on. Justin said Steve sent her signed divorce papers. He said Steve didn't show up for Adrienne's funeral. Marlena told him that she was glad that he and Kayla found each other. When Justin left, Marlena noticed the ring on the table. Stefano was watching her. Jack and Jennifer tried to make JJ feel better about JJ trying to kill Kristen. Justin ran into Kate. They argued over the way she treated Kayla. He warned her to leave Kayla alone. Rafe told Gina that she could stay with him. She said she made other plans. He asked her what time was her flight. She didn't know what he was talking about. He said she was supposed to go to Hong Kong. When Kate went to her room, she saw Marlena. Kate asked what she was doling there. Marlena asked her what she was doing with Stefano's ring. Kate lied about how she got the ring. Marlena apologized to her. Marlena said she was suspicious that Stefano was back in Salem. Kate asked why. Marlena told her why she thought Stefano was in Salem. Kate said she didn't know if Stefano was in town. Rafe confronted Gina about her going to Hong Kong. She said the plans changed. He wanted to know what was going on. When Marlena left Kate's room, Stefano came out. He told Kate that he couldn't believe Marlena was there. He wanted to touch her. Rafe told Gina that she could stay with him for a couple of days. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Today's episode was a traditional in-character retelling of "A Christmas Carol" acted out by the cast of General Hospital. Jane Elliot returned to play Tracy Quartermaine in several scenes as well as playing Scrooge's (Michael Easton) dead business part Marley.

During the annual reading of "The Night Before Christmas at General Hospital Finn and Tracy both want to go home. Anna and the Quartermaine's both try to get them to stick around and be jolly. Finn declines an offer to go to Mac and Felicia's Christmas party until he bonds with Violet while Monica reads "A Christmas Carol" and he bonds with Charlotte. Tracy has a change of heart as well and wants to stick around for the festivities.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Theo visited Jack and Traci for a pre-Christmas get together, and they shared Christmas memories and traditions with each other. Theo was invited to spend Christmas day with the Abbotts, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to or not. Lola and Kyle put up their first Christmas tree and received a joint gift from Jack and Celeste – ornaments for the tree. Phyllis and Summer celebrated Summer’s birthday. Summer was pleased to learn that Adam was out of Phyllis’s life. Summer received birthday texts from Jack, Theo and Kyle. Billy, Victoria and Nick had a pre-Christmas gathering at the ranch with Nikki and Victor. Victor questioned Billy about his new job. Amanda sent Billy a text, but he didn’t respond. Victor expressed pride in Abby, Victoria and Nick’s accomplishments and spoke about how much Nikki meant to him.

Bonus Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer celebrates her birthday with her mom who gives her beautiful earrings as a present and Phyllis and Summer get teary eyed as they tell each other how much they love each other. The Newmans have an early Christmas celebration with Victoria , Billy and Nick and their kids since Victoria and Billy will be on vacation with the kids for Christmas. Jack and Traci invite Theo for a private celebration with the rest of the family just so they can show him some of the Abbott family Christmas traditions. Jack also invites Theo to the big Abbott family gathering but he wants to play it by ear and take things slowly. Kyle and Lola decorate their first tree which is too large for their apartment but they get it inside somehow and decorate with decorations that celeste and Jack sent them that they made when they were little so they can start their own Christmas traditions.

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