The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/20/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Steffy and Hope argue about hiring Zoe back to work there. Hope doesn't know that Steffy and Liam are planning to use Zoe to spy on Thomas, to see if he's really changed. Zoe thanks Thomas for sticking up for her. He starts to open wine for their romantic dinner. He sees Hope through the partly-open door, so then he kisses Zoe, just in time for Hope to walk in on them. Hope is flustered. Zoe hopes that Hope that someday forgive her, but Hope assures her that will never happen. Thomas asks Zoe to leave them alone again. Hope isn't so sure that Thomas' connection to Zoe is real. Thomas again asks her if he can be her designer. She promises to consider the idea. Brooke visits Ridge to see if they really hired back Zoe. He confirms that they did, but it was Steffy's decision. Brooke can't believe it. She insists that Ridge fix it, but he won't. He thinks that it's good that Steffy can forgive Zoe, and he thinks they should all learn from that. They both love and miss each other, but they can't get past what has happened with Thomas and Hope. Thomas phones Ridge to thank him for hiring Zoe back. Brooke is shocked to hear that Thomas and Zoe are dating. Ridge thinks it means Thomas is moving on. Brooke argues with Ridge about how violent Thomas has been.

Liam visits Steffy. She tells him that she hired Zoe back, for his plan, but Hope is very upset about it. Steffy wonders if Thomas really is into Zoe, but Liam doesn't think so. He thinks she's just a pawn to get to Hope. Hope tells Liam about what happened with Thomas and that she's considering using him as her designer. Liam doesn't like it but understands. Hope assures him that Liam is the only one for her, and Thomas can't do anything to them. Liam warns that Thomas better not cross any lines. After some joking around, Hope phones Thomas to give him the good news that he can work with her on the Hope For The Future line. Later, Zoe thanks Steffy and informs her that she and Thomas were kissing. When Zoe describes what happened, Steffy guesses that Thomas may have just been using Zoe to make Hope jealous.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi told Eli she wasn't sure how long she would run DiMera Enterprises without Kristen's shares. Kristen suddenly called her to talk about the shares. Kristen and Lani talked about whether Gabi would take the bait about the shares. Gabi called her back just as they were talking about her. Gabi offered to make a huge donation to the church if she gave her the shares. Kristen agreed to her offer. Gabi asked her about Lani. Kristen and Lani laughed while Gabi asked about her. Gina overheard Rafe talking to Abe about finding Rolf. Abe told him about the card Marlena got with an "S" on it. They hoped Stefano left Salem. After talking to Abe, Rafe went back to searching the loft. Gina thought about hiding the evidence against her and Stefano. She hoped she took care of everything. Rafe found her tiara and wanted to get it checked out. Marlena was glad to have John to herself. He admitted that Hope had feelings for him. He told her how he handled the situation. Marlena understood how she had feelings for him, but didn't think she should have gone after her husband. Abe showed up and told them the flowers might have come from Stefano. He told them that Stefano might have left with Rolf. Celeste called Abe and told him that she sensed that Stefano was in some way in Salem.

Chad and Abby talked about Stefano helping the person who pushed Jennifer over the balcony. Chad assured her if Stefano had anything to do with what happened to Jennifer he is dead to him. They also talked about the shares. Chad hoped Kristen didn't sell them. Kate woke up with Stefano in her bed. She didn't want him in it. He complained about being at the pub. She wondered if he should trust Gina. Roman called out to Kate so she had to hide Stefano. She told Roman that she was sick. Roman showed her a black boot and knew she wasn't alone. She came up with an excuse, but he knew she was lying. She told him that she was sick. He thought the man was lucky. He left her room. She wanted Stefano out. She would check out the loft. Marlena arrived with a present for Kate. Eli ran into Chad and Abby. Eli told him Kristen was giving Gabi the shares at DiMera Enterprises. Chad left to find out what happened. Eli and Abby ended up going back and forth about Gabi. She thought Eli was on the rebound because of Lani. He threw up what Lani did to him as well as to JJ. She said Lani was protecting him as well as Eli. He told her that she's becoming a nun. She brought up JJ and Eli admitted that he knew where to find him. Chad went to the DiMera mansion and got into it with Gabi. She told him that once she got the shares, he was out. Kristen called him with an offer. Kate went to the loft to see Gina. Stefano wanted to know when he could return to the loft. Kate called her out for not being ahead of the police. She slapped Kate as Rafe showed up. He wanted to know what happened.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Brad and Julian are informed that Lucas has slipped into a coma and GH is not able to allow him to stay for the time it might take for him to wake up. They suggest that he go to Turning Point. Brad storms out angered and Amy informs him that Nelle is there. Brad goes to see Nelle and Brad blames Nelle for everything horrible that is going on and has gone on. Martin tells Nelle that he will do what he can to get her out.

Michael and Willow discuss the time that he had custody of Avery and why he had custody of her. Elizabeth and Franco discuss Drew being assumed dead. Elizabeth later explains that he slept with Kim while he thought that was Drew. Anna discovers information on Peter after Maxie and Peter show up with gifts for Violet.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Elena tell Nate what Victor's investigator found out about Amanda and Nate doesn't believe any of it and tells Devon and Elena that this obsession with Amanda is unhealthy for their relationship. Chelsea goes to Nick's place to give him a Christmas present she had the plans for the home Nick planned to build for them framed and she tells him that he should build their home. Chelsea tells Nick she has missed him very much and the two make love and Nick is hopeful they will be together soon. Sharon advises Adam that he and Chelsea should tell Connor the truth gently that he and Chelsea won't be together but they still love him very much. Adam tells Sharon that he and Chelsea plan to tell Connor the truth after Christmas so that he can have a good Christmas. Adam dreams of he Chelsea and Connor being a family while Phyllis tells Jack she is going to get revenge on Adam for asking her to do something disgusting and degrading and Jack advises Phyllis to think about what constantly seeking revenge on people that hurt her has done to her life.

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