The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/19/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Liam keeps trying to convince Steffy to hire Zoe so that she can spy on Thomas for them. Steffy gets called to a meeting with Ridge and Eric. They all like the showdown idea. Eric thinks Hope should let Thomas be her designer. Liam has a meeting with Wyatt at Spencer, but all he can think about is his plan to keep Thomas away from Hope. Wyatt is disgusted when Liam tells him about Thomas's latest ploy, to work with Hope. Wyatt wonders if Liam could ever trust Thomas to really change, but Liam just doesn't trust Thomas after all of his stunts. He tells Wyatt about their plan to use Zoe to spy on Thomas.

Thomas tells Hope about how he's moved on with Zoe. Hope seems nonplussed. She's clearly not thrilled that he's dating Zoe, of all people. Ridge, Eric and Steffy tell Hope that they think Hope should work Thomas, for the good of the company. Thomas pleads his case as well. Hope asserts that she can't forget what Thomas did to her, Liam, Beth, Douglas and Steffy. Zoe returns, so Thomas tells the family that they're dating and asks them to hire her back to Forrester. Hope objects strenuously. Ridge leaves it up to Steffy. Steffy thinks about Liam's plan, so she hires Zoe back. Hope is very upset.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and a police officer showed up at the loft. Gina wanted to know what to do. Stefano reminded her that she had a gun. Rafe called out for Rolf before they went in the loft. He saw Gina in the loft. Victor confronted Justin about representing Ben. He didn't understand how Justin could represent a killer like Ben. Rafe saw Gina pointing the gun at him and the officer. He called out to her, but she didn't respond to him. Victor reminded Justin how Ben's last attorney quit because he knew he couldn't win the case so he wanted to know why he would represent him. Ciara thought about her conversation with Justin asking him to represent Ben. Ciara chimed in and asked him if he thought Victor was behind it. She demanded that he apologize to Victor, but he refused to drop the case. Ben asked Will what was going on with him. Will told him that Sonny kissed another man. He said Kate told him to fight for his man. Will told him what happened when Sonny kissed another man. Ben wanted to know why he would end his marriage. Will didn't want Sonny to be trapped while he was stuck in prison. He wanted Sonny to be free to be with who he wanted. Sonny told Evan didn't want to end his marriage, but Will wanted it. He said that Will set him free in case they wanted to be together. Kayla and Kate had a nasty run in about her being with Justin. Kayla basically told her to butt out of her business as far as Justin was concerned. Kate asked her if she could have dated someone else besides Steve. Kayla didn't like it when Kate threw up in her face that she dated her other brother-in-law. Gina told Rafe that she got a tip that Rolf was seen in the area. Rafe told her that he had the same tip. He wanted the officer to search the loft, but Gina told him that she did that already. Rafe wondered how she could have had time to do it. She told him that she was nearby when she got the tip. Rafe told the officer to check the perimeter. Rafe wanted to search every spot until they found Rolf. Justin didn't want to hear what Victor had to say. He wanted to go meet Kayla. Victor threw up in his face that he was with Steve's leftover. Victor confronted Ciara about all of the times she went to see Ben. Will told Ben that Sonny was the love of his life. He thought it was hard to ask him for a divorce. Ben could relate to his problem, but Will told him it wasn't the same thing. Gina had to stop Rafe from looking in the room where Stefano was hiding. Gina was able to sneak him out of the room. Rafe came back and wanted to know what the painting was on the wall. Rafe pulled the cover off the painting and reacted to it.

Rafe saw the picture of Stefano. Gina managed to switch the portrait before Rafe and the officer went inside the room. Stefano managed to be in the park without the officer and Rafe seeing him. Stefano sent Kate a text because he needed her help. She walked away from Kayla and almost knocked Justin over to get to Stefano. Sonny continued to talk to Evan about Will wanting to get a divorce. Evan wanted to know if he was going to sign the papers. Sonny said he was going to sign them because their marriage was over. Ben wanted to know what happened to Adrienne. Will didn't want to discuss it. Ben offered to listen if he changed his mind. Ciara was about to say why she was at the prison, but Victor knew about the visits. She told him how she was going to see Will. He told her that Will killed Adrienne. He seemed to believe her story. Justin met with Kayla and told her about his run in with Victor. She told him about her run in with Kate. Kayla didn't understand why Steve didn't come home. Kate met with Stefano in the park. He wanted her to hide him. She told him that she had a room at the pub. He was disgusted at the idea of being there, but he didn't have a choice. Rafe didn't understand why Rolf would take the time to bring Stefano's portrait there. Gina fed Rafe lies about Rolf being obsessed with the portrait. He noticed that there were two chairs and wondered who it belonged to. Kate took Stefano to the pub, but Kayla was still there with Justin. He didn't want Kayla to see him with her ex-husband's face. Kate wanted to take him to the back. Rafe was determined to search the place until he found out where to find Rolf. Rafe believed that Rolf was obsessed with Rolf. Rafe thought it could have been Stefano at the apartment too. Stefano looked inside of the window and saw that Kayla and Justin were ready to leave. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina confronts Obrecht about her involvement in Valentin's deception. Obrecht admits that Valentin used a lock of her own mother's hair to fake the DNA test. Lulu confronts Valentin over Charlotte and Valentin still blames Lulu even if it was his fault. Lulu thinks that they will deal with this in court. Nikolas asks Ava what he needs to do to get the codicil from her.

Jax explains to Carly that this will be over on New Years Eve regardless. Carly tells Jason she needs his help to stop Sonny from hurting Jax. Sonny calls someone for help involving Carly. Jax has Curtis look for Claudette. Sasha agrees to work with Lucy for thirty percent ownership.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Theo misses an important business meeting and later reschedules the meeting but he thinks Kyle is trying to sabatage his job. Jack advises Summer not to try and mediate disputes between Theo and Kyle but later she advises Kyle to manage the situation with Theo better so that Theo can be motivated to do great work for Jabot. Elena reads the file Victor gave Devon with all the information about Amanda and later warns Nate that Amanda could be dangerous. Billy and Victoria continue to grow further apart but Victoria thinks that she and Billy are fine because Billy keeps acting like everythimg is fine. Billy and Amanda's connection continues to grow but they agree that niether of them wants to haave an affair they just want to be friends. Devon tells Amanda he is thinking of suing her because of her part in Colin's scheme but Amanda tells him he hasn't got a case.

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