The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/17/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Liam tries to convince Steffy that she should hire back Zoe to spy on Thomas for them. Steffy doesn't trust her. Steffy has to leave, so Liam and Zoe keep chatting about Thomas. Zoe likes Thomas and hopes that he can be trusted. Later, Liam drops by Forrester and argues more with Steffy about hiring Zoe. Vinny drops by Forrester to say hi to Thomas at his request. Thomas thinks he could win over Hope if only she would let him be her designer. Vinny is not too thrilled to hear that Thomas thinks he can win Hope over by playing hard to get and making her jealous. Quinn tells Thomas what Hope asked her; she thinks he should try asking Hope again if she'll work with him.

Hope asks Quinn to be her designer for the fashion showdown. Quinn thinks she should use Thomas instead, but Hope doesn't want to be around him. Steffy and Sally are talking about Sally's designs when Hope drops by. Hope asks Sally to be her designer for the showdown, but Sally tells her that she's already working for Steffy. Hope doesn't want to lose her line but also doesn't want to work with Thomas, so she's conflicted. Hope drops by Thomas's office and finds that it's all lit up with candles and flowers. She wants to know what he's up to. She's annoyed and jumps to the conclusion that he's trying to surprise her with a romantic dinner (just like he planned). Zoe arrives, so Thomas explains that the romantic dinner was planned for him and Zoe. He claims that Hope has inspired him to move on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen and Lani wanted to make a plan to get their revenge when the returned to Salem. Marlena talked to Brady about losing a child. She knew Brady was having trouble dealing with his baby dying. Julie talked to Eli about JJ trying to kill Kristen. He explained what happened when they went out to get Kristen. Chad went to Gabi and told her that Eli wasn't going to get the shares. Gabi thought she was going to get the shares. They went back and forth about who deserved the shares. She was determined to get Chad out of her life and the company. Eli showed up while Gabi and Chad were arguing. Chad left the room. She told him how Chad had trouble getting the shares. Eli told her that he ran into a problem as well. Gina told John that Rolf pushed Jennifer off the balcony and not Eve. John didn't think that Rolf would get away with murder. Gina said he almost did because she resisted to believe Abby. She thought it was her fault that Rolf got away. John assured her that it wasn't her fault. Gabi wanted to know what went wrong with the plan. Eli told her that he ran into Lani. He told her that she was at the convent. Gabi wanted to know if he had feelings for her, but he didn't. JJ woke up and saw Julie in the room. He didn't want the rest of the family to see him like that. JJ told Julie that Kristen and Lani were trying to be nuns. Lani told Kristen that they could offer what they wanted. Chad told Kate that he had was going to get Kristen's shares. He wanted to know if Kate was the one who was leaked the information. She denied doing it. Gina pretended to be upset that Abby was able to figure out what happened to Jennifer. John hugged her to make her feel better. Marlena showed up just as they were hugging. 

Marlena wanted to know what was going on between Gina and John. They both explained that Rolf was the one who pushed Jennifer. Marlena wanted time alone with John. Kate denied knowing anything. Kristen told Lani that her father always favored his male children. She was determined to change things. JJ ended up going through withdrawals while he was talking to Julie. Eli told Gabi that JJ was on drugs. She thought that it made it hard to give the shares. Eli admitted that he didn't ask Kristen for the shares. Eli told Gabi what happened for why he didn't make the deal with Kristen. She reminded him how important the shares were. He told her that what JJ went through was more important than getting the shares from Kristen. Julie told Brady how JJ was in terrible shape and didn't want his family to know what happened to him. She told him that Eli had to save his life in Italy. She told Brady that JJ was in Italy with Kristen. Kristen shared with Eli that having power meant nothing without Brady. Lani advised her to go after him. She didn't think he would want her without the baby. Marlena told John that she caught him with Gina too many times. He tried to explain what happened with them. Marlena told him that Gina had to move out so she could have her man back. He assured her that she had him, but she felt like she was sharing him. She wanted Gina to move out. John was surprised that Marlena wanted Gina out on the street. Marlena didn't want her to be on the street. She wanted her to go with Doug and Julie. He agreed that she should be with her family. Brady wanted to know where to find Kristen. Julie explained why Eli and JJ were in Italy. Gabi admitted that she cared about JJ. She asked Eli why he didn't ask Lani to watch JJ. Eli snapped at her and was going to leave. Gabi stopped him and apologized to him. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon, Rey and Mariah begin to plan for the holidays since Faith will be home for a visit and they want to make things special for her and Mariah is sure Faith will be very happy that Sharon and Rey are back together. Abby and Chance have a first date that goes very well they even share a kiss after dinner and before they head to a club. Sharon introduces Chelsea to Amanda and Chelsea asks her if she should sue Walnut Grove school to get Connor back in because she thinks its unfair that they won't allow him to return to school. Amanda advises Chelsea to consider other schools homeschooling rather than suing the school. Adam drops Connor off at the ranch for the day and tells Nikki what is going on at the school. Nikki picks up on the fact that Adam is using the words family, we, and us to refer to himself and Chelsea and later she tells Nick what is going on with Connor and the fact that Adam seems to want a relationship with Chelsea. Adam asks Phyllis to seduce Nick so that Chelsea will stop thinking about Nick and concentrate on her family. Adam admits to Phyllis that he has realized that he and Chelsea belong together and since she wants Nick anyway it is a good deal for both of them. Phyllis is deeply offended and angry that Adam would use both her and Chelsea as pawns to get what he wants and she tells him no and that he will regret this big mistake. Phyllis sees Nick at Society and decides to do the right thing and tell him about the deal Adam wanted to make with her even though it might cost her a chance at being with Nick.

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