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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Liam keeps trying to convince Steffy to spy on Thomas to see if he's really changed. They go to see Vinny but find Zoe instead. Thomas plays a game with Douglas, and he talks about trying to get Hope to work with him. He figures that the more time Hope spends with him, the more she will want them to all be a family. Zoe calls Thomas about why she hasn't heard from him. He assures her that he's working on bringing her back to Forrester. Eric greets Thomas and Douglas; Thomas tells him about the fashion showdown. Thomas pretends to feel guilty about Ridge and Brooke's breakup, but Eric assures him that it wasn't his fault. Liam gets the idea to use Zoe to spy on Thomas. A remorseful and desperate Zoe is all for the idea, but Steffy is dubious.

Brooke worries about Hope possibly working with Thomas. Hope doesn't want to work with him, but she's worried about losing her line. Brooke hopes that Ridge will come to his senses and not sign the divorce papers. Brooke read an article about psychopaths and think that the description fits Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe wanted to know why Gina didn't want to find out who pushed Jennifer over the balcony. Abby showed up and told them that Rolf was the one who pushed her. They went running to find out what happened. Clyde confronted Ben about selling him out to the police. Sonny went to see Will at the prison. Will told him how he knew that he kissed Evan. Will thought it was a big deal, but Sonny tried to downplay what went on between them. Will didn't believe that nothing will happen between them. He thought Sonny wanted to be with Evan. Evan went to see Kate to apologize for kissing Sonny. She didn't want to hear it. Evan told her that he was the one who kissed Sonny. She reminded him that Sonny was married. She wanted to know if Sonny put him up to that confession. Evan told her that Sonny went to see Will. Sonny assured Will that nothing happened with Evan. Sonny wanted Kate to mind her own business. He said that he was married to Will. Will thought that might change. Clyde wanted to talk to Will because he was going to get in trouble. Ben warned him to stay away from Will. Xander accused Ciara of trying to take his box. She tried to deny it, but he didn't believe her. She asked how she would get it open and he told her that she could have used a drill. Gina and Rafe watched the footage. Rafe tried to put the pieces together and realized how Rolf pushed Jennifer. Abby knew Eve was innocent. Rafe wanted to put out an APB on Rolf. Abby thought she knew where he was. Clyde wanted to know why Ben was suddenly so loyal to Will. He explained that he and Will got close while they were in the hospital. Clyde thought he fell in love with Will. Xander told Ciara how he heard a drill that she was using. Ciara came up with a lie to explain why she was using it. He thought she ruined his box and tried to replace it for the new one. He wanted her to show him her box at the mansion. She wanted to get to work, but he told her that she was fired. Will told Sonny that they should get divorced. He explained that Kate told him to fight for his marriage. Will said he took his mother and his husband away from him. Sonny reminded him that he was the one who told him not to visit. Will told him that they are basically strangers now. Sonny wanted to stay in the marriage, but Will didn't want him to live in limbo forever. Will told him that he wanted a divorce. 

Evan asked Kate if she told Will about him kissing Sonny. She said that she told him. Evan apologized, but it didn't matter. She wanted him to stay away from Sonny, but he said that wasn't happening. Will wanted him to face reality. He told him that he couldn't look him in the eye. Will mentioned how he took the love of Justin's life. Will wondered how they were going to get over. Will was certain that Sonny would never be able to look at him the same again. He wouldn't let him do it. Sonny wanted Will to realize that he was overreacting. Will thought Sonny might still love him and he admitted that he did. Will wanted him to remember the way they used to be because they weren't going to be the way they were before. Will wanted him to be with Evan or anyone else he wanted. Sonny tried to stop him, but Will kept talking. He wanted him to move on with his life. Clyde continued to talk to Ben about what happened. Ben reminded him how he abused him. Clyde told him how he was the one protecting him and not Will. Ciara told Xander that he couldn't fire her. She's the apple of Victor's eye so he wouldn't believe him. She put him in his place about how her grandfather loved her and not him. Abby told Rafe and Gina that Rolf might be in a hotel room that he was supposed to met Chad at. Gina wanted Rafe to follow the lead and find Rolf. Abby left too so Gina was relieved that she wasn't caught. Rafe didn't see Rolf at the hotel. Abby showed up and he told her that there wasn't any trace of Rolf being there. Rafe called the station and found out that Hope left for the day. Gina went to see Stefano. She couldn't believe what happened, but he already knew what happened. He was the one who made it look like Rolf pushed Jennifer. She wanted to know how he made it possible that Rolf pushed Jennifer. Kate put Evan on notice about going after Sonny. Will refused to change his mind about divorcing Sonny. Sonny asked him about Arianna. Will thought he and Gabi would be great for Arianna. Will wanted to set Sonny free and didn't want him to fight him on it. Will decided to be the one to end it. They said they loved each other and said goodbye. Will went back to his cell. Rafe was suspicious about Gina's actions concerning the fall. Gina wanted to go to Hong Kong to see Shawn. Abby said he was coming home for the holidays. They talked about how weird Gina was acting. They talked about why Gina didn't want them to investigate the fall. Gina wanted to know how Stefano was able to switch Rolf for her. Stefano explained how he was able to make the switch. Stefano flashed back to how he was able to convince the forensic expert to change the footage. She wanted to know what was going to happen to Rolf. Stefano said Rolf was going to have to take one for the team. Xander decided not to fire Ciara, but he wanted to see the keepsake box that she had. Ciara agreed to let him see the box. Ben warned Will to watch his back against Clyde. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Curtis go to the gallery together where Ava greets them. Nina and Valentin show up and Jax as well. Jax gets a text and goes to Ava’s storage room where Nikolas is watching from the security footage what is going on. Nina is informed by Curtis that Valentin tampered with the test with Obrecht’s help. Valentin and Jax get into a bidding war and Laura ends up outbidding Valentin. The painting lights on fire.

Lulu and Dustin agree to a night together while they wait for the boat to take Charlotte home. Rocco doesn't believe that Charlotte has a bodyguard. Charlotte tries to prove it by jumping into the river Chase and Finn discuss Willows pregnancy scare. Willow and Maxie discuss children and Lucas. Anna tries to get info on Peter. Franco opens his eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Abby cleared the air with Nate when she admitted she made their relationship more difficult than necessary and that she didn’t have to take part in Victor’s ruse to fake his death. Abby and Nate parted ways as friends. Billy felt that he and Amanda were kindred spirits. She confided that she grew up in foster care and didn’t know her biological parents. Amanda shared her philosophy that you shouldn’t let people get too close, and it made Billy think someone had hurt her. Billy surprised Victoria with an opportunity to pamper herself and have some time alone. Billy told Victoria he’d worked hard to prove himself worthy of her. He hoped she’d say that he didn’t need to do that, but instead, she spoke glowingly about the man he’d become. Amanda was shaken when she received a call from someone who didn’t say anything. Theo chatted with Lola about his view that they were both creative types. Summer vented to Kyle about her lack of social life. She didn’t see why they should both be stuck at the office, so she video called Lola and asked her to convince Kyle to come home. Lola couldn’t, because she was busy at work, and when she showed off the crowd at the restaurant, Kyle saw Theo. Kyle asked Summer if she missed Theo, and she said she didn’t. Kyle told Summer she was invaluable to Jabot. Theo was upset that Lola was taking his favorite meal off the menu. She promised to make it, whenever he wanted. It would be their secret.

Devon acknowledged he’d made Elena’s life hard because she’d had to help him through a lot of grief. He promised to change and be the man Elena deserved. She asked him to be candid with her about everything, and he promised to do so. Devon read the PI report on Amanda. He learned that she had a failed engagement to a man named Ripley Turner, and afterward, they both took out restraining orders on each other. Right after this, she closed her private office and was contacted by “Chance.” Nate tried to help Elena feel better after she nearly misdiagnosed someone. She thought it happened because she was distracted by her personal life at work. Devon asked Abby if Amanda was meeting people at the hotel. Abby didn’t know. 

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