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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Hope assures Steffy that she'll be able to find a designer (not Thomas), that she can use for the fashion showdown. They commisserate about their parents getting divorced, all because of Thomas. Meanwhile, Thomas keeps trying to assure Liam that he's no threat to his marriage, and that he's a changed man, but Liam tells him to save it. Then he leaves. Thomas goes home and finds Shauna there. He's thrilled about the divorce, but Shauna's put off by his attitude. Thomas thinks that she and his dad would be great together. He urges her to go for it. She can tell that Thomas really doesn't like Brooke. She doesn't want to rush into a relationship with Ridge. She thinks that Thomas is still obsessed with Hope. Thomas can't be talked out of going after Hope someday.

Liam goes to Steffy's office at Forrester and asks her to help him prove that Thomas hasn't changed. They discuss it. She's not to sure that she wants to treat her brother that way. At the same time, Hope goes home and consoles her mom about the divorce. She thinks it's her fault for getting Thomas to sign over custody of Douglas. Brooke doesn't think it's her fault. Brooke hopes that Ridge doesn't file the papers. Hope tells her about Thomas wanting her to work with him and that she turned him down. Meanwhile, Thomas has a super creepy vision of the future where he and Hope are together and living in the Forrester mansion. Brooke has just died. Douglas is old enough to drive. All of the Logans are gone. Ridge and Shauna are together, as are Steffy and Liam. Hope tells him how great he is, and they kiss. It's clear that Thomas sees Brooke as an obstacle.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis and Laura meet for a catch up on how things have been going. Curtis thinks that he can get Nina involved if he can just convince her that Valentin is not a good person. Laura just doesn’t see that happening. Curtis thinks it is worth a shot. Valentin and Charlotte go to the docks and Charlotte has a conversation with Nikolas. Valentin takes Charlotte to Kelly’s and Laura and her have a conversation. Laura tells Curtis that Charlotte is clearly having PTSD and thinks that she has a bodyguard.
Nina meets with Jax to discuss her feelings with Valentin. Nina clearly is defending his actions still and Jax thinks she needs help being reminded that he was not a good person. Nina thinks that she knows what she is doing. Ava thanks Sonny and Carly for letting her see Avery. Carly thinks that she is seeing things more clearly. Ava has Trina arrange plans for an art show that night. Ava sends out a text message to Laura, Jax, and Valentin about the art show with Helena’s portrait.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis tries to find out what happened in Vegas with Chance and Adam but Chance doesn't tell her anything w his time in Vegas. Chance doesn't take the job Abby offered him but he does decide to stay in town for a while so he and Abby toast to the future. Billy continues to struggle with feelings that Victoria expects him to be perfect. Billy wonders why he can't tell Victoria how he feels instead he tells her that their relationship is fine. Victoria thinks Billy is avoiding her but she can't figure out the reason for it. Billy goes to the bar again and opens up to Amanda about his feelings and she tells him she feels she can't trust anyone. Billy tells Amanda he feels he can't trust himself at all. Connor stops Chelsea from moving out of the penthouse by telling her the monster inside him will get bigger if she doesn't move in permanently. Chelsea heads to Nick's place after Connor is asleep and she tells him that Connor had a breakdown tonight and she feels that she and Adam are the only two people who can help Connor. Nick wonders if their relationship has a future because there is nothing he can do to help her with Connor.

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