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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Steffy is shocked to hear from Ridge that he and Brooke signed divorce papers. She expresses her sympathy and then blames Thomas's obsessing over Hope for the divorce. Ridge tells her about Thomas' idea for a fashion showdown. Steffy is suspicious of Thomas' motives. Ridge hopes that one day, Thomas and Steffy will be working together. Meanwhile, Thomas begs Hope to let him design for her in the fashion showdown. She's anxious to get home to see her mom after learning about the divorce. After Thomas begs some more, she tells him that she won't work with him. Hope goes to Ridge and Steffy; she expresses her sympathy about the divorce and asks about the fashion showdown. Hope then tells them that she turned Thomas's offer to design for her down. Steffy asks Ridge to give them privacy. She tells Hope that she doesn't really have a line any more, but Steffy has been working hard on hers. Instead of dissuading her, Hope rises to the challenge.

Wyatt tells Liam about how Sally called him "Liam." Liam doesn't think it's that big of a deal, but Wyatt doesn't want to be with another woman that would rather be with Liam. Liam fills Wyatt in on what's been happening lately with Thomas. Liam is worried that Hope will be working with Thomas again. He goes to Thomas' office at Forrester and tells him to back off from Hope. He's pleased when Thomas tells him that Hope turned him down. Thomas assures Liam that he only wants to work with Hope and that he's a changed man. Liam doesn't buy it and points out all of the slimy things Thomas has done recently. Thomas still professes to be working on himself and happy that Liam and Hope are together. Liam tells him that he'll be watching him and will never let him hurt Hope again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Chase finds Nelle stabbed by Ryan who is standing above her. Nelle and Ryan have cooked up an act to make it look like it was all Ryan’s doing. Carly sees Nelle get carted into GH. Nelle is able to get a guard to let her use his phone. She calls Martin. Willow tries to comfort Julian and Brad who are both on the edge. Monica explains to the family that Lucas is being taken off of the breathing tube and the next twenty-four hours will determine if he is able to live or not.
Michael tries to convince Sonny that Mike needs to just live out the rest of his days and not go into any studies. Joss and Dev go to visit Mike and Mike thinks that Dev is Sonny. They let Mike win at checkers and letter playing dice. Mike freaks out at seeing the actual Sonny thinks that it is Joe Scully but Joss is able to convince him it is not. Ned offers to help Michael out at ELQ and Michael accepts the offer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle has lunch with Jack and tells him he wants to be CO-CEO with Jack or he will leave Jabot and go to another company. Jack agrees but only on a temporary basis and they will revisit the issue in a few months. Mariah tells Lola that Summer and Theo broke up and she should watch out for Summer because she doesn't think she ever got over Kyle. Kyle heads to the office where he has a glass of champagne with Summer to celebrate his promotional. Sumer tells him that she and Theo broke up and that he should keep one eye open around Theo. Summer explains that she caught Theo snooping around Jack's desk and she got a feeling he was hiding something. Lola has champagne waiting for Kyle when he gets home and she bristles a bit when he said he already had a glass with Summer but she just tells Kyle they can make love instead of drinking champagne. Lola asks Theo if his break up with Summer had anything to do with Kyle and he assures her Kyle had nothing to do with the end of his relationship with Summer. Victor asks Summer to forgive him for letting her think he was dead and she says that she is trying her best to forgive him. Elena talks to Nate about Devon and how she fears he will never be over Hilary. Nate later talks to Devon who admits that when he sees Amanda he remembers Hilary's final days in the hospital and it has been very tough for him. Nate persuades Devon to talk to a grief counselor and Devon also promises to stay away from Amanda. Victor tells Devon he had Amanda investigated and he found out Amanda hired a company to erase her online history before Colin hired her. Victor gives Devon the file on Amanda and promises to catch Colin and his accomplice.

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