The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/11/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Quinn keeps Shauna company while they wait to see if Ridge and Brooke get divorced or not. Eric walks in and is flabbergasted to learn that Ridge and Brooke are contemplating divorce. Ridge and Brooke look at divorce papers that he brought over. She begs him not to let Thomas do this to them. They both love each other but can't get past the fact that he wants to forgive Thomas, and she wants Thomas to get help and stay away from her and Hope. She cries as she signs the papers and begs him not to file them. After he leaves, she hopes that one day he'll come back after he realizes who Thomas really is. Eric stops by, and she collapses in his arms in tears. They sit on the couch together and chat. Eric tries to console her. Meanwhile, Zoe phones Thomas to see what's going on. He seems surprised to hear from her but tells her to be patient. He thinks that things are finally going his way. Ridge goes to Forrester with the divorce papers, looking glum. Thomas sees the papers and pretends he's sorry about what happened between Ridge and Brooke. Thomas tells Ridge that he wants to help Hope with Hope For The Future. He gets the idea for a fashion showdown between Hope and Steffy's lines. Ridge promises to think about it.

Liam tells Hope that he's happy to be back working at Spencer as she plays with Beth. He's still not thrilled about the possibility of her working with Thomas. She tells him that she hasn't decided yet. She still wants to stay home with the baby. They argue a little bit. Hope thinks she can handle Thomas if she decides to go back. Hope goes to Forrester, where Thomas tells her about their parents getting divorced. She's shocked. Thomas tells her about the fashion showdown concept. He begs her to give him a chance as her designer. Also, Ridge goes home to find Eric, but he finds Shauna instead. She offers him support. He's very sad and drops the divorce papers on the table.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla confided in Marlena about ending her marriage with Steve. She was surprised that Steve was willing to sign the papers so easily. She also talked about moving on with Justin. Stefano texted Chad about not calling him on the phone. Chad didn't understand why he felt that way. He reminded him that they were on the same side. Abby convinced Gina that Eve may not have pushed Jennifer over the balcony. Gina decided to reopen the investigation. Abby was happy that she decided to do that. Ciara talked to Ben and told him that she was going to get Xander to confess that Victor got him to kill Jordan. Ben tried to stop her from doing that. She was determined to do it anyway. Abby went to the DiMera mansion and talked to Chad about Gabi firing him. She couldn't believe that Gabi would do that. Gina went home and told Stefano about Abby getting too close to finding out what happened to Jennifer. Ciara talked to Justin about Xander possibly killing Jordan. She told him how she thought Victor was the one who was behind it. She didn't want him to tell anyone that she was pretending to turn her back on Ben. She explained what she heard Victor and Xander said. Marlena told Sarah and Eric that their daughter had cancer. 

Eric wanted the details about Mickey's cancer. Marlena told Eric and Sarah that the cancer couldn't be removed. Sarah broke down in Eric's arms. Justin continued to warn Ciara that Xander is a dangerous man. Ciara told him that she was in this position because Victor wanted to keep them apart. She wanted to go to Victor directly to get him to confess. He told her that she wouldn't be able to get him to confess to it. He said he had another way to help her. Kayla looked at her wedding photo to Steve before throwing out the trash. Gina told Stefano about her conversation with Abby. Abby shared her theories about what happened to Jennifer with Chad. She thought it was hard to believe Hope didn't see the person who pushed her mother. Chad tried to make excuses for Hope, but Abby thought she was hiding something. She thought something was different about Hope. Chad thought it was strange that Abby implied that Hope tried to kill her mother. Ben had a thought about Xander showing up at his cell and telling him about kidnapping his child. Justin showed up at Kayla's place with his things. Gina told Stefano how she reopened the case so Abby couldn't find out what she did. He wanted to know if she thought that would stop Abby from investigating what happened to her mother. Eric wanted to know what could be done for Mickey. She wanted to discuss options. Chad suggested what Abby could do to find out if the footage was doctored or not. Xander ran into Marlena and wanted to know what was going on with the baby. She wanted to take him to her office. Eric asked Sarah if their baby was going to make it. She didn't know. He hugged her while she cried. Ciara told Ben that Justin was going to be his new lawyer. Stefano was convinced that Abby had something to do with Chad's attitude. He and Gina thought Abby was a thorn in their side. Stefano was willing to have Abby removed from Chad's life. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis tries to comfort Julian who is not in the right state of mind. Olivia and Lulu discuss Thanksgiving and Dante as well as Brook Lynn. Olivia tells Alexis she is dropping the charges against Julian due to all that is going on with Lucas. She wants him to be able to see Leo.

Ned confronts Brook Lynn as to why she fired Lois as her manager. Brook Lynn claims she wanted to get more opportunities. Ned accuses her of being stupid for signing a five year contract. Carly and Sonny fight over Joss going to see Mike. Michael sees if everything is alright between them. Harmony is released from jail and tries bonding with Willow. Nelle has Ryan stab her so she can get out of jail.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy gets upset with Victoria because she didn't include him in the planning of their Christmas vacation and he heads to his favorite dive bar to drink because its the only place he can be himself. Nick and Chelsea get into an argument because Nick feels Adam is taking advantage of the situation to try and get her back in his life. Connor isn't happy about Sharon's visit and later when she is gone he tells Adam that she wants to send him to boarding school. Connor also tells Adam Sharon told him the monster will return and nobody can do anything about it. Adam knows Connor is making things up and goes to speak to Sharon who suggests he and Chelsea tell Connor that his manipulation will not be tolerated. Adam later tells Chelsea about his talk with Sharon and Adam and Chelsea both decide that Connor's manipulation can't continue and they will find out the reason for his behavior together.

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