The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/10/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

The show didn't air due to congressional hearings.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate found Stefano at the loft. She told him that Chad wasn't helping him. Eli and Lani tried to stop JJ from killing Kristen. Lani let JJ know that he was a good man and that he would regret killing Kristen. Jack saw Gina while she was watching Jennifer and Abby at the Bistro. Jennifer remembered seeing Hope at the Bistro. Abby asked her if she saw Hope. Jennifer said Hope was there. Abby told Jack and Hope that she had a memory. Jennifer felt like she was going to faint. Gina asked Abby why she had to bring her there. Gabi wanted Chad to get out of her house. Stefano wasn't surprised that Chad lied to her. He realized that Kate couldn't handle working at the pub. She remembered how Gabi treated her when she started working at the pub. Stefano had reached out to her. Lani continued to talk JJ out of killing Kristen. She wanted him to forgive Kristen. Gina and Jack suggested that Jennifer go back to the hospital. Gina advised Abby to stop pushing Jennifer to remember what happened. Abby didn't think anything added  up. She told Gina that there was no sign of the flash drive and that someone took it. Gina said it wasn't relevant, but Abby didn't agree. She reminded Gina how she was there. She thought everything was strange. Kate thought about the first time she went to the loft. Gabi wanted Chad out of her house and out of her life. Chad reminded her that Kristen was his family and that she wouldn't give the shares to her. JJ said he couldn't forgive Kristen when she killed Haley. Eli told JJ that he could find happiness the way he did with Gabi. Kristen couldn't believe he found happiness with Gabi. She had to tell him the truth and thought Eli was too blind and stupid to see the truth in front of him. Lani begged her not to say something, Kristen couldn't keep quiet. Kristen reminded JJ that his mother woke up and that he should use that to be happy. She told him to pull the trigger if it would make him feel better. Kate continued to think about when she met with Stefano. In the flashback, Stefano had to prove to her that he was real. He was able to prove to her that he was Stefano. Chad told Gabi that he wasn't leaving the mansion. Gina and Abby went back and forth about what happened with Jennifer. Gina gave her version of what happened. Abby didn't think her story added up. 

Stefano told Kate that she could keep her job at the pub and still work at the pub. She wanted to know why she should trust him. Gabi reminded Chad how he left town the last time they were supposed to work together. Abby asked Gina how she didn't see the person who was with her mother if she heard the scream. Kate continued to flash back to when she first saw Stefano. Lani thanked Kristen for standing up for her. She thanked her as well. Lani wanted to know if she was ready to start the vows. Kristen decided to go home and reclaim everything. She wanted to know if she was going to let Gabi get away with stealing her man. Gina told Abby that Eve might have ran down the stairs, but she thought she should have seen her. Gina told her that she hadn't been a reporter long. Stefano wanted Kate to be his eyes and ears in Salem. Lani couldn't believe Gabi took Eli from her. Kristen wanted to go back to Salem so they could get what they deserve. They both took their habits off and left the convent. Gina told Abby that Eve was the perp and behind bars. Abby wasn't sure if the perp was caught and she wanted to protect her mother. Gina said there was only one thing left to do. She imagined pushing her over the balcony. Abby wanted to know what the one thing was. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Elena tells Devon that he needs to decide what is more important her or his obsession with finding his stolen money and finding out more about Amanda. Mariah talks with Devon later and tells him that he needs to show Elena how important she is to him. Elena apologizes to Amanda for treating her so harshly and promises to give her the benefit of the doubt because Nate made her see that she judged her before she got to know her. Phyllis asks Amanda to help her file a wrongful termination suit against Abby but Amanda tells her they wouldn't win the case because she has a bad reputation. Amanda's words really hurt Phyllis and she goes to Summer to tell her about what happened. Summer tells her Amanda is right and she loves her mother's take no prisoners attitude but it wouldn't be so bad if she showed people how kind and loving she can be so people wouldn't always think the worst of her. Abby admits to Chance that she hired actors to help her stage the robberies in order to be able to fire Phyllis. Chance tells her that he figured that out a long time ago and he is so impressed by her gutsy plan that he decides not to arrest her for her victimless crime. Abby offers Chance the job of head of security and he promises to think about the offer.

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