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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke continue to argue about Thomas and divorce. He wants her to forgive him, and she wants him to see that Thomas needs help. She thinks he's still dangerous. They argue more, and Brooke pleads with him to support her, not Thomas. Steffy is suspicious of Thomas when he says that he's changed. She can't believe that he's trying to get Hope to work with him. He swears that he's only about business now. Steffy lets him know that Hope can't stand him and wouldn't want to be around him at all if not for Douglas. Thomas doesn't agree. Later on, Thomas talks to himself, saying that he and Hope were meant to be.

Liam is not too happy to hear that Hope is considering working with Thomas. She just wants to save Hope For The Future. Liam in horrified when he learns that Thomas again used Douglas to try to influence Hope. Hope assures him that no matter what Thomas thinks, she could never want to be with him. Liam doesn't want her to work with Thomas but won't stop her. Shauna is down in the dumps because she thinks Ridge has gone back to Brooke. Quinn consoles her. Shauna doesn't understand how Brooke could let a great guy like Ridge go. Quinn puts down Brooke as Shauna muses on how she met Ridge. Quinn thinks Shauna is brave for risking her feelings.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Gina told Stefano how Abby demanded to see the video footage of Jennifer's accident. She was upset about it. Abby talked to Jennifer about being able to see the footage of her accident. Unfortunately, she didn't uncover anything. Jennifer said that she had a memory from the night she fell. Lani prayed to figure out how to forgive Gabi. She wanted to make sure she was doing the right thing by taking her vows. Eli showed up and was surprised to see Lani. JJ walked up on Kristen with a gun pointed at her. He wanted to take from her what she took from Haley. Lani wondered what Eli was doing there because no one knew where she was. JJ wanted to know what Kristen was doing dressed as a nun. He wondered if they knew she was a murderer. She told him that she turned herself over to God because of the terrible things she did. He told her that he was sending her straight to h*ll. Jennifer told Abby how she remembered everything up to when she fell off the balcony. Abby looked through the photos and saw how the flash drive wasn't there. Gina wanted Stefano to get his son to talk some sense into Abby. He told her that he was going to meet with Chad. Kate wanted to know what Chad was doing staying with Gabi. He admitted that he had a plan to take DiMera Enterprises back from Gabi. Chad told her that Kristen wants to dump her shares so Gabi sent Eli to get the shares. Gabi talked to Julie about how she sent Eli to find Kristen. She was afraid that Eli was in danger. Gabi explained what she was doing. Lani told Eli she was in a relationship with God. She thought he was there to stop her from being a nun. He told her that he wasn't there for her. JJ was prepared to kill Kristen because of what she did to Haley. Kristen thought JJ was high. He said he was, but it didn't matter. He still wanted to kill her. Kristen tried to talk him out of shooting her, but he refused to listen. Eli told Lani what happened since she left. He told her that he was with Gabi. Julie talked to Gabi about how she gave her Stefan's heart. She also talked to her about the way she felt about her for years. She admitted to Gabi that she regretted the way she treated her. Abby was surprised that there was no mention of the flash drive. Jennifer thought something was on it that would make Rolf try to kill her for it.

Lani was surprised that Eli was with Gabi. He reminded her that he was with Gabi before until she had him convinced that she cheated on him. He asked her if she expected him to be a monk after the way she dumped him. She told him that he couldn't with Gabi. Abby and Jennifer continued to talk about the importance of the flash drive. Jennifer wanted to call Hope. Abby told her that Hope wasn't thrilled with her investigating the case. Abby explained the way she acted. She wanted to wait before they go to Hope. Abby had an idea. She wanted to take Jennifer back to the Bistro to see if anything would come back to her. Gina told Stefano that Abby wouldn't find any evidence against her. She noticed that he wasn't paying attention to her. He was concerned about not hearing from Chad. He wanted to be out in the world instead of relying on Chad. Gina told him that he should hope that he doesn't let him down. He texted Chad and Kate looked over his shoulder and realized that he heard from Stefano. He wanted Kate to keep it confidential, but he's been in contact with Stefano. She was surprised because she thought he was dead. She didn't want Chad to keep secrets from Stefano. He didn't want him to know that Gabi got the best of him. Stefano didn't like how Chad hadn't got in touch with him. Abby took Jennifer outside so she could see the Bistro. Julie talked to Gabi about how she changed. Gabi thought she was still bad because of what she did to Lani. She told Julie how she made Lani get on her knees and beg for Stefan's heart. Gabi was surprised that Julie felt the way she did about Lani. Julie didn't like what Lani did to Eli and thought he did the right thing by being with him. Eli told him how he knew what it felt like to have real love with Gabi. Lani tried to stop him from being with her, but he wouldn't listen to her. He walked away from him. JJ was surprised that Kristen wouldn't fight for her life. She told him that she wanted to kill herself over it too. She also told him that if he killed her, he would absolve her of what she did. She told him about how she was when she was a good person. He still pointed the gun on her and she continued to tell him how wrong she was for what she did. She got down on her knees and told JJ to do what he needed to do to be at peace. She asked JJ to pull the trigger. Eli showed up and wanted to know what he was doing. Kate told Chad how proud Stefano was of him. He told her that Abby didn't understand why he wanted a relationship with his father. He wanted her to promise not to say anything about him talking to Stefano. Jennifer walked around the Bistro to try and remember what happened that night. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Trina takes inventory of everything at the gallery and Ava shows up. She explains that she is feeling better after everything that had happened in the past couple of days. Ava has Trina and Cam go get hot chocolate or something. Griffin shows up and the two catch up and say sorry to one another. Nina and Valentin have lunch and Nina learns about the break in. She goes to see Ava and tells her that it is time they expose and take down the Cassadine boys once and for all.

Jax kicks Nikolas out after the Hayden incident. He has no desire to work with someone like him. Nikolas refuses to leave without his ring. Valentin bangs on the front door to speak with Jax. Anna and Peter catch up. Anna knows that Peter is up to something. Peter runs off claiming a publishing emergency. Franco starts his surgery and a hitman goes after Franco and Andre.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

The show didn't air today, due to congressional hearings.

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