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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

John told Brady that Stefano probably sent Marlena the flowers. Brady thought Kristen might be with him if he's alive. Kristen asked Lani if she was ready to go through with the oath. Lani seemed like she had some doubts about taking the final step. Kristen was sure it was the right thing to do. Eli talked to Gabi on the phone about finding Kristen in Rome. He was convinced he could get her to sign over her control in DiMera Enterprises. She wanted Kristen's shares so she could take down Chad. JJ was watching Eli in the background. Chad showed up in Gabi's office and she wondered what he wanted. Sarah kissed Xander when he was leaving. They ended up on the bed preparing to make love. Marlena noticed that Mickey had a fever. Chad and Gabi argued over him wanting to go to Kristen to get her stocks. Kristen thought about when she had her baby and Haley brought her to them. Kristen felt she would have been a different person if her baby had lived. Eli got help trying to get to Kristen. He walked off so JJ was about to follow him when someone he thought was Haley stopped him. JJ told Haley's ghost that he was going to find Kristen. Brady and John continued to talk about Kristen possibly being with Stefano. Lani confided in Kristen that she still loved Eli. She wondered what would have happened if she told him the truth. She thought he would have been mad at Gabi. Chad and Gabi continued to talk about them trying to get Kristen's shares of the company. He wanted to use the company jet to get out to her. They continued to argue. Gabi ended up firing Chad from the company.

Sarah was grateful that Xander was willing to move so she could protect Mickey. She realized how much she and Mickey meant to him. They continued to make out. Kayla talked Eric and Marlena about the fever. He told her how Kayla wanted to admit her to the hospital. JJ was convinced he needed to kill Kristen. Haley tried to stop him, but he refused to wait. Kristen and Lani continued to talk about whether Lani was really going to go through with the final ceremony. Chad put Gabi on notice about what would happen if he found Kristen. Sarah and Xander arrived at the hospital and wanted to know what happened to Mickey. Sarah reminded him she was a doctor too. Kayla wanted to take them to see her, but Eric didn't want him to be there. Brady thought about what would have happened if Kristen hadn't lost the baby. Kristen wondered if Lani was hiding at the convict. Kristen wanted to pray with Lani. Eli called someone and told him that he was going after Kristen. Eric demanded that Xander leave the hospital. He reminded Eric that he took care of her when she needed him. JJ was in Eli's hotel room. Haley said not to kill in her honor. Marlena advised Xander to leave the hospital. Xander refused to listen to her. He wanted to be there for Sarah. Sarah and Eric were with the baby. Gabi knew that Chad was after her so now she declared war with him. Chad told her that he was going to enjoy watching her go down in flames. Lani prayed for guidance. She wanted to know how she could forgive Gabi for ruining her life. Eli showed up at the chapel and saw Eli. Kristen was praying outside when JJ showed up with a gun. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Finn asks Elizabeth if she knows anything about Hayden's current location. Elizabeth claims to have no idea but will inform him right away if she finds out. Peter asks Elizabeth if she is alright. Elizabeth just isn't sure how to act in this situation. Anna tells Robert to leave Finn alone. He isn't the issue. Robert still thinks that Peter is though. Finn and Violet show up and Robert bonds with Violet. Peter makes a phone call to kill Franco and Andre if need be. Anna walks over to Peter. 
Carly and Sonny hire Griffin to look at Lucas. Griffin confirms the diagnosis given. Sonny asks if Griffin can check on Mike's information. Griffin explains to Sonny that Mike is not going to get better. He suggests a study being done. Sonny wants him in it. Ned calls Lois to find out what is going on with Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn takes the fall for the turkey that Monica clearly stole. Franco finishes the tree house with some finishing work done by Jason. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby fires Phyllis after Chance's people find out she installed a back door to the hotel's Wi-Fi so she could monitor Abby and Chelsea's computers and other devices. Abby tells Phyllis that she committed an ethical breach of her contract which gives her the right to fire her. Phyllis leaves telling Abby she will stay in her suite and hopefully they can talk again when Abby is more calm. Phyllis later talks to Nick and advises him to break up with Chelsea because she is taking him for granted and doesn't deserve to be with him. Abby and Chance have a drink and he tells her that he thinks that the hotel robberies are an inside job and later Chance is shocked when he bumps into Abby and her purse falls to the floor and spills out everything that has been stolen from the hotel. Connor tells Sharon he has figured out a way to stop the monster by saying "you can't beat three Mom, Dad, and me" Connor says this is helping him and she doesn't have to come visit him anymore. Sharon shares this information with Adam and Chelsea who are so happy that Connor feels better. Adam and Chelsea talk and think that since Sharon has helped Connor so much she should come over more often but they are unaware that Connor is listening at the top of the stairs. Connor looks very determined and says "Sharon Sharon go away we don't need you here one more day you can't beat three Mom, Dad and me."

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