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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to Gina to find out information about Jennifer's fall. She was convinced that Eve was innocent. Gina tried to explain to her why Eve looked guilty. Abby wanted to see the footage of the fall, but she said she couldn't see it. Rafe wanted to know why she couldn't see it. Jennifer talked to Marlena about what was going on with JJ. She asked Marlena if she could help JJ. They ended up talking about what Nicole did to Eric. Eric talked to Roman about Nicole keeping the truth from him. Roman tried to convince Eric to forgive Nicole. He couldn't believe she made him miss so much of Mickey's life. Abby told Gina that Roman said she could see the footage since the case was closed. Rafe said they have enough evidence against Eve. Abby explained what Eve said to her. Rafe wanted to know why Gina had a problem with Abby watching the footage. She said she was thinking of Jennifer. Sarah told Xander that Eric will allow shared custody on one condition. Eric wants Xander out of the baby's life. Eric was walking Mickey in the town square and ran into Brady and Nicole. 

Nicole wanted to talk to Eric, but he walked away from her. Brady left to talk to him. Brady reminded him that Nicole loved him. He couldn't get over the fact that she lied to him. Sarah explained the terms of Eric's conditions. Xander didn't think Eric could win. He wanted to call Eric's bluff. She didn't want to take the chance with Mickey. Xander thought Eric was being selfish. She told him that Eric believed he was keeping Mickey safe from Xander. Eric believed he was the reason why Mickey was kidnapped. Marlena wondered when Jennifer was getting out of the hospital. She hoped to get out by Christmas. Marlena hoped Gina would leave too. She explained that Gina moved into the penthouse with John and won't leave. Gina continued to use Jennifer as a reason not to pursue looking at the footage. Brady tried to convince Eric that he and Nicole could get over what happened. Sarah thought the kidnapper wanted money from Xander. She wasn't sure why anyone else would take Mickey. He thought about the text he received. Xander decided to go after Eric. Jennifer assured Marlena that Hope wouldn't go after John. She trusted her with her life. Abby was finally able to convince Gina to let her see the footage. After Abby left, Rafe wanted to know what was going on with her. Rafe explained the weird way that Gina has been acting lately. Gina appreciated his concern and reminded him that they weren't married anymore. She wanted him to focus on his job. Marlena expressed to Jennifer how different Hope has been acting. Jennifer was sure she would leave as soon as her house was gone. Eric continued to tell Brady how much she hurt him. Brady asked him what he was going to do about Holly. He said that he would be there for Holly, but he was finished with Nicole. Eric walked away just as Nicole showed up. Xander changed his mind about going after Eric. He didn't want to make things worse for Sarah. He realized that he did so many things that could be used against her. He decided to walk away from her. He wanted to put her happiness first. Sarah kissed him before he left. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Brad wakes up and refuses to leave Lucas' side. Epiphany and Bobbie both try to convince him otherwise. He is very angry and begs Lucas to wake up. Julian is given permission to see Wiley. Michael and Willow talk about everything going on as Sasha goes to pick up food at the Metro Court.

Nina goes to see Ava and finds her to be completely out of it. Ava claims to have seen Nikolas which Ava doesn't believe until she finds a Cassadine ring on the floor. She thinks they need to work together. Valentin and Martin break into Ava's storage room and Nikolas does in a mask as well. Nikolas makes a run for it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Devon talk to each other about their current problems in their personal life and give each other moral support. Connor tells Sharon not to come visit him anymore because he has come up with a way to make the monster go away he just says "You can't beat three Mom and Dad and me" Adam fears that he has passed his dark side onto Connor but Chelsea assures him that isn't true because he is a good dad. Sharon tells Adam and Chelsea what Connor told her and suggests they get a professional therapist because Connor doesn't want to talk to her anymore. Abby fires Phyllis for finding as back way to listen in on everyone's conversation using the hotel's wi-fi. Phyllis tells her that since she is part owner of the hotel she will keep her hotel suite. Connor listens in from the top of the stairs as Adam and Chelsea talk about scheduling ,more visits with Phyllis and he says "Sharon Sharon go away we don't need you here today you can't beat three Mom and dad and me."

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