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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Ridge and Shauna sit in a cozy way by the fire in the Forrester mansion. Quinn walks in the front door quietly, with her shoes off, but they don't hear her. She watches them for a second, and they kiss. He rmouth drops open, shocked. She smiles and then goes upstairs. Ridge figures he should go in to the office, and Shauna wishes him a good day. At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Liam that he wants him to shake up the "Eye on Fashion" magazine. Liam doesn't want to be in conflict at work with Wyatt. Bill assures him that Wyatt has other projects going on and has a new jewelry concept he wants to do as well. Liam wonders to them why Wyatt hasn't given Sally a real ring. Bill thinks he has cold feet. He and Liam are both worried about Wyatt. Outside Bill's office, Sally protests to Wyatt that she only called him "Liam" because they had just been talking about him and welcoming him back to Spencer. Wyatt wonders if there isn't another reason, since she used to be in love with Liam. Sally assures Wyatt that he is her knight in shining armor, not Liam. Wyatt insists that she be honest with him because she doesn't want to be with yet another woman that would prefer Liam. Sally thinks that they're both just scared to move forward after being hurt so many times. She asks what she can do to prove to him that she only has eyes for him. She suggests they run off to Vegas this afternoon to get married. Wyatt doesn't think that's a good idea. Sally tells him that he's her everything and that they're going to get through this.

Ridge goes to work. He's sitting on the edge of the desk on the phone with Steffy when Eric walks in. Eric tells him not to sit on the desk and asks how Brooke is. Ridge tells him that he was talking to Steffy, not Brooke. Ridge praises how good of a CEO Steffy is. Eric thinks that Ridge should let Steffy run things, so he can concentrate on his marriage. Ridge isn't too sure they have one any more. Eric questions him about why he and Brooke are not together any more. Ridge implies that he's got Shauna to help him get over Brooke. Eric isn't surprised, and he can't give Ridge much advice about marriage except to not hurt Brooke. Back at the Forrester Mansion, Quinn and Shauna chat over coffee. Shauna asks her if it was difficult learning how to live like a rich person. Quinn replies that she always acted rich, even when she wasn't. Shauna is surprised that Quinn had the house staff stock all of her favorite foods. Quinn asks her about Ridge. Shauna tells her nothing is going on because he's still married. Quinn encourages Shauna to go after Ridge. Shauna asks Quinn not to tell Eric or anyone about what's been going on with her and Ridge. Quinn notes that miracles can happen and points to her and Eric as an example. Shauna says that she would choose Ridge over all of the wealth and fine house. Quinn worries that Ridge will go back to Brooke, the love of his life. Shauna says she'll be content to be the love of the rest of his life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde tried to kill Will so Ben interfered. Ben stopped Clyde by fighting with him over the knife. Clyde ended up stabbing Ben. Eric went back to the apartment and he saw Nicole there. He let her know that he wasn't staying there anymore. Ciara tried to drill into the lock box to find out what Xander did. Sarah interrupted her by asking her what she was doing. Ciara lied to her about what she was doing. Victor wanted to know if Xander had turned that evidence over to the police. He assured Victor that the letter was gone. They talked about what they did and how "he" is in jail now for what they did. Will helped Ben because he was bleeding. He called out to the guard for help. The guard showed up and wanted to know what happened. Clyde told the guard that Will stabbed Ben. Will told the guard that he was lying. They went back and forth about what happened. Will wanted the guard to ask Ben about it. Victor and Xander continued to talk about who was sending the texts about what they did. Eric reminded Nicole about what she did. She wanted him to give her another chance. She promised to make it up to him. He didn't think she could. She apologized for what she did, but he said it was too late. Eric refused to listen to Nicole when she poured her heart out to him. She made the mistake of telling him they were happy together and he snapped. She started crying and he walked away. Xander continued to tell Victor that he was the only father that Mickey knew. Victor reminded him that he warned him not to get involved with Sarah. Ciara and Sarah talked about Eric being Mickey's father. Sarah left so she could get back to what she was doing.

Brady ran into Victor and they had it out over him giving Xander his job. Xander and Sarah spent time with the baby. He was going to miss calling himself her father. Sarah said he could still do it. Eric showed up and wanted to talk to Sarah about Mickey. Clyde told Ben that he blamed Will for the stabbing. He wanted Ben to back up his story. The guard went to the infirmary and asked Ben what happened to him. Sarah told Eric that Mickey was getting a tooth. He told her that he didn't miss one first in her life. She tried to explain why she lied to Eric about the baby, but he didn't think her reason was good enough. Xander went to see Nicole to find out why she ruined both of their lives. The guard asked Ben what happened to him. Ben told the guard that Clyde didn't stab him on purpose. He told the guard that he wanted to stab Will. Ciara got the box open and started to look through it. Brady wanted to know why Victor fired him. He apologized to him for letting him go. Brady didn't stay with him. He walked away. Nicole wanted Xander to stop yelling at her. Xander basically didn't understand why she had to grow a conscience now. She didn't want to keep lying to him. He told her that Eric was with Sarah going over custody. She was surprised he was still with her. Eric and Sarah went back and forth about her lying about the baby. He wanted to know the truth and was upset that she didn't say anything to him. He was mad that Sarah kept the truth from him. She wanted Eric to forgive Nicole. She told him that she asked her not to say anything. He didn't care. Ben and Ciara talked about her opening the box. He didn't want her to do any more. She was determined to prove his innocence. Nicole and Brady talked. She wanted to hang out with him. Sarah was willing to do a fair custody arrangement. He agreed one condition. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny gets a call from Kristina to come see her at the hospital. Jax is left alone with Carly who goes after him for going after Sonny. Jax knows he shouldn't have. Carly tells him that he needs to move past this situation and expose Nikolas. Kristina tells Sonny what happened with Alexis and Kendra.

Neil and Julian find Alexis after Kendra has crashed. Neil confirms that Kendra has died. Julian goes to help the other car. He sees Brad and Lucas in the car and tries to get Lucas out. Alexis finds Kristina and tells her that it wasn't her fault. Curtis asks Sonny for advice on marriage. Willow takes a pregnancy test with Sasha's support.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

A windstorm puts Genoa City into a blackout and people get stuck together to wait for the lights to return. Victoria gets stuck with Rey in her office. Rey tells her that her warehouse manager confessed to stealing from the company and everything that's was stolen has been returned. Billy gets stuck with Amanda at a bar where he tells her most of the time he feels like he is playing a part in a play and just doing what people tell him to do. Nick and Phyllis get stuck at his house where they take a trip down memory lane and play video games while the wait for the lights to return. Adam and Chelsea try to calm Connor who thinks the monster is inside the house. Adam thinks that it is his fault Connor is struggling but Chelsea tells him he has become a loving devoted father to Connor.

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