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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Ridge and Shauna exchange sweet words after kissing. Shauna is amazed at how great her life has been lately. Ridge tells her that she makes him smile and makes all of his worries disappear. She assures him that it's enough just to be there with him and that he can take things slowly. He agrees, saying it's a little soon. They sit on the couch, her leaning in his arms, holding each others' hands. They talk some more about their new relationship, and then she tells him that she loves him. Meanwhile, Brooke has Katie and Donna over to her house. Brooke and Donna tell Katie how great she looks (after her transplant). Katie feels great and it enjoying her life with Bill and Will. Katie is grateful to Flo, but Brooke won't forgive Flo for what she did to Hope. Brooke tells them that Hope is now co-parenting Douglas with Thomas. They're shocked that he signed the papers. When Ridge's name comes up, Brooke also tells them that they aren't together any more. She confides that all they do is fight over Thomas. Brooke gets very annoyed when Donna tells her that Shauna is living at the Forrester guest house. They all figure that Shauna is making a play for Ridge. Brooke questions whether she is doing the right thing, but her sisters assure her that Thomas is the one to blame, not her. Brooke still maintains that she made one mistake, which was to take off her ring. They discuss it some more. Brooke tells them that she has been trying to contact Ridge, but he won't answer her calls or texts. She knows that Shauna is taking advantage of the situation.

Bill, Justin and Wyatt welcome Liam back to the company. Bill hugs Liam happily. Wyatt wants to know exactly what he and Liam will be doing in the company together, but Bill just wants to savor this moment. Emmy comes in with a gift basket for Liam of healthy snacks and such. Liam thanks her. Bill jokingly calls the guys the "Three Stooges," so they make Three Stooges jokes and sounds. Emmy says that Bill has been less meddlesome since Liam has been gone. She also makes a flirtatious joke about Bill. Bill gets serious and tells them how grateful he is to have them all there as his crew, his family. Bill and the others are shocked to hear that Thomas and Hope are sharing custody of Douglas. Liam asks Wyatt about when he's going to put a ring on Sally. Wyatt isn't sure yet about their future. Bill thinks that Sally isn't the right girl for Wyatt, which makes Wyatt annoyed. Liam tells Wyatt that he's lucky to have Sally because she's so great. Wyatt agrees but feels that Sally is holding back part of herself. Just then, Sally appears. She welcomes Liam back, too. Bill tells Wyatt and Sally that they should get a ring if they're serious about being engaged. Wyatt and Sally look very uncomfortable. Later, Wyatt tells her what they were talking about. He wonders why she hasn't been pushy about getting a ring or making wedding plans. She figured it was unattractive to act that way, but he assures her that she couldn't be that way. She jokingly pushes him to take a stand, but she calls him "Liam," which shocks him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde taunted Will in his cell. Justin wanted Kayla to move in with him. She was surprised by his offer, but he reminded her that they were crazy about each other. Marlena told John that Sami wasn't the one who sent the flowers to her. Marlena thought a patient might have sent her the flowers. John wanted to look up her patients and see who's name started with an "S". She suggested calling the florist to find out who sent them. John told her that there was one more person who could have sent them. She knew he meant Stefano. Steve (thinking he's Stefano) wasn't too thrilled with the picture that Gina painted. Kayla was surprised that Justin expected her to have an answer to his question. Justin reminded her how much they meant to each other. Marlena didn't want to believe that Stefano sent the flowers. She told John how she and Steve saw Stefano. John thought it was possible that he was the one who did it. Gina told Steve that she tried hard on the portrait. He wasn't happy that he had Steve's body and face. Marlena was afraid everything was starting over again. She wondered what he would do to them, but John refused to let him chase them. Gina reminded Stefano of all the illnesses he had before he died. Gina told him that he was being ungrateful about having a new body. Ben was glad that Mickey was away from Clyde's guy. Ciara told him that she fished Xander's note out of the fireplace. She thought it meant a confession. Will didn't want to see Will. He asked the guard to take Clyde back to his cell. He reminded the guard of everything he did for him. Will refused to say anything else to him. Clyde asked Earl to unlock the door. The guard unlocked it to let Clyde in Will's cell. John wanted to get his team ready to take on Stefano. Marlena thought it could be anyone who sent her the flowers. She didn't think she had a secret admirer. She told him that he has the secret admirer. She told him about Gina having a crush on him. Steffy wasn't happy that Steve's smug look was on his face. Justin asked Kayla again about moving in with him. She wished she could, but didn't think it was a good idea. Ciara wished she had got to the mansion sooner so she could have seen the note. Will wanted to know what Clyde wanted. He just wanted to visit with him. 

Kayla didn't want to hurt Justin, but she wasn't ready to move in with him. John told Marlena that Hope doesn't want him. Marlena told him that Hope was going out of her way to let her know about her special bond with him. Gina told Stefano about the things that he did to break up Steve and Kayla. She also told him how he didn't show up for Adrienne's funeral and how he sent Kayla divorce papers. He said he didn't send Kayla the divorce papers to sign. He didn't care. He wasn't in love with her. He wanted his queen of the night. Stefano was convinced that his love for Marlena was enough for him. Stefano was convinced that he and Gina could get Marlena and she could get John. Clyde told Will that he wanted to kill him. Ciara promised to get the proof that Victor and Xander killed Jordan. Stefano was afraid that he and Gina were going to get in trouble. She reminded him that she was the commissioner. Marlena and John wanted to find a way to confirm if Stefano were really alive. Ciara went to the Kiriakis mansion to look through Xander's things. Will promised Clyde that he would keep his mouth shut. Clyde used his shiv to kill Will. Clyde showed up to help Will. Kayla invited Justin to move in with her. Abe was with John and Marlena and they tried to figure out if Stefano was really alive. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny is not doing well after they had to send Mike home after he had a freak out. Joss plays poker and Carly gets angry that she is going to swindle Dev, Michael, and Sasha out of money. Monica tries to have the "perfect" Quartermaine family thanksgiving by calling Epiphany to secretly steal the food. Franco shows up and watches as Brook Lynn causes a scene with everyone. They end up having pizza and singing the traditional song.

Neil and Julian realize that Kendra is related to Kiefer. Kendra drugs Alexis so she cannot move but is awake. She puts her on the road and plans to run her over. Brad and Lucas argue in the car and Brad admits that Wiley is not their child but Michael and Nelle's.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Devon learned that Colin escaped and that Chance had been pulled off the investigation due to his personal involvement in the case. Devon wanted someone to answer for scamming him. He and Elena had a disagreement, because she thought seeking revenge was beneath him. They quickly made up.

Chance helped Abby set a trap for the hotel thief, and they chatted and she got to know him. Their trap failed, and another hotel room was robbed. Amanda looked at a satellite map on her phone and may have been tracking something or someone. Amanda told Nate that her face was a factor against staying in Genoa City, but she hadn’t made a decision. Nate hoped Amanda would trust him enough to tell him why she shut down her law office in Madison. Devon and Elena were angry when they saw Nate with Amanda. Amanda had enough of the argument and left. Nate defended Amanda and refused to cut ties with her.

Victoria closed a big deal for Newman. Billy felt uneasy because he didn’t know what to do in life, and Victoria tried to help him find a fulfilling path. Chelsea told Nick she was moving in with Adam to help Connor. She didn’t believe Nick’s theory that Adam was manipulating the situation. He didn’t like her choice, but he accepted it. Nick and Victoria talked about Chelsea and Billy. Billy told Victoria he was going to see Jack, but he really went to a bar. Billy met Amanda, then he helped her fend off a man’s unwanted advances. He declined when she offered to buy him a drink to thank him. Victoria called Billy, and he ignored the call.

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