Tuesday 11/26/19 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Thomas surprises Steffy, walking in without knocking. He claims that he didn't want to wake Kelly. She demands to know where he's been because they've all been worried. He says that just now he was with Hope, and he thinks she sees him differently now. Thomas tells her what happened. Steffy is dubious that Hope sees him differently now. He admits that he thinks he might still have a chance with Hope (and her with Liam).

Ridge is still very angry that Brooke lied to him about thinking Thomas was dead (for a day). Brooke tries to get him to focus on the fact that Thomas is alive and well, but he's too mad. She assures him that she didn't wish any harm on Thomas, but he's not so sure. They go back to arguing about why she won't forgive Thomas. He feels that he doesn't trust her now, or even recognize her as the women he married. He tells her that they're done. She tries to talk him out of it, but he's had it. He leaves, and she cries. Meanwhile, Hope tucks Douglas in and tells him that it looks like he'll be spending more time there with her. He's happy to hear it. Thomas comes by, so he and Hope tell Douglas the good news: that they're sharing custody.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani told Kristen that Gabi was the reason why she left Eli at the altar. Gabi kissed Eli and wanted to soak in the tub with him. He told her about his run in with Abby. Nicole thought about what happened when Eric proposed to her. Brady showed up and saw Nicole crying. He hugged her. Eric went to the Kiriakis mansion to help find Mickey. Maggie told him that she was found. He wanted to know where to find Sarah. Maggie told him that she was with Xander. Sarah was thankful to Xander for bringing Mickey back to her. He kissed her. Nicole told Brady that Xander wasn't the father of Sarah's baby and that Eric is the father. Eric wanted to see Sarah. Maggie tried to stop him from going upstairs. Eric told her that Xander's not Mickey's father and that he was her father. Sarah and Xander stopped kissing when Mickey started crying. JJ walked up on Julie telling Abby that Haley passed away. JJ corrected her by saying Kristen murdered Haley. Lani continued to tell Kristen what Gabi did to her. She told Kristen that Gabi wanted to make Eli hate her and now he does. Eli told Gabi how Chad left his computer open so anyone could have seen it. Nicole continued to tell Brady about what happened with the baby. Eric told Maggie that Nicole confessed to him about the baby and wanted Xander to stop playing daddy to his baby. Maggie couldn't believe that Sarah lied to her. Eric told her that Nicole, Sarah, and Xander lied to him. He wanted to see his daughter. Xander apologized to Sarah for kissing her. She said it was just a kiss. He told her that it wasn't a kiss to him and that he loved her. Julie assured JJ that the family would be there for him. Abby was glad he met her since he wouldn't answer her calls. JJ explained how he was hurt thinking about Haley. Abby didn't like being the one who told him that Haley was killed. Kristen couldn't believe Gabi did what she did to Lani. She got heated and had to calm down about it. Brady was shocked that Nicole kept the secret. She admitted that she kept the secret for herself and not to help Sara. She did it for herself. She also told him about the proposal and how she couldn't marry him without telling the truth. Nicole mentioned that she had no right to keep the truth about Eric. Eric stormed in the room and asked for his daughter. 

Lani talked to Kristen about how much she hated Gabi. Eli and Gabi talked about what Chad and Abby could be hiding on the laptop. Eli told her that Abby told Chad that he was looking at the company. Kristen tried to defend Lani. Lani reminded her that she didn't mean to kill Haley. Nicole continued to feel bad for the kidnapping. Brady told her that the baby was found. Eric demanded to see the baby. Xander tried to get Eric to leave, but he refused to go. He demanded to see the baby, but Sarah wanted her to get Mickey or he would get her himself. Mickey was crying so Maggie wanted to know what happened. Eric demanded to see the baby. Sarah said she would bring her downstairs. JJ told Abby how Kristen didn't go to prison after what she did to Haley. Abby told him that it was ruled an accident. JJ couldn't believe that Kristen didn't feel guilty for what she did. JJ wanted to know if Kristen was in contact with Kristen. Abby wanted to know why he wanted to know. Brady continued to assure Nicole that things would be okay. Eric didn't want Xander around when he saw Mickey. Xander said he was there for her and that he was her father. Eric reminded him that she was his baby. Eric held Mickey. Gabi realized that Abby was after her. Eli assured her that he wouldn't let Chad and Abby get to her. They kissed each other. Kristen talked to Lani about how she knew her happiness with Brady would be over once she lost the baby. She told her what happened when she buried the baby. Lani thought Brady still loved her. Kristen knew he didn't love her. She mentioned how things wouldn't be the same for them so she left. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu runs into Dustin in the hallway at the high school and the two make plans to take Rocco to the thanksgiving parade. Charlotte begs Valentin to let her go back to school next week. Valentin doesn't want her. Lulu says she can. Charlotte sees a picture of Nikolas on her phone.

Nikolas tells Hayden that he can give her a new identity somewhere else. Hayden doesn't want to do that. Hayden is upset over the concept. Martin goes to visit Laura and Jax and gets information on the two of them with his tablet. He tells Valentin about this. Dev tells Trina and Cam about him being from Turkey. They agree to say nothing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam and Chelsea struggle to decide if they should do what Connor's school principal suggested and home school him or just take him out of school for the year until he heals from his traumas. Abby and Chloe are thrilled to have two guests who chose the hotel because of all the crime that has occurred there. Abby and Chloe rush to help the two guests lose their very valuable jewelry without involving the police since they don't want their husbands to find out the jewelry was stolen. Chance and Cane confront Colin and demand he tell the truth. Colin tells Chance and Jill that Cane was the mastermind of the con to take Devon's inheritance. Cane tells Jill and Chance his father is lying and he will clear his name and prove that his father was the on behind the con.

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