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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

Hope is still shocked to see Thomas is still alive. She tells him that she was in hell, thinking that she'd killed him. He assures her that he only fell into a vat of cleaning solution. Thomas confesses that he pretended to be dead so that she could see good people sometimes do bad things. She's horrifed that he manipulated her yet again, but she realizes that she does understand now, a little bit of what he was feeling when he kept the secret about Beth. Brooke comes in and is astonished to learn that Thomas is alive. Thomas is surprised that she's so relieved. Brooke gets a little annoyed that he's comparing their keeping this secret to the one he's kept for months. She lets him know that she was planning to tell Ridge what happens. He urges her to go tell Ridge now what's happened. Brooke thinks Thomas should go with her (because she doesn't want him alone with Hope), but Hope assures her that she's fine. After Brooke leaves, Thomas tells Hope that he hopes she can forgive him now that she knows a little bit about what he went through. He assures her that their custody agreement is still intact and that she can file them.

Shauna is in no hurry to leave, hanging out in the Forrester mansion with Ridge, even though Brooke is expected to stop by. Shauna comforts Ridge, since he's worried about Thomas. She listens to Ridge go on and on about Brooke and Thomas. She leaves, and then Brooke arrives a little bit later. She tells him that Thomas is fine. She explains the whole story about why Hope thought he was dead. Ridge is livid that she lied to him for 24 hours about his son being dead.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric proposed to Nicole. She was surprised that he did it. He wanted her to make him the happiest man in the world by agreeing to marry him. Abby caught Eli using Chad's computer. He tried to explain that he was checking security on his computer. She assured him that he would be able to figure out what's going on. Chad thought he was meeting with Stefano, but he saw Rolf.  Xander talked to Gina about the letter he wrote. He wanted her to read it. Ben and Clyde were talking. Ben wanted Rafe to call off the kidnapping. Clyde didn't want to do that. Ben let it slip that he knew the guy working with Clyde. Ray grabbed Ciara when she tried to get Mickey. She hit him with a plant so he would be knocked out. Nicole couldn't marry Eric. Nicole didn't want to marry him when she had a secret. Ciara disguised her voice and told Rafe about Mickey. Sarah wanted to go, but Xander advised her to stay at the station. Sarah hoped that it wasn't a dead lead. Gina told her that Xander gave her a letter. Clyde asked Ben if he told someone about the kidnapping. He thought that would have been a big mistake. Clyde got a text from Ray. Abby wanted to know what Eli really wanted with Chad's computer. Eli told her that he could trust Gabi and that she shouldn't trust Chad. Chad demanded that he see Stefano. Rolf told him that Stefano didn't promise that he would see him. Chad wondered if Rolf was trying to become Stefano. Eli tried to make it seem like Abby shouldn't trust Chad. She refused to let him get access to the computer until Chad return. Clyde got a text he didn't want and had to leave. Rafe and Xander found Mickey in the park. Sarah wanted to know if Hope was going to read the letter. Gina had to leave and gave Sarah the letter. Nicole told Eric how much she loved him. He said he loved her too. She admitted that she was selfish. She said she kept him away from Sarah. Eric told her that Sarah knew Nicole was the love or his life. He said that Xander was the father.

Nicole explained how Sarah and Xander lied about her having his baby. Eric was surprised when he fond out he was the fire. Sarah was about to read the letter when Rafe and Xander brought Mickey to the station. Ciara when to see Ben in prison. They talked about how Xander and Victor were behind what happened to Mickey. Gina went to the loft and realized that Stefano was missing. Rolf warned Chad to keep Abby in line since she forced the meeting with Stefano. Chad went home and talked to Abby about what happened at the meeting with Stefano. He told her about it. Nicole continued to tell Eric about Mickey. He wanted to know how long she knew about the baby. She told him that she knew for a year. Chad assured Abby that he loved her. Chad told her that Stefano wanted to help them get rid of Gabi, but it had to be on his terms. Clyde demanded to know if he told Ciara about the plan. Ciara eavesdropped on Sarah and Xander talking about the kidnapping. Eric wanted Nicole to admit to what she knew. She apologized to him and asked for forgiveness. Chad and Abby talked about what was going on with Gabi. Eli was eavesdropping on their conversation. Sarah was with Mickey and Xander showed up. She was grateful for everything he did and she felt like he was her father. Eric couldn't understand how Xander could raise his child and Nicole didn't say anything to him. He wanted to find his baby. He put the ring down and walked out the door. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny go to visit Mike and he doesn't recognize Sonny, Carly, or Stella at all. Stella leaves them alone to have quality time. They thank Stella for all she has done. TJ asks Alexis permission to marry Molly. Alexis thinks that Molly wouldn't like that. She still gives it though. Stella tells TJ that there is a lot of bigotry he will face being married to a white woman but she will be at the wedding in the first row.

Franco tells Monica that he will be going through with the surgery. Monica later tells Elizabeth that she has no idea if the surgery will even work. Julian finds out that Franco isn't with Kim and thinks that he played her along. In detention Trina and Cam question who Dev really is.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

In this special episode, marking Peter Bergman’s 30th anniversary on the Young and the Restless, Jack remembered key moments in his life through flashbacks. Dina, Jack, Ashley, Traci, Billy, Abby and Kyle gathered to celebrate the completion of Traci’s memoir on the history of the Abbott family.

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