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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope hugs Thomas and starts babbling if he is all right. He assures her that he is. Brooke and Ridge separately think of each other but do not call. Shauna comes in and interrupts. She said she just wanted to get out of the guest house for a while. Actually she could have made an excuse but she really hoped she would see him. He seems pleased. She asks if there is anything he would like to talk about. He says he lost his son so maybe he has pushed it too far already trying to get his family together. And there is Brooke. They cannot find a compromise. She is there moving chess pieces around. He says he is not trying to make excuses for him. Thomas was awful but he is trying to be better but they won’t let him. Brooke keeps hearing Hope tell her the version where she pushed Thomas and now he is gone. Brooke picks up her phone again and tells herself she has to tell Ridge the truth. Hope cries she does not understand. She pushed him and when she returned to the vat it was empty. No more Thomas. She babbles on and on how this could happen. It does not make sense. He says he is sorry. He should not have put her in that position. He was wrong to try to force her to see what he wanted her to see. He says he does not remember everything but he does remember coming to in the vat and hearing people say the acid had been removed and another cleaning solution was removing the damage. So if the acid was still there he would not be standing here with the most beautiful girl in the world. Ridge explains that Thomas gave away his rights, well at least full. They have shared custody, that is California law. The only information he has is from Brooke and Hope and that is not good. He has not heard from Thomas and he knows he wants another shot at Hope but they all know how she feels.

The call comes through from Brooke and she says she needs to talk to Ridge about his son and it has to be face to face. Hope freaks when she realizes that Thomas was alive but he chose to let her think he was gone, putting her in agony. She’s been a wreck all this time. She did not know what to do so she told her mother. She says she is sorry she pushed Thomas but he was trying to kiss her and she wanted to get away. He keeps saying he is sorry he put her through all of that. But he had to make a point. Even good people keep secrets. He said it was a spur of the moment thing and he wanted her to know how he kept the secret about Beth. When he pulled himself out of the vat he realized they both had a new lease on life. He went way too far but he has shown how much he loved her by even giving her shared custody of Douglas. She means so much to him and he hopes he means something to her. Custody of Douglas is the greatest gift he could give her and now she knows who he is.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Eric asks Sarah why she said she was terribly sorry. Sarah says she has to tell him but Eli comes in to offer his help in the search for baby Mickie. Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and questions Xander about the kidnapping. Ben explains to Will how Clyde had Sarah's baby kidnapped to use as leverage to get out of prison. Will wants to go to the cops but Ben gets him to see that it could only make things worse. Chad and Abigail talk about preparing to meet with Stefano. Princess Gina warns Stefano not to meet with Chad because it could jeopardize all they have worked for. Ciara goes to Ray's house where Mickie is being held and convinces him that Clyde sent her to help with the baby.

Xander joins Sarah at the police station where Eric tells him he's sorry that he's being kept from his daughter despite their bad blood. Chad and Abigail talk about their plan to take down Gabi until Eli walks in and questions what they were talking about. Chad says it was a private conversation while Eli notes that anything in the DiMera Mansion is his concern. After Eli leaves the room, Chad gets a message from Stefano to meet at the Salem Inn. Princess Gina goes to the police station to pretend to be Hope to deal with the kidnapping case.

Eli calls Gabi to tell her about working on the kidnapping while planning to find out what Abigail and Chad are up to. Eli tries to look at Chad's laptop but Abigail catches him. Chad goes to the Salem Inn to meet with Stefano. Will tells Ben that he believes he's innocent and didn't kill Jordan. Ciara gets Ray drunk and tries to take Mickie when he passes out but he comes to and stops her. Xander goes to "Hope" to turn in his confession. Eric goes home and proposes to Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

This will be late.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Phyllis have fun talking about past Thanksgiving memories and playing video games. Nick is disappointed when he gets a text from Chelsea telling him she needs to spend the night with Connor at Adam's place. Devon and Elena count their blessings and realize that Devon shouldn't be sad about losing his grandmother's money to Cane. Nate and Amanda have a nice dinner and decide even though they want to be more than friends they should just have a friendship for Devon's sake. Jack decides to return as CEO of Jabot and make Kyle and Lauren Co-COOs. Jill confronts Colin who insists he was just trying to do the right thing by making sure Katherine's wishes were honored. Jill knows he is probably running a .com but she can't resist Colin's charm and they make love.

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