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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

The show didn't air today

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Eric shows Roman an engagement ring and tells him that he plans on proposing to Nicole tonight. Clyde sends Xander an anonymous text message from prison, telling him that he'll get his baby back when he admits what he did. Xander argues back and forth through text messages while Sarah tells Maggie about Mickie being kidnapped. Maggie and Sarah head to the police station while Ciara hides behind the living room door to listen in when Xander brings Victor into the room. Jack and Kayla talk at the hospital about Kayla and Justin being together. Jack goes off on Steve for abandoning her and supports Kayla and Justin as they are making each other happy. Jack and Kayla talk about waiting for the right time to tell Jennifer that Adrienne has died. Justin visits Jennifer in her hospital room. Jennifer tells him about having a dream of the night she fell from the balcony but she couldn't remember anything new. Jennifer asks about Adrienne, leading Justin to realize that Jack had not told her, so Justin informs Jennifer that Adrienne died six months ago which shocks her.

Xander and Victor argue about what to do about the text messages. Victor warns Xander of the consequences if they reveal what they did. Clyde texts that Xander sent an innocent man to prison and orders him to write a signed confession and take it to the police department if he wants his baby back. Victor warns Xander not to make a mistake he can't fix. Ben and Clyde continue to argue over using the baby like this. Ben wants Clyde to promise to return Sarah's baby as soon as Xander confesses but Clyde reveals he plans on keeping the baby longer because it's not just about getting Ben out of prison, but getting himself out as well. Jennifer can't believe Adrienne is dead while Justin fills her in on Will being responsible and now being in prison. Justin reveals to Jennifer that he and Kayla are now romantically involved which upsets Jennifer, who lashes out at he and Kayla for getting together so soon after Adrienne's death. At the police station, Sarah tells Maggie about how she considered an abortion when she first found out she was pregnant.

Eric got a text that a kid he counsels at the Horton Center got arrested so he goes to the police station to check on him when he runs in to Maggie, who tells him about Mickie's kidnapping. Ciara calls Ben to update on him what she's heard while eavesdropping on Xander and Victor. Ben tells Ciara that Clyde has no intention of giving the baby back and pleads with Ciara to go to the police instead of trying to handle it herself. Justin and Kayla talk about all the change being too much for Jennifer. Jennifer cries to Jack about Adrienne's death and regrets how she reacted to Justin and Kayla. Ciara decides she must find Mickie and bring her home. Xander reluctantly writes his confession and says he's doing it for Sarah and Mickie even if it means losing them both. Eric goes to encourage Sarah in the interrogation room. Sarah cries to him that she's so terribly sorry so he asks what she's sorry about.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

This will be late.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick meets with Simon and tells him to not tell the police that Chelsea owed him money and also to stay away Chelsea and Connor or he will be sorry he heard the name Newman. Simon later calls his lawyer and tells him to set up a meeting with w Feds because he has information about Colin. Nick and Chelsea have a serious talk about their relationship but it gets cut short when Connor calls her in the phone because he had another nightmare. Tracie tells Jack their book will be finished in a few days and he wonders what his next step should be. Billy tells Jack he resigns from Jabot because being CEO isn't for him. Jack feels his world is turned upside down when Ashley texts him that Theo has accepted her job offer in Paris. Abby confronts Phyllis about giving herself remote access to all the computers and devices in the hotel. Abby fires Phyllis tells Abby she will sue her and Abby says she is not at all worried about what Phyllis will do.

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