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B&B Recap Written by Suzanne

(THIS AIRED 11/19 IN SOME AREAS) Brooke tries to cover with Ridge about Hope's saying that Thomas is dead. Hope is very upset still. Brooke asks about the hydroflouric acid at Forrester. Ridge doesn't know why she's asking about that, but he says that it's gone - like it was never there. Ridge's main concern is finding Thomas, so he leaves. Brooke breathes a sigh of relief, but Hope still feels guilty that she killed Thomas. Hope gets very upset, and Brooke tries to reason with her about what happened. Hope wants to tell the police or Ridge what happened. Brooke doesn't think that's a good idea. Hope doesn't agree that she should keep the truth hidden. Brooke is just worried about what will happen to her. Later, Hope goes to Thomas's former bedroom in Brooke's house and talks to him, upset. She tells him that she's so sorry. She is shocked when he turns up alive and hugs him, sobbing, grateful.

Quinn shows Steffy some jewelry she's been working on. Steffy loves it. Quinn wonders why Thomas hasn't gotten back to her because he needs to look over some of her designs. Steffy hasn't heard from him, and neither has Ridge. Quinn finds that interesting because she knows that Thomas and Douglas didn't come home last night. Steffy informs her that someone did drop Douglas off at school, and it was probably Hope. Quinn learns about the shared custody deal. Quinn observes that Thomas has been acting better lately, around the Forrester mansion, but she's appalled that he gave up half of his parental rights. Ridge arrives, so Quinn tells him that she needs to hear from Thomas about her designs. Ridge tells Steffy how concerned he is about Thomas and how guilty he feels for not being a good father. She assures him that they love him and that Thomas is a grown man who makes his own choices. Steffy is shocked and disgusted when Ridge tells her that Thomas offered to let Hope have custody of Douglas in exchange for sex. He tells her the rest of what Thomas did last night (the parts that he knows).

Days Recap Written by Joseph

At the prison, Eve insists to Abigail that she's being framed while they argue back and forth about Jennifer being pushed off the balcony. Clyde tells Ben that he got him leverage by having Xander's baby kidnapped while Ben is upset and doesn't want an innocent baby involved in this. Xander catches Ciara in his office where she was trying to break in to a locked briefcase. Ciara claims she was just dropping off papers so Xander asks to see them but then he gets a call from Sarah, who is in a panic over Mickie being kidnapped, so Xander rushes out to get to her. Princess Gina tells Stefano that meeting Chad could ruin all of their plans. Sonny and Chad have brunch at the DiMera Mansion where they talk about Chad believing Stefano is still out there and Sonny's loss of Adrienne and his situation with Will.

Rafe goes to the town square to get Sarah's statement on what happened while Xander arrives to console her. Rafe calls "Hope", who is police commissioner again. Ben calls Ciara, hoping she can stop Sarah's baby from being kidnapped but Ciara tells him it's too late and she will see what she can find out. Clyde assures Ben that they won't get caught when Will interrupts and questions what they are plotting now. Clyde and Will end up arguing with each other until Ben breaks it up while Clyde warns Will that he can make life uncomfortable for him in prison. Rafe and "Hope" go to the police station to talk about Mickie's kidnapping. Ciara shows up and offers to help but Rafe tells her it's a police matter so they will handle it. Sonny tells Chad about talking to Evan recently which Chad questions if it was a date. Sonny assures it was not and he's not looking for anything more than friendship.

Abigail tells Eve that she will investigate who pushed Jennifer off the balcony. Xander promises Sarah that they will find Mickie. Will goes back to his cell and looks at his photo of Sonny. Sonny calls Evan to ask if he wants to go out for a drink. Eve tells Hattie that after talking to Abigail, she has hope for the first time in a year. Abigail returns to the DiMera Mansion and sees that Chad won the chess game. Chad then gets a message back from Stefano that they will meet tonight. Rafe convinces "Hope" to go over the security footage from the town square with him. Ben tells Clyde to give Sarah's baby back but Clyde says it's already done and time for the next step. Xander and Sarah go back to the Kiriakis Mansion. Ciara shows up to comfort Sarah while Xander gets a text message that he'll get his baby back when he admits what he did.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

The show didn't air today.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The show didn't air today.

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