Tuesday 11/19/19 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/19/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she knows this is a lot for him to accept. He asks Hope if she has seen Thomas or knows where he is. Steffy admires some of Quinn’s jewelry and they get around to the fact that Thomas and Douglas did not come home last night. Steffy tells her that Hope is now Douglas’s legal mother. Ridge gives a quick kiss on the cheek to Brooke and says he is going back to his dad’s and see if he can find any answers as to where Thomas is. He leaves without Hope saying a word the entire time. Brooke tells her she was so afraid Hope would slip and say something. Hope fires back that she should have. Ridge is looking for his son and he is not going to find him. She killed him. Ridge goes to the office and Quinn tells him she can do no more until she speaks with Thomas on a matter of one of his gowns. Ridge counters with that he does not know when Thomas will be in the office but he will let her know when he does. Brooke tells Hope to calm down. Thomas brought all of this on himself that caused her to push Thomas into the vat of acid. Hope says Douglas trusted her. He loves her as his mother and now she has killed his father. Brooke tells her to stop and think a minute. Ridge had told them that the vat and acid has been cleaned up. So there is no traces of Thomas now. As horrible as it sounds, he is all gone. Hope says it sounds like she is saying again to just keep quiet. Brooke says of course. There is nothing there now to point all of this to Hope. She is a good person and just got her own life back. She would lose her baby. Thomas was chasing her around the building being very aggressive and she had to defend herself. Hope says it is going to be awful but she has to tell them all the truth like she should have done earlier.

Ridge tells Steffy that he had faith in his son but now it looks like he might not have been as good in getting better as he thought. He goes through it one by one that Thomas set it up to sign the papers in exchange for... Steffy is aghast that Ridge is trying to say sex. Ridge says when that did not work, he arranged another meeting here at Forrester with one last dinner with Douglas. It played out he did sign the papers but quickly got rid of Douglas in a storage room and wanted again to celebrate with Hope. She was afraid for both herself and Douglas and ran. No one has seen Thomas since. He says Hope might be a lot of things but she is not a liar. She will be the death of his son yet. Steffy says maybe he is just laying low because he is embarrassed. Ridge says Thomas is too emotional and vulnerable and it is all because of him when he was not there for him when younger. But it’s done and they will have to support Thomas. He knows his way home. Almost in the dark, Hope holds a picture of Douglas and Thomas and cries as she asks what will happen if she goes to jail. Douglas will have lost three parents in such a short amount of time. She will never be able to forgive herself. She tells Thomas she is sorry. Suddenly she looks up and in through the darkened door walks Thomas. She cannot believe her eyes but runs into his arms and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Abigail and Chad waited for a response to Stefano on his one condition to meet. He wrote back, challenging Chad to a virtual game of chess through their laptops where if Chad won then they would meet face to face. John convinces Marlena to let "Hope" stay with them a little while longer which makes Princess Gina happy but Marlena is not thrilled about it. Xander goes with Sarah to have baby Mickie's first Christmas card photo shoot while Ciara stays behind at the Kiriakis Mansion to search through Xander's briefcase. Eve is in prison with Hattie Adams and they try to come up with a way for Eve to get out. Ben receives a visit in prison from his father, Clyde Weston. Ben tells Clyde that he did not kill Jordan and mentions his belief that Victor had Xander do it. Clyde suggests he better find a way out since he only has one appeal left.

Princess Gina returns to her lab where Stefano is playing virtual chess with Chad. She tells him about her day and about Marlena being back while she continues painting his portrait. Marlena tells John of her worry that "Hope" was trying to seduce him but John assures that was not the case and he only has eyes for her. Marlena then exits to go visit Will in prison. Eve calls Abigail from prison and says they need to talk. Xander and Sarah walk through the town square after the photo shoot where Sarah thanks Xander for how great he has been with Mickie.

Ciara searches Xander's office until Xander comes back in. Abigail goes to meet Eve in prison and tells her this better be good. Chad defeats Stefano in their virtual chess game and asks when and where he will see him while Princess Gina questions what Stefano is going to do now since he was not ready to reveal himself. Ben tells Clyde he does not want his help but Clyde says he felt he would refuse so they'll just say he owes him one. Ben questions what the hell Clyde did. When a woman drops her money in the town square, Sarah stops to return it to her but when she turns back around, Mickie is gone from her stroller.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Haden shows up at Kim's apartment and tells her that she is renting it. She just wanted to do some measuring. Kim gives her a tour. The two bond for a moment before Kim says goodbye. Franco tells Elizabeth that he will have the surgery. Elizabeth is beyond grateful to him. Lucas demands to know what Brad did. Brad claims he did nothing and has been the one pulling their marriage together but won't say why.

Julian talks with Brook Lynn about Brad because she won't leave the bar. Julian gives her car and realizes she could have made more money elsewhere. Brook Lynn is not a hooker and is offended. She walks out. Brad shows up begging to be let in but Julian turns the lights off.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate and Amanda prepare for the medical board hearing by practicing Amanda's opening statement and Nate's remarks to the board and Amanda is sure that Nate will not lose his medical license. Lyle has a long talk with Mariah about Billy's mood swings and how he is being treated at work by Billy. Mariah advises Kyle to give Billy the benefit of the doubt. Kyle also tells Mariah that Summer has been very supportive of him and she thinks Summer still has feelings for him but Kyle insists Summer is past that and they are just friends. Summer encourages Theo to take the job offer in Paris and he is a little disappointed because she didn't ask him to stay. Lola advises Theo to take advantage of the opportunities the Abbotts can offer him but never lose the sense of who he is and Theo tells Lola that is exactly what he needed to hear right now. Chance runs a diagnostic check on the Grand Phoenix security system and tells Abby someone installed a back door into the system so that it can be operated remotely and Abby is very worried for her customers as well as determined to find out who put her hotel in jeopardy. Nate wins his case and doesn't lose his medical license and he gives Amanda a hug. Theo decides to accept the job Ashley offered him in Paris.

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