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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge works with his models when Steffy walks in and says wow if that is Thomas’s designs. She wonders where he is. Hope is in another panic that she killed Thomas. Brooke takes her by the shoulders and says he was a bad person. No he did not deserve to die but he was in the midst of trying to trade sex with her for Douglas. Liam walks in and says he has cleaned up all his stuff so he is leaving to work for Spencer. Both Steffy and Ridge give him a bad time about still being under contract but Ridge finally says if it will keep this place clean without Bill coming over with his musk and hair products, then so be it. They will allow him to go. He tells them something happened last night with Thomas. He was not mistaken as it was Thomas’s signature, but Hope is now co-parent. Ridge is livid that despite his trying Hope has now taken Douglas away. Liam says no, Thomas did not give up his rights. Ridge says Thomas loves that kid so Hope is stealing him away. Liam says no stealing. Yes there were better options but she is not stealing Douglas. And for him all bad things as it puts Hope in Thomas’s life forever. Hope keeps repeating that she has to tell Ridge and Steffy. They have to know. Brooke keeps saying that Thomas lost control and she had to fight back, get out of that situation. It’s terrible that he is gone but... Hope cries that she is Douglas’s mother now but she killed his father. She has ruined everything and her life is over. She will be taken even from Beth. Brooke says Hope has to be careful but she is not going to let Thomas ruin her life all over again. Hope cries that her mother is asking her not to tell the truth.

Ridge asks Liam what is it going to take for him to realize that his son made mistakes. He loves Hope but he is trying to make amends. But neither Hope nor Brooke will let him. He starts to storm out and Liam asks where he is going. Ridge says over there; as long as his son is breathing he will try to help him from those that are attacking him. Steffy tells Liam the only thing she knows is this place will never be the same without him. He says he wishes all this angst and drama was gone and he meant what he said earlier that he wanted Beth and Kelly to spend more time together so he will be bringing Beth over more. Hope thanks her mom for trying to protect her but Thomas is dead because of her and someone is going to find one little shred of evidence to place her there so she has to tell Ridge now. In walks Ridge and rants that he knows where she has been. He cannot believe she did that to punish Thomas. Brooke tries to stop him from talking to Hope like that. But Hope chimes in that yes Douglas lost his mother and now his father. She cries that Thomas is dead.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Marlena surprises John and "Hope" by coming home early. John is thrilled to have his wife back while Princess Gina/"Hope" is distraught. Marlena tells "Hope" that she is going to have to find somewhere else to stay because she and John will want to reconnect alone. Kate visits Will in prison and encourages him not to give up. Will tells her about how he told Sonny not to visit anymore because he could tell it was killing him to see him. Kate urged that Will killing Adrienne was an accident while Will felt all that mattered was that Adrienne was dead and he's the reason. Sonny spends time with David's nanny Evan in the town square. Sonny opens up to Evan about everything he's going through dealing with the fact that his husband killed his mother. After Abigail had sent a message back to Stefano from Chad's computer saying they can't communicate unless it's face to face, they got a response from Stefano, who knew that Abigail had sent the message. Abigail took Chad's computer to send an angry message back which she and Chad argued over until Jack walked in. Kayla and Justin have dinner together at home, talking about how they ended up together and recalling how they were there for each other after Adrienne's death and when Kayla received her final divorce papers from Steve.

When Chad goes to check on their daughter Charlotte, Abigail tells Jack that she is working on a developing big story as she is now working for him at the Spectator. Before she can tell Jack what it is, Chad comes back then Jack ends up leaving. Chad questions if Abigail was going to tell Jack about Stefano while Abigail tried to explain that it will be a big story but Chad convinced her that if they are going to take down Gabi, they need Stefano. Jack goes to see John and Marlena to return the hourglass they gave him one year ago.

Sonny and Evan finish eating together and agree to go out together sometime. Justin and Kayla talk about Doug and Julie supporting them and not caring if people don't like them being together as they kiss. John and Marlena go to be together while Princess Gina calls Stefano to tell him that Marlena is back so they need a different plan. Chad convinces Abigail to send a nicer message back to Stefano, then they get a message back that he will meet face to face on one condition.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam's trial starts and Spinelli shows up for support. Diane tries to argue that the other lawyer is not on time but he shows up and is constantly overruled on the subject matter. The judge has a same day verdict. TJ tells Finn and Elizabeth about his idea that rat poison could have been given to Alexis. Finn has it tested and he is right. Alexis texts Kendra that she will be ok.

Franco tells Kim that he is going to give the operation a try and try to get himself back for Elizabeth's sake. Kim cannot handle it but says goodbye. Franco goes to speak with Elizabeth. Brad tries to make a deal with Julian. Julian ends up flirting with Brook Lynn who he has never met at Charlie's. Obrecht threatens Lucas and Brad and Lucas demands to know what is going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy arranged to open another Jabotique without Kyle’s input, which angered Kyle because Billy had recently railed at him for making a unilateral decision at work. Billy felt that Kyle hadn’t earned his job, and Kyle accused Billy of being on an ego trip. Chance told Devon and Elena that he had nothing to do with hiring Amanda or contesting Katherine’s will. Devon confronted Cane and accused him of conning him out of his inheritance, but Cane maintained his innocence. Jill called Cane to report she’d tracked Colin to the Maldives. Chance booked a flight to the Maldives, and Cane tried to convince Chance not to go, which made Devon more suspicious. Elena tried to convince Nate that Amanda was a scammer, but he didn’t believe it. After Connor didn’t connect with his new therapist, Adam had Sharon come talk to him. Sharon felt Connor needed more time with both parents.

Billy admitted to Victoria that he’d been irrationally angry at Kyle. He went to therapy to get to the root of the issue, and he came to a realization that he’d been sabotaging himself long before Delia died. Billy apologized to Kyle, who didn’t know what to think of the sudden shift. Chloe was there for Chelsea while she wrestled with guilt and fear over Simon. Nick vowed to protect Chelsea. Chelsea refused when Nick suggested they move Connor back in with them. Nick did not agree with Victoria when she advised him to put some space between him and Chelsea. Adam thought it’d be good for him Chelsea and Connor to spend time together. She agreed and went to his house.

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