Friday 11/15/19 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/15/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Doug and Julie go to the former Doug's Place which is newly renovated and now known as Julie's Place. Kayla comes in to pick up her food order and talks about her new relationship which makes Doug and Julie glad to see her happy again. Eli and Gabi talk about getting over their past relationships and being together again as they have sex on the couch, while Gabi's phone accidentally gets stuck on the app that controls Julie's pacemaker, causing Julie's heart rate to briefly go up but Kayla is there to check on her. Lani and Kristen are nuns at a convent where Kristen encourages Lani to talk about why she really left Eli. John comes home to Princess Gina, who is still pretending to be Hope. They are living together now because Marlena left town to join a psychiatric panel which Princess Gina secretly funded so that Marlena would leave while Hope's house was flooded so John convinced "Hope" to move in with him. John talks about missing Marlena but is glad to have "Hope" around. Brady and JJ argue about Kristen. JJ notes that Kristen pushed Haley down stairs which killed her and was never charged for it. Brady assures that he doesn't know where Kristen is now as he continues to apologize and tells JJ to call him if he ever needs anything. Brady adds that JJ isn't the only one who lost someone since he lost his baby as well.

John and "Hope" have wine together and get close talking about their friendship while she says she doesn't want to make him uncomfortable. When John leaves the room, she pours wine on herself so that she will have to remove her shirt. JJ vows to find Kristen to make her pay for what she did to Haley. Lani talks to Kristen about those who sinned against her and tells her that she hopes Gabi burns in Hell for what she has done. Eli and Gabi join Doug and Julie at Julie's Place where they are informed about Julie's brief pacemaker incident earlier. Kayla goes home where it is revealed that she and Justin are now together after Adrienne's death and they kiss.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

TJ and Neil attempt to find something in Alexis' house that could be making her sick but come up with nothing. Julian goes to see Alexis and tells her that there are tons of dead rats that he thinks Olivia has been leaving. TJ and Neil later visit her and TJ thinks that rat poison could be the cause of her illness. Kim has a heart to heart with Monica before she leaves town with Franco.

Franco goes to Jason to talk about the actual Franco and his life. He wonders if he should not be here and Franco should be. Jason thinks that he has the right to choose. Jason goes to visit Monica. Sonny tells Cam that he cannot drink or do stupid things. Elizabeth and Scott discuss everything.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby is worried because all of her guests have canceled reservations because of the hostage situation being on the news and she thinks Phyllis is to blame for not doing her job. Phyllis goes to Adam's penthouse and sees him talking with Chance . Phyllis tries to get information from both Chance and Adam about how they became friends in Vegas but neither man tells her anything since they know she is trying to get information out of them. Adam tells Phyllis to leave and that he wants nothing to do with her because now he has to concentrate on making sure he helps Connor past his traumas. Once Phyllis is gone Chance tells Adam that he has to control Phyllis or she will become a problem for both of them. Nikki and Jack try to come up with ideas on how best to handle this scandal with the press so it won't hurt Nicks campaign but no good idea is coming to them. Nick and Chelsea have a long talk a d then Nick calls Jack and Nikki that he is going to tell the press that he is quitting the campaign because his family is more important to him.

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