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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy drops in on Ridge while he is draping one of the models. He says it is not his, but Thomas’s. She says she is impressed how much time he has been putting in on these and it shows. Ridge says Thomas ought to be here but he must have been caught up at school. In the doldrums, Hope sits at Brooke’s and all she can think about is the splash of acid she heard when Thomas fell in the vat. She won’t tell Brooke more as she has already made her an accessory. Liam comes in and wants to know what is wrong. Hope is like in a stupor and won’t or can’t talk. Liam is shocked when he sees the papers and realizes she has full custody as Thomas signed the adoption papers. Ridge tells Steffy that Douglas made it to school on time but there is no Thomas. No one knows where he is. Charlie and Jake come in and say both of them need to come to the storage area. Ridge has no time for such nonsense now but they insist. Liam tells Hope that he is not trying to freak her out but now she will be at Forrester without him since he is going to be working at Spencer Publications. She will be there working with Thomas. He keeps touching Hope and asking if she is okay and she nods. When he leaves, Hope tells Brooke that Thomas cannot be a problem as he is dead and she is responsible. Charlie walks Ridge and Steffy through the stages of the cleaning of the vat. Charlie says it will be ready again to use safely very soon. Ridge says fine, just be sure no other employees are down here or anyone gets hurt. Hope keeps beating upon herself how stupid it was of her to think she could trick Thomas. Brooke says Douglas is safe at school and that is all that matters now. She just has to hold on. Hope says no, Douglas will never forgive her. She wanted to be his mother but now he will never see his father again because of her.

Ridge tells Steffy that the hazmat team is doing good work and no one is at risk and it will be over soon. Now they need to find Thomas. He calls to leave a voicemail to come to the office. Brooke keeps telling Hope she did nothing wrong. Thomas was dangling Douglas in front of her in exchange for sex. Hope says everything went wrong though. Thomas took Douglas away last night so he could be alone with her. Then she realizes he had signed the papers and was relieved. But Thomas wanted to celebrate then. She realized Douglas was all alone in some storage room so she ran. Thomas followed and put his hands on her and she shoved him and he fell in the vat. She cries that she pushed him and then went back with a flashlight and he was not there. Brooke shakes her by the shoulders and tells her to stop it. She is scared too. Hope says it is just a matter of time before someone will find some little trace of a piece of cloth or something that Thomas was in the vat. She says there is only one thing she can do. She needs to go to Ridge and tell him that she killed his son.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Princess Gina is painting a new portrait of Stefano while talking to the unseen Stefano DiMera in the room with her. Gabi walks in on Chad and Abigail in bed, reminding them that she owns the DiMera Mansion which makes Abigail want to move out immediately as they talk about what Gabi did to them in the past but Chad says they can't move out. Eli and Abe talk about Lani and how Eli resigned as police commissioner a year ago. Abe invites Eli to come back to the police department since Lani has left town but Eli says he has moved on. Roman and John talk at the Pub about John and Marlena having a rough time with Will in prison and Marlena worried about Arianna. Brady talks at the AA meeting about losing his child and Kristen until JJ snaps and tells him to shut up then storms out of the meeting. Eric goes after JJ to try to talk him down but JJ ends up punching him.

Brady talks to Maggie about believing Kristen would change and falling in love with her again but says he should've known she would break his heart. Chad reveals to Abigail that he has been in contact with his father Stefano DiMera for the last few months. Abigail is doubtful because Chad has yet to actually see or speak to him with their only communication being through instant messaging. Chad tells her that Stefano wants him to help him take down Gabi. JJ apologizes for punching Eric. John tells JJ that he's there for him then Eric tries to get through to him again but JJ says he just needs to be alone. Princess Gina says she knows Stefano and Chad are plotting to take back what's rightfully his. Eli is now the new head of security for DiMera Enterprises, working for Gabi who is CEO again with Tony gone to Europe. Gabi tells Eli about her worries that Chad and Abigail are plotting something.

John runs in to Abe and they talk about worrying for their children Lani and Brady. John then goes home where he finds Princess Gina inside lighting candles at the dinner table. Chad tells Abigail that he's sure it's Stefano but Abigail decides to send a message from Chad to Stefano that they can't communicate anymore unless they meet face to face. Eli tells Gabi that he talked to Abe about Lani then Eli and Gabi end up kissing. Brady catches up to JJ outside and tries to apologize but JJ shouts that Kristen murdered Haley so he will never stop hating her or Brady. Lani is dressed as a nun at a church where she is joined by Kristen DiMera, who is also dressed as a nun, and they begin to pray together.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Trina asks Joss why she would ever want to leave Sonny's house when it is so big and cool. Joss thinks that Jax's house is cool too. It also doesn't have Oscar attached anywhere. Joss asks Carly why she looks so rough. Carly claims she was up all night with Donna. Trina goes to her internship. Sonny takes Avery to see Ava. Trina later visits Ava and Ava calls her Kiki. Carly argues with Sonny to be nicer to Jax.

Jax threatens and yells at Nikolas. Jordan shows up and tells Jax about Cassandra dying. Jax later blames Nikolas but Nikolas is convinced that Valentin did it. Valentin and Nina ask Charlotte why she went with Cassandra. Charlotte was worried about Nina going to jail. Lulu shows up with Laura and they talk about a man that Charlotte saw. Nina needs Lulu and Valentin to get along better.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chance thinks Simon, the will challenge, and the person impersonating him are connected so he asks Amanda to send him all the information she has received from the person claiming to be him. Summer returns and tells Kyle she won't choose sides between him and Theo. Theo and Summer have sex because they missed each other. Billy and Kyle argue about a work decision Kyle made and Jack insists they work it out together. Chance and Abby flirt and Hate looks jealous when he walks in on them. Chelsea and Adam promise to trust each other to help Connor get over his traumas. Adam tells Chelsea to tell Nick the truth about the Simon situation and Chelsea tells Nick everything later and she worries that it will hurt his campaign. Phyllis is not surprised to find Adam and Chance talking at Adam's place when she arrives to see Adam. Ashley and Theo bond because they both feel like outsiders in the Abbott family so she offers him a job in Paris which upsets Jack very much.

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