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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge visits Steffy and plays with Kelly, but says Thomas needs him now. Douglas is not going to lose his father. Hope takes Douglas to Brooke’s. Before they go in he asks if his dad will be here as she said she was going to take him home. Hope tells her mom Douglas might be staying for a sleepover. Brooke is surprised but says things must have gone well with Thomas for him to agree to that. She asks him about his dinner and he enjoyed that but says his dad took him away to a room to play video games before he had dessert. Brooke questions Hope about that of why Thomas would do that and leave him all alone. Hope says she would never have left him alone but Thomas said he made arrangements. Hope keeps seeing Thomas falling into the vat. Douglas says he is pretty tired so they agree to put him to bed. Brooke will tuck him in and Hope will go home but come back and they will discuss everything. Ridge asks Steffy how did she know that Thomas and Hope were having dinner tonight. She says through Liam and it was important that the girls spent more time together as sisters. Ridge doesn’t care where Liam works. He can sit and stare at Bill Spencer all day if he wants to. He’s just glad that he is still in Steffy’s life.

Hope returns and Brooke wants to know what happened tonight. She opines that Hope looks all stressed out. Hope starts with that Thomas did sign the papers. Brooke says she should be celebrating since this is what she wanted so badly. Hope starts crying and Brooke tries to get more details out of her. It takes forever but Hope says Thomas told her to forget about Douglas. He had other expectations. He even said Douglas was in storage and she did not know what that meant. She ran out and down the hallways into a storage area on the catwalk. Thomas showed up and cornered her and put his hands on her trying to get her to go back to the office and celebrate with him. She ended up pushing him to get away and he fell overboard into a vat……not with water but some sort of acid. She does not think he is alive. Ridge tells Steffy that Brooke made it very clear tonight that she did not think Thomas could raise Douglas even though they were all living together now. He mentions they took off their rings and he would gladly put them back on if she would just accept his son. Steffy says it sounds like Thomas will always be dead to Brooke. Ridge says then they do have a problem. Thomas is his son and will never be dead to him. Hope continues how the last few minutes played out. Thomas fell in the vat of acid. She found a flashlight and skimmed the vat and saw nothing. The acid had eaten the body. She cries that she killed Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

In prison, Ben tells Will that he's innocent and suggests the possibility that Rafe or Victor could have killed Jordan. When Will doesn't believe him, Ben points out that Will knows what it's like to take a life now too so he's no better than him. Sonny and Rafe watch Arianna and David at the park along with David's new nanny Evan. Sonny, Rafe, and Evan encourage Arianna after she is teased by other kids. Evan ends up inviting Sonny out to a restaurant but Sonny says he is meeting Justin so maybe another time. Victor praises Ciara's work at Titan and promises her a promotion. They talk about Ciara being done with Ben which makes Victor happy. Eve is in prison for Jennifer's fall off the balcony with Justin as her attorney. Justin tells Eve that Jennifer has woke up, which gives Eve hope that she will be cleared. Jack tells Jennifer that Eve was the one who pushed her off the balcony but Jennifer can't remember seeing Eve at that time. Princess Gina, pretending to be Hope, joined Jack and Jennifer in the room and encouraged Jennifer to move on from that night with Jack.

Jack gets the wedding bands he had made from the Loretta ship wreckage and Jennifer's wedding ring to put on her finger and wish her a happy anniversary. Justin goes to the hospital to check on Jennifer but runs in to Princess Gina, who pretends to be Hope and insists to Justin that Eve is guilty because the surveillance footage shows her. Justin calls Eve and tells her that Jennifer does not remember the fall which infuriates Eve, who swears Jennifer will not get away with this.

Princess Gina goes back to the lab, talking about how Jennifer doesn't remember anything, noting that Dr. Rolf doctored the surveillance footage to put Eve in it, but points out that Jennifer could regain her memory while it's revealed she is talking to a man in the room holding a cigar similar to Stefano DiMera, whom she refers to as Steffy. Ciara goes to visit Ben in prison and tells him that she pulled the trigger on their plan to trick Victor in to believing she has given up on Ben in the hopes that she can prove Victor killed Jordan. Will remains in prison, saying he's so sorry to Sonny for what he did. Sonny meets Justin in the town square and they talk about it being a year since Justin and Adrienne were married. They can't believe that Adrienne is now dead as Sonny reveals that Will was the one who killed her!

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Maxie sit in the questioning room with Laura and Jordan as they try to figure out where Cassandra and Charlotte could possibly be. Robert shows up and wants to get to the bottom. of this. Peter comes in and tries to offer support but Robert is not having it. Jordan asks Laura about the assignment that she and Curtis are working on. Laura cannot talk about it right now though but it is not about Cassandra.

Nina and Valentin try to figure out what their next move will be. Cassandra holds Charlotte hostage and Anna shows up. Anna tries to get Charlotte to go free. Charlotte makes a run for it and Jason finds her and beats up the guard going after her. Cassandra goes free off a boat and calls Valentin. Valentin says goodbye and the boat explodes. Carly goes to question Jax about why he doesn't want Joss there. Nikolas reveals himself. Carly will keep quiet but thinks Nikolas is playing him. Finn and Hayden discuss telling Violet the truth.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Jack get ready for his first debate but he is worried because Chelsea hasn't arrived at Crimson Lights to watch the debate. Adam, Chelsea, Abby, and Connor are being held hostage by Simon in the Grand Phoenix lounge while Phyllis and Chance are keeping watch on them from the surveillance cameras in Phyllis's room upstairs. Cane and Amanda are locked inside her room where Cane tries to find out more about Amanda but she refuses to talk about herself telling Cane she likes to keep her life private. Abby pushes the panic button hidden behind the front desk and Paul and the police department cancel the debate to set up a command center at Crimson Lights. Paul keeps Simon talking while Chance puts his plan in place. Phyllis sends texts to Abby telling her to create a distraction once Chance is in place so he can jump down from the air conditioning vent and tackle Simon. Once Chance is in place Abby pretends to have a nervous breakdown and Chance jumps down from the ceiling after Phyllis tells him when to do so since she is watching on the surveillance camera. Simon is arrested and taken to jail while Nick rushes into the hotel to check on Chelsea. Nick wants to know if this was random or if she knew Simon and she was his target. Chelsea tells Nick she will talk to him later because right now she just wants to be with Connor.

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