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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With the vat gurgling and bubbling, Thomas comes to the top of the liquid. Brooke continues to tell Ridge that Thomas is not fit to be a father to Douglas. She is afraid of what he might do so she has to trust Hope and she is not going to stop until……Ridge counters that Thomas is going to be fine. Nothing bad is going to happen. She asks him to stop blindly defending his son. Liam enjoys his visit with Steffy and says the girls had a good time too. He is worried about Hope with Thomas but she thought she knew best. Steffy tells Liam that she knows Thomas has had issues in the past but he is no longer a threat to anyone. Hope runs screaming for Douglas. Ridge argues that he is not defending Thomas. He knows what he has done and Thomas is trying to make things right. He did not tell Hope about Beth because he saw Liam and Steffy together with the girls and how right that seemed. Liam confides in Steffy that Bill asked him to come back to the fold at Spencer. She asks how does Hope feel about that. He stammers that he is not sure. He is not sure she even heard him or even cared since she was so worried and only concerned for Douglas. Hope keeps checking doors until she finally opens a storage room and there is Douglas. She hugs him in her arms and tells him Mommy is here. Steffy tells Liam that she hates Thomas’s role in not telling Hope about Beth. She is still trying to wrap her head around that. But her family is trying to move on. Hope has Beth and she has Kelly and that is her focus to be the best mommy she can. Liam says it had to be hard to give up Beth so they all need to be here for her more.

Brooke tells Ridge that she does not like this. She wants him to come back home. He says he would like that but not with all this fighting. He kisses her and says he will be here as soon as Thomas is completely healthy. Hope asks Douglas if he is okay. He says yes that he was playing video games. Charlie hears voices and comes in. They ask about Thomas and Charlie says he is sure he is around here somewhere. They are a long way from the dangerous area where there is hydrofluoric acid, a very toxic soup that will eat your whole face off. Hope looks worried. She runs off telling Charlie she needs to go check on something. He stays with Douglas. Steffy tries to text Thomas and is worried that he is not responding. Ridge kisses Brooke again and says he loves her but he loves his son too. He may be dead to her but he is not dead to Ridge and he will not abandon him. Hope gets to the vat but needs a light to see. Oh my God she utters. There is nothing there and she remembers what Charlie just said. The acid will dissolve a whole body into nothing. She panics as she looks closer.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

An entire year has passed and now Jennifer has woke up from her coma where she is greeted by Jack, Kayla, JJ, and Abigail, who is back in town with Chad. Sarah had her baby girl and stayed in Salem where she, Xander, and Nicole have let Eric believe that Sarah's baby is Xander's, so they are raising her together. Xander had Dr. Rolf create fake paternity tests while Sarah thanks Xander for everything he did for her over the past year. Nicole now works at Basic Black and remains with Eric but still feels guilty about lying to him about the baby.

JJ is taking pills after his girlfriend Haley Chen had died in the past year. Jack and Jennifer go over what led to her being in a coma for a year. Jennifer recalls that she was pushed off the balcony. Jack tells her that they caught the woman who did it and that she is now in prison. Kayla calls someone to make dinner plans to celebrate Jennifer waking up. Abigail tells Chad that she thinks there are only good times ahead now. One year ago, Ben returned home looking for Ciara but instead found Jordan's body, strangled by a scarf. Ciara came home and convinced Ben that they needed to call the cops despite Ben's worries that he would be the prime suspect. Ben is now in prison for Jordan's murder and it is revealed that Will Horton is his cellmate!

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura has Valentin and Nina taken in for questioning after Cassandra escapes. Lulu realizes at Kelly's that Charlotte has gone missing and calls Jordan. Brad and Obrecht are questioned by the police as they were at Kelly's at the same time. Brad begs Obrecht to leave before Lucas shows up and she reluctantly does. Valentin thinks that Cassandra kidnapped Charlotte and has Nina make a spectacle to throw everyone off.

Jason shows up at Jax's house to question why Cassandra made and escape with a Van that was rented using his credit card. He later yells at Nikolas about his involvement with Cassandra. Hayden shows up at Anna's house with Violet and Finn has a tea party with the two of them. Charlotte tries to escape Cassandra. Anna shows up and tells Cassandra to leave Charlotte alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki encouraged Nick to talk to Victor about his campaign. Abby disapproved when Phyllis gave Nick a kiss on the cheek for luck at his debate. She privately warned Phyllis to keep her distance. Adam took Connor to the ranch to let Victor know about the trip to Hope’s farm, which now belonged to Victor. Victor learned that the trip was Chelsea’s idea. Victor gave Connor his old pocket knife so that Adam could help him use it to carve his initials into a tree on the farm. Nick visited Victor and discussed Nick’s decision to run for office. While Victor thought Nick could achieve more than being in public office, he was proud of Nick. Victor revealed that Adam and Connor were going to Kansas and it was Chelsea’s idea. Chance didn’t hire Amanda to contest the will, and he accused Cane of scamming Devon out of his inheritance. Cane argued that it didn’t matter who Amanda’s real client was, since the pages of the will had been authenticated. Chance was in town to conduct a sting operation on Simon.

Phyllis told Amanda she’d be a character witness at Nate’s trial. Chelsea asked her mother to get five million dollars from someone they ran a con for once, so she could pay Simon. Amanda learned Chance didn’t hire her. A federal agent who was watching Simon at the hotel accidentally blew his cover. At Connor’s insistence, Adam took Connor to the hotel to ask Chelsea to accompany them to Kansas. Simon got desperate because of the agents and tried to drag Chelsea away to talk about his money. Adam intervened and shoved Simon. Simon threatened Connor. Simon forced Abby to make everyone leave the lounge, and he insisted that she, Connor and Chelsea stay. Adam refused to leave without his family. Simon flashed a gun and took Adam, Chelsea, Abby and Connor hostage. Phyllis learned about the sting operation and wanted to help. Chance refused her offer until he heard about the hostage situation. Phyllis showed Chance the security feeds. Nick called Chelsea, but she didn’t answer on account of being held hostage.

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